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I love wallpaper, like truly love it but it can be a daunting task figuring out where to buy wallpaper and finding just the right fit for your space.

When I was a kid there were places you could go and look at wallpaper samples, but without a place to go locally where do you go to buy wallpaper? How do you know if you’ll like it or what’s available or what it will look like in your space? What wallpaper buying options do you have? Is there any affordable wallpaper?

It use to be simple to browse wallpaper books, but not anymore and the best wallpaper companies such as York or Cole & Son only offer the ability to see their wallpaper first hand through designers in their showrooms. Not everyone works with an interior designer or has the budget to do so and I’m here to help guide you in finding just the right wallpaper for your space.

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Wallpaper in Bathroom

Source: Etsy

If you are asking, “where do I buy wallpaper?” then you have come to the right place…I mean post. I have curated a very extensive list of where you can find any and all types of wallpaper from high-end to somewhere in between to more affordable wallpaper.

I’ve already shared how to choose wallpaper for your space and strongly urge anyone considering wallpaper to order samples. This was you can feel and see the piece in your own space. Being able to have samples delivered means you can really determine what style you are going for and ensures you are getting exactly what you want.

Affiliate links are provided below. Please see my full disclosure.

Different Types of Wallpaper

Before you purchase wallpaper it’s best to know that wallpaper comes in a few different application methods which can affect price and quality too. Knowing these options will help you pick the correct application type for your projects and what you personally prefer.

rolls of wallpaper

Traditional Wallpaper:

This type of paper has no paste applied to it and usually feels like paper when you hold it in your hand. Traditional Wallpaper looks more high end in my opinion. It can be applied in two different methods; paste the wall or paste the paper. I prefer the paste the wall application best as for me it is easier to work with. Check your paper before purchasing to see if it is paste the wall or paste the paper and ensure you apply it according to the listed method.

Pre-Pasted Wallpaper:

This type of paper has a paste already applied on the back and requires water to be activated. I have found Pre-pasted wallpaper to be my least favorite because it is messy to put up. Check installation method before purchasing.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper:

This type of wallpaper has an adhesive on the back like a large sticker. It can be quickly applied and removed. This type of paper isn’t quite as luxurious and feels less high end; can feel a little plasticy to the touch.

Wallpaper Price Range

Wallpaper prices vary as it depends on who makes it and the application method. I’ve seen paper as low as around $.25 per square foot for traditional paper or $20 for a strip of paper.

High end hand-painted wallpaper can go for $600-$1000 per panel resulting in costing thousands of dollars per room. While it is gorgeous it is not practical for us normal people and we need more affordable options.

Affordable wallpaper options can range from $.25 – $4 a square foot and there are lovely options in that price range that can and look high end.

Peel and stick wallpaper is usually more expensive than traditional paper that uses paste, but in the end you have to purchase the paste so it can almost mirror in price. Some people think that peel and stick is easier, but for me I will take traditional paste the wall paper. It does come down to preference.

dining room with wallpaper

Where to Buy Wallpaper

Let’s get to it and find the perfect paper for your space. Here is a large list of places to find and buy wallpaper from all different price points at a variety of online retailers.

Big Wallpaper Retailers

Wallpaper Direct

Wallpaper Direct is rather the “Amazon” of where to buy wallpaper. They offer a wide variety from multiple designers and they have a bit of everything. Scrolling through this site can be daunting so I strongly encourage you to narrow your search using the filter. This is where I purchased my William Morris Willow Bough paper for our dining room.

William Morris Wallpaper


The mass of variety here will make your head spin as Etsy has many talented artisans and wallpaper designers who are small and local that make their offerings available to the world. They cater a little more to unique, custom-made selections, including a huge variety of removable “peel and stick” wallpaper. 

wallpaper in room with chair

Source: Botanical Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Perigold has become one of the largest online luxury furniture and home goods retailers. They carry brands never before available online and luxury home furnishings and is owned and backed by Wayfair which includes other sites such as Birch Lane, and Joss & Main. It carries wallpaper designers that are listed below that have been curated for the site. There are about 44 pages of wallpaper for you to browse making a selection a little easier since it’s been narrowed down for you based on Perigold’s decor taste.

