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Designing a teen boy bedroom for our son was fun to put together. Find inspiration in this vintage inspired teen boy room that blends a little old and a little new to create this final child’s space for our son. This is the last bedroom space I will put together for our son and it makes my heart sad.

When we purchased our home in the summer of 2021, we knew we would have to build another bedroom The current home only had two bedrooms and with a teen boy and girl we felt sharing would not be ideal.

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teen boy bedroom with blue spindle bed, rug, wood fan, wood and pipe desk

In the spring of 2022 they began the small bedroom bathroom addition that took seven (7)…yes, seven months to build. The room was complete right around Thanksgiving of 2022. We did not expect it to take that long, but it’s best to look forward instead of behind us right?

Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas

When my kids were younger, it was was easier for me to decorate their space. Not sure why; maybe because they didn’t have a lot of opinion. As teens, they have ideas that might not quite be what you have in mind like a fridge and colorful led string lights draping from the ceiling. Hmmm…

I began to bring together teen boy room ideas that were classic, but still felt like him. While there are a lot of boy bedroom ideas all over Pinterest; I found the space lacking on teen bedroom ideas. I pulled boy bedroom design ideas from the rest of our homes overall design. Even though it is a separate space you still want it to feel as if it belongs with the rest of the house.

My husband and I added the board and batten to the room once the addition was done and we did all the final painting of the room. Our son wanted color on the walls and so we opted for a grayish/green color that seems to change with the lighting.

Teen Boy Bedroom Paint Color

Since the rest of our home is small and a completely open floor plan; I have the house painting BM White Dove and BM Chantilly Lace so it all flows nicely.

Our son wanted color and so did I for his space. I struggled to find the perfect color and in the end could have gone in many different directions. His room receives zero cross light. Lit by two windows that face north, I was limited on color selection. My first choice was BM Hale Navy but in a room with no cross light it looked black and too dark. I went through many different choices and we ended up selecting Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray.

Not really gray, not really green, but seems to be a blend of the two depending on the time of day. We wanted a masculine color to coordinate with his boy bedroom decor ideas and the wood tones of the furniture and floors.

guitar in corner of boys bedroom

Boy Bedroom Flooring

Our entire home has 4″ red oak wood flooring that we believe in stained Varathane Provincial. When we put on the addition; we had leftover flooring from the previous owner when the built the house and we continued the same flooring through the small hallway and into the bedroom.

I love the wood flooring throughout and we matched the stain to the rest of the house with trying out several different stain samples.

teen boy room with desk and closet doors painted

Boy Bedroom Furniture

For this teenage bedroom, we only had the dresser and the nightstand we would re-use from our move. In his former bedroom, he had a set of bunkbeds, but we felt it was time to move on from those.

The dresser is solid wood and was a FB Marketplace find when he was two years old. The nightstand doesn’t match, and personally, it’s a little dark for my taste, but it’s staying. It’s a Pottery Barn piece that I also found on FBM for $90. The little vintage wooden chair in the corner was another thrift store find for around $8.

wood dresser in teen boy bedroom
brown branch graphic

Amazon Storefront

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Teen Boy Bedroom Bed

I love a classic, vintage spindle bed; they just seem timeless. When you pair them with the right decor, or even paint them a certain color; they can be used in any bedroom design. A vintage spindle bed is just timeless to me for some reason.

I found this vintage spindle bed on FB Marketplace for $85 and decided to paint it a dark blue to compliment the BM Gettysburg Gray walls. Midnight Navy from Fusion Mineral Paint was the perfect hue and using my paint sprayer it took me no time at all to get this bed done and ready for his room.

teen boy bedroom with blue spindle bed and vintage art

Boy Bedroom Rug

This boy bedroom is on the smaller side and because of the bathroom; the wall juts in to the right of the room from the doorway. An 8×10 rug was all this space could handle and I wanted something that was classic and could be used with a variety of decor.

