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A fireclay sink is highly durable and is ideal for handling the demands of a busy kitchen. We love our fireclay sink for it’s function, durability and beauty!

When we remodeled our kitchen, we looked at many different kitchen sink material options and finally settled on a fireclay farmhouse sink. A fireclay sink is hard and resistant to chips, cracks, stains, and rust. Fireclay sinks have a handcrafted quality to them and that’s what makes them all the more special. The timeless appeal of a fireclay sink makes them an excellent choice for your new build or kitchen remodel.

If you are looking to replace your kitchen sink or in the process of a new build or renovation; I hope this will help you as you make your sink selection. We chose fireclay and have been happy with the selection.

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sink in a white kitchen with brass faucet

What is Fireclay?

Before we move on, let’s discuss what fireclay actually is. When I was searching for the best sink option for our kitchen remodel, I didn’t know what fireclay really was. Many different brands make fireclay sinks and each have their own unique process, proprietary blend and guaranteed to be the best, but all have some of the same properties.

Fireclay is a mixture of clay and glaze that is fired at extremely high temperatures (1600-2200°F) and because of this process, fireclay is extremely durable. While the material looks very similar to enameled cast iron sinks, fireclay definitely has the edge over cast iron with a far stronger and more resilient finish. The ultra-fine particle size allows for a perfectly even application of finish which prevents cracking that can occur with sinks made from coarser grain material. The superior density of fireclay formulation also makes the sink naturally sound dampening, eliminating noise and vibration from running water and clattering dishes.

fireclay sink in a white kitchen with brass faucet

Sink | Rug | Cabinet Knobs | Cabinet Pulls | Soap Jars | Marble Tray | Towel | Faucet (unlacquered brass)

How is a Fireclay Sink Made?

Fireclay sinks are not carved but molded at extreme temperatures. The molding process begins when clay is formed into the desired size and shape of the sink and then usually dries under mild level heat for up to two days.

Once the clay sink mold is dry, porcelain enamel is applied and the sink is put inside of a kiln. The sink is then heated at around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for around twenty-four hours causing the extreme temperatures to fuse the enamel to the ceramic which fortifies the strength of the sink as a whole. This process results in a tough, smooth, and beautiful sink body.

amber glass bottles of soap sitting on kitchen counter

My Review of Our Fireclay Sink

Before I jump into the review, we’ve had our fireclay farmhouse sink about 5 months now, which is plenty of time to get a feel for the sink.

In previous homes’ kitchens, we’ve had a stainless steel deep bowl sink, and a cast iron sink. In our barndominium. we have a cast iron farmhouse sink in the kitchen and two cast iron sinks in each bathroom. The fireclay has been by far my favorite sink by far and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new sink.

I love its timeless, smooth finish and deep bowl design that makes it easy to wash large pots and pans.

white fireclay farmhouse sink with brass fixtures.

Fireclay Sink Pros:

  • Durability: I tend to be someone who looks at function first over beauty and let me tell you, this sink has both. However, I was drawn first to its durability. We aren’t necessarily easy on the sink and it holds up like a champ. This thing is rock solid.
  • Impact resistant: Fireclay withstands high temperatures, hot water, acids, and common household chemicals with ease.
  • No Rust or Fading: An extra bonus of fireclay is that it does not rust or fade at all. I love knowing that it will stay the white color it is forever.
  • Easy to Clean: The rounded corners of the sink means that nothing gets caught and rinses away beautifully! Fireclay sinks have a non-porous material that will not discolor and will remain bright white. Many think that white is harder to keep clean, but white doesn’t get more dirty than other colors; it just shows dirt sooner. That’s a bonus as I would much rather have a sink that is sparkling clean over one that disguises the grime.
  • Garbage Disposal Compatible: We weren’t sure if our garbage disposal would work with this sink, but it is completely compatible.
  • Smooth: This sounds silly I guess, but I LOVE how smooth the sink is. Rinsing it and washing it has been a breeze.
water running from brass faucet into sink

Fireclay Sink Cons:

I listed these cons because they are considered standard cons of a fireclay sink so you can see every detail. I have not had issues with these cons but did want to point them out.

  • Limited design: If you want a specific color sink then fireclay is not your best choice. The two most common colors are white or off-white because of the composition of the clay; however, due to new technology other colors such as blue, black and red are hitting the market.
  • The Cost: A fireclay sink is not exactly budget friendly and is more costly than porcelain or stainless steel from what I’ve observed. Install one in your forever kitchen, but maybe skip if you have a rental or a house flip.
  • Breaking Dishes: Fireclay sinks tend to be a little deeper and the depth and the sink material might cause damage to your dishes and glasses. We have not had this issue, but we also don’t toss our dishes into the sink. In the five months we’ve had our sink, we haven’t broken any dishes because of the sink itself.
kitchen with blue dishes and soap and lady washing with brush

Do Fireclay Sinks Stain Easily?

No, I do not believe they do. If you leave food and grime left over from rinsing your plates or cleaning pots and pans, they might leave food grime type stains. Fireclay sinks are scratch and stain resistant and I have found this to be true the last five months we have used the sink. We are a family that cooks and uses our kitchen on a daily basis; it’s not just a show kitchen.

