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If you are a rose lover then I have a lovely rose farm I want to share with you. Grace Rose Farms has the most gorgeous roses you will ever see and you can order them online and have them shipped the next day.

As a lover of home decor and florals of all kinds, I absolutely love these roses and so will you. They arrived at my door in no time and were well wrapped and ready for a vase of water. They need a couple days to open to full bloom but they can be enjoyed right out of the box and placed in a vase of water. The fragrance from these roses is the best I have ever smelled. I literally stopped and breathed in the amazing aroma every time I walked by the dining room.

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dining room with roses with grace rose farm roses

grace roses farm in basket on chair

Types of Roses from Grace Rose Farms

Grace Rose Farms offers a lovely variety of roses to chose from and each and every rose is exquisite no matter the type you select. My personal favorite are David Austin and the Garden Roses…well, and the spray roses. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the roses you chose.

Spray Roses

Spray roses are smaller than garden roses and about medium in size and offer a very delicate touch to roses.

Dutch Roses

David Austin Roses

Designed for DIY brides, entertainers and anyone looking for an abundant amount of garden roses, their David Austin garden roses in shades of pink takes the guesswork out of choosing roses that compliment one another. 

Cost of Roses from the Farm

The cost of the amazing bouquets from Grace Rose Farms is comparable to other online floral shops, but I believe the roses from Grace Rose surpasses other online floral shops. The variety, beauty, fragrance and quality really is amazing. I was more than happy with the roses I received.

Bouquets range from $59 – $229 with prices in between, but I have a coupon code to share with you to help make these roses even sweeter.

Use Code: Ameila20 for 20% off your purchase which makes some of the bouquets under $50.

grace rose farms in vase on table in dining room

Caring for Your Roses

When you place your order you will select a delivery date and your roses will come promptly on that date. Once your box arrives on your doorstep you need to open your box immediately upon arrival. The roses may arrive with a few discolored or wrinkled outer petals; you can remove them or leave them. Once your roses open, they will be out of sight below the bloom and not really visible.

It is a pleasure to watch garden roses bloom and change their shape each day until they’re fully open which may take about four days.

Remove the outer packaging and cut the stems one inch at an angle and remove any leaves that will fall into the water. Immediately place your roses in cold water and change the water in the vase everyday and keep your roses out of direct sunlight.

grace rose farm roses in dining room

Grace Rose Farms Bouquets

Grace Rose Farms has gorgeous bouquets ready to select and ship directly to your door. The wonderful thing about their roses is that you don’t need anything else other than a vase and some water. These blooms are ready to go and be enjoyed; just plop them in a vase after following the care instructions.

How Long Did the Roses Last?

They lasted well over a week and looked gorgeous in the vase for several days. I enjoyed them for over a week and the fragrance was still going strong. They were definitely worth the cost and a nice treat to have around the house.

Final Thoughts on Grace Rose Farms

You will not find more gorgeous roses than from Grace Rose Farms. The variety, ease of ordering, price point and innovative delivery methods makes ordering from them a no brainer. Plus, they smell amazing! Not sure I’ve smelled lovelier blooms. I wish I could have fresh roses from them every week, but maybe on certain occasions I can. They also make a great gift to someone extra special.

dining room with wallpaper and roses on the table

Grace Rose Farms

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