How to Make a Fake Tree

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Create a custom, beautiful, large indoor tree that requires zero maintenance and won’t cost a fortune. You can make your very own DIY fake tree for around $35. Follow these easy steps to make a DIY artificial tree that you can enjoy…no green thumb required!

This is likely one of my favorite DIY’s to date. It was relaxing and was a quick project that made a big impact. That’s a win win in my book.

Generally I like real plants and trees and have done well growing my fiddle leaf tree and other outdoor plants, but a ficus tree or an olive tree is a different story. They can be finicky and even though I would say I have a moderate green thumb I’m no expert gardener. I did purchase a real ficus tree but it did not last long and I wasted $150; plus it was not the size or shape I wanted. It would have been a long few years waiting for the tree to be exactly what I was looking for; counting on me being able to take care of it properly. So I got to thinking…”why not make my own custom faux tree?”

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fake tree in living room sitting in basket next to window

Why Make a Fake Tree?

You might be asking, “why would anyone make a fake tree?” Well, it’s not totally fake; it’s actually a hybrid. A real tree with faux leaves makes this DIY fake tree look amazingly realistic. By using a real tree branch your artificial tree has a…real appearance. Sounds like common sense. As much as I love Target and Pottery Barn items everyone has them. I love decor that only I have and no one else can recreate my artificial tree.

fake tree in living room sitting in basket next to window

Less Expensive

Making a fake tree yourself is less expensive than buying a faux ficus or faux olive tree. Most fake trees start at $150 for a basic tree, but for larger trees or more high end looking trees they can cost $400-$500 easily. I created this tree for around $35 and it’s exactly what I want for my space.

Custom Look

The tree you create is completely custom. It can be as tall or short as you want, have a full or minimal appearance and fit a specific space in your home. The corner in our living room needed something with shape, texture and color and by selecting the right tree branch I was able to make our faux tree specifically for this corner.

No Maintenance

This to me is the best part! This tree needs nothing from you…nothing. It’s zero maintenance which makes this a project you can do, enjoy and forget about. We have a vent in the floor in this corner which is one of the reasons my real ficus tree did not do well. With a faux tree you don’t have to water it, control temperature or lighting; it just sits there and looks great!

fake tree in living room sitting in basket next to window

How To Make a Fake Tree Look Real

One thing I didn’t want is for this artificial tree to look like a craft project. I wanted it to look real as if I purchased it at a nursery or a high end boutique. It needed to look good even close up; not just in pictures on Pinterest or Instagram.

The key to making a fake tree look real:

  • Use a real tree branch
  • Focus on the organic shape of the branch/branches
  • Ensure the branch is not too large but still sturdy
  • Use quality faux leaves
  • Fill in faux leaves so it looks natural and not overdone
fake tree in living room sitting in basket next to window

How Do They Make Artificial Trees?

Go to the store and take a close look at an artificial tree. Artificial trees are generally made using real tree branches for the base; just like what you are going to use. All the manufacturer does is add faux tree branches or faux leaves to it by drilling small holes into the main branch and uses the wire in the faux branches to insert them into the drilled holes. That’s it. Sounds like something we can do ourselves.

Tools & Supplies to Make a DIY Fake Tree

fake tree in living room sitting in basket next to window

Steps to Make A Fake Tree?

Have I convinced you yet that you need to try this DIY Project? I sure hope so. The steps are simple and depending on where you purchase your branches this project can cost around $35-$50.

1. Find the Right Tree Branch/Branches

This is actually the hardest part…and it’s not even hard, but it’s imperative to find the right branch. I cut down 3 small trees in our yard (shh…don’t tell my husband) until I found the right fit. Sometimes when you see something outside you think it will work and when you put it in the space it’s not the right look.

I knew what I was going for and the overall design I wanted to achieve; this will be different for every person. One branch was all I used because I wanted a single trunk with upper branches coming off of it.

When you find the right branch play around with it in your space for the right fit and placement. This branch ensures you achieve a custom look for your tree.

fake tree branch

2. Add Branch to a Cement Base

The tree needs to be self-standing and not prone to ever falling over. An old bucket and some quikrete is all you need to create a base for your faux tree.