I have left a cast iron skillet soaking overnight, on accident, and it did leave a rust ring form the pan on the bottom of the sink that rinsing alone wouldn’t remove. However, water alone on any sink material won’t remove a rust ring. I just use a little cleaner and off it comes.

We have not had any issues with staining of our fireclay farmhouse sink, but we tend to be clean and try and keep things picked up and washed out.

sink with drip edge, brass faucet next to dishwater and towel resting countertop

Fireclay Sink Installation

Installation of a fireclay sink is going to vary based on what type of sink you get; either under-mount or drop in. An under-mount sink is usually an apron or farmhouse style sink that requires a specific cabinet configuration. A drop in can usually be installed in a previous sink cabinet with exact measurements.

Fireclay sinks usually require some additional support especially if they are apron front. If you are remodeling your kitchen or building a new home, then an apron front fireclay sink is easy. Order your sink early and have it sent to the cabinet builder so an exact cabinet can be built for your new sink.

white fireclay sink in kitchen with brass faucet and towel

Types of Fireclay Sinks

Fireclay sinks come in many different styles and types and there is one that will work for your needs, design style and installation type. We have a single bowl under-mount farmhouse style sink and truly love it. Some may prefer two bowls so you can rinse on one side and wash on the other side. I like having just one large bowl.

  • Drop-In Sink – a drop-in fireclay kitchen sink is designed for easy upgrades and simple renovations. The drop-in installation style offers a straightforward replacement option so you can quickly and effortlessly upgrade your kitchen’s appeal with a bright, beautiful fireclay drop-in kitchen sink.
  • Under-mount – These sinks are designed to easily mount under countertops by attaching to your counter material from below.
  • Single Bowl – These sinks are elegant in their simplicity and just have one sink bowl. Some may find this limiting.
  • Double Bowl – The two-bowl layout provides space for soaking, hand washing, drying, and stacking dishes without compromising utility and functionality of the second bowl.
white fireclay in kitchen with blue dishes and soap and lady washing with brush

Fireclay vs. Cast Iron

A cast iron sink is enamel over actual iron, whereas fireclay is a glaze over clay that is baked on in a sense. A fireclay sink is much harder to scratch or chip than the coating on a cast iron sink, and of course will not rust as exposed iron tends to do. Fireclay tends to come only in shades of white, and is more expensive, but its light weight and strength make it a very practical choice.

We have a cast iron sink in the barndominium kitchen and both bathrooms and while they are lovely; I find their finish not to hold up as well as the fireclay. A cast iron sink can be re-finished however, if need be but the initial cost of a cast iron sink is more expensive than fireclay.

Fireclay vs. Porcelain

Porcelain sinks are made from a combination of clay, minerals, and glaze, then fired at lower temperatures than fireclay. While porcelain sinks are generally durable, they can be more prone to chipping and scratching compared to fireclay sinks.

Porcelain sinks come in a variety of colors and styles, making them more versatile and they are often more budget-friendly compared to fireclay sinks.

white sink with brass faucet in kitchen and amber glass bottle sopa dispenser on counter

Brands of Fireclay Sinks

We chose a Sinkology Fireclay sink after much research. I did look at a Shaws Fireclay sink but the price point was more than I wanted to spend. However, Shaws fireclay sinks are thick and durable and have a image of quality and English country kitchens.

Our sink cost around $400 which isn’t expensive for a nice quality sink. We have the Sinkology Bradstreet sink in crisp white and couldn’t be more happy with it! I found the Shaws sinks to be around $1200 + but they are lovely! Kraus, Blanco and Elkay also make fireclay sinks; it’s best to look around and see what brand and price point match what you are looking for.


fireclay white sink

Our Sinkology Fireclay Sink – 33″

Kraus Fireclay Sink – 33″

kraus fireclay sink
elkay fireclay sink

Elkay Fireclay Sink – 30″

Shaws Fireclay Sink – 30″

shaws fireclay sink in blue kitchen
fireclay double bowl sink

Double Bowl Fireclay Sink – 33″

Final Thoughts about Fireclay Sinks

If you are considering a fireclay sink you can’t go wrong. You can place hot pans or dishes into the sink without worrying about potential damage. Stains won’t be a problem either and if there are any visible marks, a gentle scrub is all it takes to remove them. Best of all, you will rarely have to deal with any chips or scratches because of how durable the material is. We love our sink!

white fireclay in kitchen with blue dishes and soap

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fireclay sinks scratch easily

A fireclay sink is non-porous and scratch-resistant because how the sink is made. When clay and glaze are fired together at very high temperatures, it fuses them together making the sink scratch resistant.

Do fireclay sinks stain easily?

No, they do not. Fireclay is virtually stain proof, simply wash down with water or wash with mild cleaner.

Are fireclay sinks worth it?

When you look at its durability, easy to clean feature and aesthetic appeal a fireclay sink is worth it.

Do fireclay sinks rust?

A fireclay sink will not rust or stain over time due to the special glaze coating that is fused with the fireclay.

Are fireclay sinks heat resistant?

Yes, they are. You can place hot pans and other dishes in your sink without fear of damage

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