Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray Paint Review


Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray is a great warm, neutral paint color that blends gray and green and is part of their historic collection.

As the bedroom and bathroom addition was wrapping up; I began to finalize the design for this space. The addition would be our son’s bedroom and he wanted a color instead of just white. I was so on board with this, but wanted the color to blend with the rest of the home’s decor. We tried many different colors from navy to gray to beige and finally landed on BM Gettysburg Gray. I knew I wanted to incorporate navys, wood tones, beige and touches of green. This gray paint color works so wonderfully with all of those tones and finishes.

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benjamin moore gettysburg gray in bedroom with blue spindle bed and rug

Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray Explained

You may be thinking that all gray paint colors are the same, but if you have ever gathered several gray paint samples from the hardware store, placed them up side by side on your wall; you have soon discovered that not all gray paints are created equal. It can make your head spin. 

There are true gray paints, green-gray, blue-gray, purplish gray, etc. Literally the list goes on when it comes to gray paints and their undertones. Gray paints fall into three different categories which include warm grays, cool gray, and true grays.

benjamin moore gettsyburg gray color swatch
bedroom with benjamin moore gettysburg gray pain on the board and batten walls with blue painted spindle bed

What Category is Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray?  

BM Gettysburg Gray is a warm paint color for sure. There is no question there. Even though this gray paint hue changes with the lighting; it is a warm color.

This gray paint color falls into the warm gray paint category and really has no aspects of being cool at all. I paired this warm gray with cooler decor elements such as the navy painted vintage spindle bed, blue and white stripe bedding, a cool gray lamp. There is also a lot of warm in this space too with the wood floors, wood furniture and rug. For me, blending cool and warm is what it’s all about. Design is about a blend; not just one solid thing.

bedroom with benjamin moore gettysburg gray pain on the board and batten walls with blue painted spindle bed

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Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray Statistics

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Benjamin Moore’s Gettysburg Gray is approximately 30.

LRV is a measurement of how much light a paint color reflects or absorbs. The scale ranges from 0 (absorbs all light, appearing completely black) to 100 (reflects all light, appearing pure white).

With an LRV of around 30, Gettysburg Gray is considered a mid-tone color that absorbs more light than it reflects. As a result, it can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in a room.

guitar in corner of boys bedroom

What Color is Gettysburg Gray?

BM Gettysburg Gray is more of a mid-toned taupe color because of the slight green in its warm gray base However, lighting plays a HUGE role on any paint color especially this one. It does change with the lighting so testing a sample in your space is key.

Gettysburg Gray is more of a mid-tone gray and not too dark. This color gray belongs to the green-gray family and is known for its warm, earthy tones.

benjamin moore gettsyburg gray pain in teen boy bedroom with blue spindle bed, wood fan, pipe desk and rug

Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray Undertones

BM Gettysburg Gray is a versatile and popular paint color that falls into the green-gray family. It has subtle undertones of both green and brown, which contribute to its warm and earthy appearance. The green undertones give the color a sense of depth and richness, while the brown undertones add warmth and coziness to the overall look.

In different lighting conditions, the undertones of Gettysburg Gray may become more or less pronounced. It’s essential to test a paint sample on your walls and observe how it looks throughout the day in various lighting situations before committing.

Remember, individual perception of color can vary, so what one person perceives as a subtle green or brown undertone, another might interpret differently.

wood and pipe desk next to window in boys bedroom

Is BM Gettysburg Gray too Green?

That really depends on lighting, decor and how you see color honestly. Our son’s bedroom does not have any cross light; meaning, there are no windows on the other side of the room for light to fill the space I guess.

There are times this paint color can feel green; other times it feels more taupe or even brownish gray. If you do not want any green undertones in your space; this color is not for you.

teen boy room with desk and closet doors painted benjamin moore gettsyburg gray
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BM Gettysburg Gray Coordinating Colors

Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray is a versatile color that can work well with various coordinating colors, depending on the overall look and feel you want to achieve in your space. Here are some options for coordinating colors that can complement.

  1. Creamy White: Pairing Gettysburg Gray with a creamy white color like Benjamin Moore White Dove, Benjamin Moore Simply White or a crisper white such as BM Chantilly Lace. These shades can create a classic and timeless look.
  2. Soft Beige: To enhance the warm and earthy feel of Gettysburg Gray, consider pairing it with soft beiges like Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige or Manchester Tan. This combination can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere as well as BM November Rain.
  3. Sage Green: With its green undertones, it can be beautifully complemented by a subtle sage green shade, such as BM Sage Wisdom.
  4. Soft Blue: If you prefer a more calming and serene vibe, consider coordinating Gettysburg Gray with a soft blue tone, such as Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue.
  5. Charcoal Gray: For a monochromatic and modern feel, you can pair Gettysburg Gray with a deeper charcoal gray, like Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray or Kendall Charcoal.
  6. Rich Navy Blue: For a bold and sophisticated look, consider pairing Gettysburg Gray with a rich navy blue color like BM Hale Navy. This combination creates a striking contrast and adds depth to the space.
  7. Crisp Black: For a bold and modern contrast, you can pair Gettysburg Gray with crisp black accents, such as Benjamin Moore Black Beauty or Onyx.
benjamin moore gettsyburg gray coordinating color swatch

Similar Colors to Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray

There are plenty of colors similar to Gettysburg Gray that fall within the green-gray or warm gray color family. Sherwin William similar color to BM Gettysburg Gray is SW Dorian Gray, but the hues are not quite the same.

  1. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172): Popular and versatile warm gray with subtle beige undertones, creating a timeless and neutral look.
  2. Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray (HC-168): A rich and deep warm gray with brown undertones, providing a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.
  3. Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray (SW 7017): A warm and slightly green-tinted gray that has an earthy appearance.
  4. Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray (SW 7015): A soft and warm gray with a touch of beige, offering a soothing color.
  5. Behr Wheat Bread (PPU7-20): A warm and inviting gray with brown undertones that pairs well with a variety of colors.
benjamin moore gettsyburg gray similar colors swatch
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Frequently Asked Questions

BM Gettysburg Gray is more of a taupe color with earthy brown and green undertones.

Yes, BM Moore Gettysburg Gray is a warm paint color and is part of their historical collection


teen boy bedroom with blue spindle bed, wood fan, pipe desk and rug

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Final Thoughts on BM Gettysburg Gray

There isn’t a lot of paint color information on this green-gray hue. I hope this has been helpful if you are considering this warm gray paint color.

One of the great strengths of Gettysburg Gray is its ability to work well with various coordinating colors, allowing you to create different moods and styles to suit your preferences. Whether you pair it with creamy whites for a classic look, soft beiges for a cozy feel, or bold accents like navy blue or black for a more dramatic effect, this color can adapt to a wide range of interior designs. We love it in our son’s room!

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