This is exactly what I used:

  • Bucket
  • 2/3 Bag of Quikrete
  • Little more than 1/2 Gallon of Water

Mix the Quikrete in your bucket or in a wheelbarrow and then add to your bucket. Place your branch/branches; setting it down into the wet concrete mixture. Position the branch straight and exactly how you want it to be when it’s standing on its own. Once the concrete is dry the tree will be unmovable so if it’s crooked, now is the time to get it just right.

To ensure the tree dries standing up in the concrete you will need to create some type of support to keep it upright. We used a few pieces of scrap wood and drilled them together. You can also use clamps; just ensure the tree trunk is stationary while the concrete dries.

Tree branch set in bucket of concrete in basket

I allowed the concrete to fully harden before I began adding the faux leaves to the branches. We left it sitting in a solitude space in our garage.

3. Add Branches to Your Fake Tree

This is the fun part – bringing your tree to life! There are different ways to add your branches but I’m going to show you how I did mine; you might chose to do it differently.

You will want to either purchase faux stems such as Ficus, Olive, Eucalyptus or these small leaf stems. I purchased a large faux ficus tree at the thrift store for $25 and I have enough stems to make three trees. This is the most economical route to getting a lot of faux leaf branches.

faux ficus tree with leaves removed and laying on the floor

I removed all the branches from the tree and gave the faux leaves a quick dusting. Then, removed the leaf tips of the branches and added those first to the tips of the real branches.

pile of fake tree leaves

I only added three full branches to the trunk of the tree using a tiny drill bit. You may want to add more or you may want to create your entire tree this way. I let the real wispy branches take most of the leaves so it looked as real as possible.

fake tree in living room sitting in basket next to window

When you add branches to your trunk you need to drill into the trunk at an angle.

Strip your branch down to the wire at the tip and then slide it into the drilled whole. You can add a little hot glue to ensure the branch is secure.

I added the rest of the leaves with a hot glue gun to the tips of the branches. Depending on the tree you use and the faux branches you have will determine how you attach the leaves/branches to your tree trunk.

4. Add Finishing Touches

Now that your tree has been created you want to add the finishing touches to make it look finished and ready for your space.

I placed the tree and bucket of concrete into a larger basket to dress it up a bit. Just a plastic bucket of concrete with a pretty tree sticking out of it would not look so nice. I filled the space in the basket with plastic bags and finished the top with Spanish Moss.

bag of spanish moss laying on wood floor
tree branch in basket with spanish moss

The basket and the Spanish moss gives a nice finished touch to the tree and it looks great in a living room, bedroom or dining room.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Fake Tree?

It cost me a total of $38 to make this DIY Fake Tree.

This faux ficus tree was so economical because I found such a nice fake tree at the thrift store for my stems. If you purchase individual stems it will likely cost you more. The tools we already had on hand but here is a breakdown of our final cost.

Try and use items you already have on hand to cut down on cost. The bucket, glue and scrap wood we had in our garage. The basket I used to put the cemented base pot into I purchased some time ago and it was not being used.

fake tree in living room sitting in basket next to window

Best Fake Indoor Trees

You might want to purchase a faux indoor tree and that’s ok. I’ve rounded up several gorgeous faux trees that you can purchase now and enjoy. An Artificial tree adds texture, height and color to an otherwise empty space.

Collage of 12 best faux indoor trees

Final Thoughts on Our DIY Fake Ficus Tree

I love this tree so much I likely will make another one for a different area of our house or our Barndominium. I can see myself making a smaller one for a corner of our bedroom to add height and texture to the space.

This DIY project was a lot of fun, was inexpensive and quickly accomplished. Would you ever make a fake tree or do you prefer to buy one already made?

living room with lady assembling a fake tree

How to Make a Fake Indoor Tree

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  1. Beautiful! When finding your branch, did you debug it at all before you brought it inside to get started. I’m on the fence about whether I can just go get one and get started or do I need to debug it for weeks before I can begin. Thanks!

  2. Hello LaToya! That’s a great question. Honestly, I found it and pretty much got started on the project. Since these branches are thinner, in my opinion they don’t have a lot of bugs on or in them. Once all the leaves etc are removed and you are left with a branch I didn’t have any issues at ALL! You could spray it down with a bug spray, let it sit overnight in a garage and then get to work on it. I just found my branch and went to work and never had a bug issue.

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