Let’s face it, in a few years, this room will be empty. Which is sad to think about but reality. I wanted a rug that would work in his room but also be neutral enough to use when the room turns over to either an office or guest room. When I found the rug I knew it was perfect. The plaid stripe is a grayish green color and compliments the wall color perfectly.

teen boy bedroom with wood ceiling fan, blue spindle bed, plaid rug

Bedroom Desk

This room is not large at all, but we wanted to add a small desk for his homework and school computer work. A small desk for bedroom was all this space could allow and this wood and pipe desk just fits perfectly. Love how the pipes act as the legs and support so this desk is as minimal as possible but still functional. This is the perfect desk for teens with it’s sleek and industrial design.

Small desks for bedrooms are hard to find since most desks have standard sizing. Building our own customized this small desk to fit perfectly in between the two windows. The desk is small, but it’s been great for his homework and does not overwhelm the room. He loves it!

wood and pipe desk in teen boy bedroom

Teen Boy Bedroom Fan

According to my husband, every bedroom needs a ceiling fan. I tend to agree. While I don’t like them in our living room; a fan in a bedroom really does help keep things cooler.

This wood ceiling fan was perfect for his space, the style, color and remote control operation made this the perfect fan for his room.

teen boy bedroom with blue spindle bed, wood fan, pipe desk and rug

Teen Boy Bedroom Bedding

If your son is like mine; boys don’t want to fuss with a lot of bedding and throw pillows. Just enough on his bed to stay warm when it’s cool and not too much on his bed when the weather is warmer.

This room design was meant to be classic, with a touch of vintage and modern all mixed in and I wanted the bedding to go with the flow. This striped bedspread was perfect and paired with the green wool blanket, thrift store find, it tied in all the blue, greenish gray and wood tones in the space. I added in the blue and white stripe quilt from his boy bunkbeds for cooler nights.

The basic striped sheets from WalMart was all that was needed to bring all the bedding together for easy use and wash.

blue and white stripe bedding on bed in boys bedroom

Boys Bedroom Window Treatments

As you noticed, I don’t have any blinds or curtains up yet. I still need to get at least some blinds up and I’m trying to decide if I want to do a wooden like bamboo type blind or something softer such as fabric blinds.

Not sure I will do curtains in this room so I’m leaning it bit more toward fabric shades. Thankfully we live in the country and the space is private, but once we start renting out our barndominium his room will need blinds.

wood and pipe desk next to window in boys bedroom

Boys Room Decor

Not a lot of decor is needed in a boys bedroom; just a few touches is really all that is necessary. Our son would like to join the military and loves military decor. He has asked for a large flag to be hung behind his bed and I am currently working on that. In the meantime, this vintage military piece, thrifted find, will do for now.

Teenage boy room decor should reflect the personality of your son and I really try and incorporate ideas that he likes as well as ensure it flows with the home. The wicker basket chest is another thrift store find and it fits perfectly at the end of the bed to store winter clothes or his air soft equipment.

wicker basket at end of blue spindle bed in boy bedroom

Final Thoughts on Teenage Boy Bedroom

So…what do you think? I feel the space gives him a nice room to call his own. As you noticed, a lot of items were purchased either on FB Marketplace or thrift stores. The rug, some of the bedding, fan, desk chair and lamp were new buys, but other items I curated and then used them in the space.

I love a blend of new and old and how the industrial style of the desk tames down the other vintage finds in the room so they are not overwhelming. Hope this inspires you if you are in the process of designing a boy bedroom.

blue spindle bed in boys room

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  1. This post is so inspirational! We are getting ready to do a house remodel in order to add a bedroom. In doing so, we are borrowing some space from a current larger bedroom in the house. So both the “new” rooms and closets will be on the small side. Can you tell me the dimensions of the room itself? I’m trying to get an idea of what is realistic with the space we will ultimately have. Thank you!!

  2. Glad the post is a help to you. The room is small, believe it was 15×14 with a step in closet and a small bathroom with walk in shower. I was trying to find the floorpan technical drawing in my files and for some reason it isn’t there. The room is small, but is comfortable for a teen boy with a full bed, dresser, nightstand and the wall desk.

  3. We just did board and batten in a builder grade home for my teen son’s bedroom. It’s a great way to add character to a cookie cutter space, and provides a wonderful solution to styling around a knee wall. Thanks for the inspo!

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