Brown Wallpaper in room

Source: Perigold

Wallpaper Designer Lines

These designers have been making wallpaper for a long time and are among the top designers in the field of pretty paper for your wall. You are bound to find something you love and can range in price points.

York Wall Coverings

York is the largest wall covering producer in the United States, and there is no shortage or lovely and awesome paper selections with them. You cannot purchase wallpaper on their site unless you have a trade account but use it to peruse all their wonderful papers. Their paper can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, Wayfair just to name a few. You might not find everything they have on their site and would need to work through a designer if you are looking for something very specific.

Floral paper in bathroom with blue sink

Source: Home Depot – York Wildwood

Cole & Son

Cole & Son has a wonderful blend of traditional and contemporary with an array of bold patterns and global inspirations. One of my top two papers for our dining room was their Florencecourt paper which I loved and looks fabulous. Their paper is high end and is inspired by British design since it is based in the UK.

Gray blue leaf wallpaper

Source: Decorator’s Best


Thibaut is a well known wallpaper company and is listed as one of our most-installed products out there. They have a huge variety from grasscloths, to geometrics to florals and big, bold colorful designs. Plus, their price point for their paper is more reasonable than some of the others.

Trendy and Unique Wallpaper

Okay, now for all the cool, unique, trendy, fabulous wallpaper designers and suppliers out there. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it will be sure to point you in the right direction for getting the best paper around.


Spoonflower is a community of artists, makers, DIY hobbyists and small business owners. It is a global marketplace connecting makers and consumers with independent artists worldwide. You can find unique and trendy fabrics, wallpapers and much more. If you truly want something unique you can spend hours scrolling through their designs.

Bees & Lemons | Fable Floral | Art Deco Swans

Rifle Paper Company

If you love Rifle Paper Company notebooks, mugs and pencils you will be sure to love their wallpaper and let me tell you it is fun and gorgeous. Nothing stuffy about their designs.

Source: Rifle Paper Co. Pomegranate Blue | Wildwood Garden

blue floral wallpaper

Source: Rifle Paper Co. Bramble Navy

Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper creates their own unique designs of peel and stick as well as traditional wallpaper. Their designs are unique to them. If you are looking for fun and unique prints then you will be sure to find something you like.

Source: Chasing Paper Cars | Floral Stripe

pink and red floral wallpaper

Source: Chasing Paper Botany

Established Decor Retailers

So if you aren’t up to scrolling through pages and pages of wallpaper on Etsy or Wallpaper Direct then these shops will have you covered. If you already like the style of these retailers they already have some great wallpaper style curated that match their deco styles making it easy to just browse through a few pages and find something you are looking for.


Not only does Anthropologie sell unique and gorgeous clothing and accessories but they also have home decor, dishes and even some lovely curated wallpaper. They do not create their own wallpaper but curate other designs based on the look of their brand making it easier to find something you like without digging through tons of wallpaper designs.

Source: Anthropologie Pergola Wallpaper

Serena and Lily

If you love a coastal vibe…which I do, then Serena & Lily will have some wonderful options for you but their price point is a bit on the higher side since it is their brand and only unique to them.

Source: Serena & Lily Artichoke Wallpaper | Oceana Wallpaper

McGee & Co.

Curated to match the McGee & Co. style, they have curated lovely wallpaper from across the design world but not unique to them. If you love the McGee design (and who doesn’t?) you will like what they have curated.

Source: McGee & Co. Oakes Gingham Wallpaper

West Elm

Looking for something a bit more modern? Then West Elm is your place for already curated paper so the hunting is already done for you which is a time saver. If you like the West Elm style then you should definitely what they have compiled for you to chose from.

Source: West Elm Borneo Wallpaper

Best Sources for Affordable Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be expensive especially if you buy from speciality stores and high end design shops, but you can find some nice paper that’s not $500 a roll. I have listed some of these previously in this post, but here is a nice list of where to purchase affordable wallpaper online.

collage of wallpaper

Final Thoughts on Where To Buy Wallpaper

This was an extensive list but in no ways it is an exhaustive list, but truthfully, it should be all you really need to find a really great wallpaper for your space. Always keep in mind though that you do get what you pay for. Consider using a higher end paper for rooms like dining rooms and living rooms and for kids rooms or laundry rooms select paper that is a little easier on the budget.

Where to Buy Wallpaper

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