Easy Christmas Bedroom Decor

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Add a little decor to your sleeping quarters with these easy Christmas bedroom decor tips.

It’s great to add a little decor in the bedroom for the Christmas season, but decor that doesn’t feel too Christmasy…in fact, I prefer it to feel more wintery so it can carry past the holidays and be enjoyed once the tree has been boxed up. By adding just touches of Christmas decor to the bedroom, you unify your home and keep that cozy feeling flowing.

I love Christmas as much as the next gal, but I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to decorating and I like to be done, decorated and ready by Thanksgiving but sometimes I’m a little slower than I hoped. One room not to forget about is your bedroom; keep it simple and you will be ready for the season in no time!

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blue and white christmas bedroom

Add a Christmas Wreath

One of the easiest ways to get your bedroom ready for the season is simply hang a wreath above your bed. Just remove your artwork or mirror and replace it with a large wreath instead. I generally will leave the wreath up until February as the month of January is rather dull, cold and lifeless. The green wreath gives the room a little pop of life that the space truly needs.

bed with white bedding, blanket, pillows and christmas wreath above bed

Christmas Decor for the Dresser

Just a few simple Christmas touches to the bedroom dresser is all you really need. In fact, I prefer not to have a lot of clutter on dresser tops. Replace your greenery for something more wintery like these real touch pine stems. A little thrifted marble compote with some greenery and glass ornaments and a brass bell is all you need.

“Shop” the Christmas decor items you already have and use them for the bedroom; it doesn’t take much to make the space feel festive and you likely already have small items you can use.

christmas bedroom decor on the dress. Vase of greenery and bowl of ornaments

Add Cozy Textiles

Change your throw pillows for the season. I swapped out our fall pillow for this basic blue and green plaid pillow that coordinated well with the blue and white lumbar I already had. Add in a few other layers of warm blankets for those cold nights. Not only do they provide warmth but they add great texture too, making your bed look cozy and inviting on those cold nights.

bed with white bedding, blanket, pillows and christmas wreath above bed

Swap Artwork

One of the easiest ways to keep your home in sync with Christmas, and any other season, is to replace the artwork around your home. Of course not all the artwork, but touches of winter prints throughout your home adds simple touches of the season.

Check out my free vintage winter downloadable art that is ready to be used in your home or can easily be formatted to your television.

large wall mirror and gallery wall with green garland on mirror

Unify Your Christmas Bedroom Decor

Keep all your decor cohesive to ensure your space feels unified and relaxing. Keep in step with your other bedroom colors and decor. For example, my bedroom embraces white, blue, wood tones and gold so I added holiday greenery, velvet and glass ornaments to compliment the decor of the space.

Look around and see what decor elements you already have and then play off those. Back in the day everyone used red to decorate for Christmas, but it’s ok to think past the red and embrace other tones and colors. Feel free to use red, but don’t feel trapped into using that color if it doesn’t flow with the rest of your home’s decor.

blue and white bedroom with chaise lounge and christmas bedroom decor

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blue and white christmas bedroom

Easy Christmas Bedroom Decor

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