Free Winter Vintage Art Prints

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Here are a four winter vintage art prints that you can easily download and use around your home during the Christmas and winter season. If you know me or have subscribed to my free vintage prints downloads; then you know I love good vintage art. Better yet, I love it when it’s free and who doesn’t need something free this time of year, right?

One of the easiest ways to update your decor for the seasons is to swap out some of your artwork for something more festive. I usually keep different framed art around our home and keep a file of printed art to change out for each season. It’s very easy to do and adds such a lovely touch to your holiday space.

Winter vintage Art framed on dresser with greenery

Any of these prints will carry you through all the winter months as well as the Christmas season! Once the tree and other Christmas decor has been take down and put away, you can leave these framed prints displayed around your home for several weeks to follow.

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free winter vintage art collage

Where to Use Winter Vintage Art Prints

I have vintage prints in our home and our barn and I LOVE them…can’t get enough. You can use them framed on their own; propped up on a dresser, in a gallery wall, on a fireplace mantel and on the television. The uses are endless and they add so much character to your space for a fraction of the cost.

In our bedroom I created a gallery wall next to our lovely mirror between the two windows to add something to an empty space.

gold mirror on wall with vintage art gallery wall
white fireplace with Christmas tree and garland

Format Winter Vintage Art Prints for Television

I love our Samsung Frame TV because it is a great way to display art instead of just a big black box in a room. The two things I don’t like to see in a space are a TV and a microwave…but that’s a topic for another day.

If you want to use any of these prints on your frame television you will need to download it and then format it so it fits your screen. If you download these images as they are; they will not fit your screen properly. Not to worry, this is easy to do.

black vintage buffet decorated for Christmas with frame tv and winter vintage art displayed

I recommend using high-quality images so they don’t appear pixelated on your screen. You will need to crop or resize them to fit the dimensions 3840 pixels x 2160 pixels, which is the proper size for art for the Samsung Frame TV like we have in our living room.

I use Canva, but you can use any photo re-sizing software of your choice like PicMonkey or Adobe.

Download Winter Vintage Prints

Just click on the file, which will open into another screen, and they are ready for download.

Check out my previous post on How to Print and Frame Vintage Art (+ Free Downloads) for great tips on how to get your download frame and wall ready. If you want more sources for open source art; check out Free Printable Art Sources for even more ways to find art and how to print art at your local photo shop such as Walgreens.

  1. Click on the image
  2. Another screen will pop up with just the image
  3. Save the pdf to your computer
  4. Print the pdf (See: Free Printable Art Sources on how to print)
stone fireplace with winter vintage art and mirror with christmas stockings

Four Free Winter Vintage Art Prints

As promised, here are four free winter vintage prints ready for your personal use. Most things in a life aren’t free, but these lovely winter vintage prints are my gift to you. I have all of these up either in the house or the barn and they have added just the right touch for the holiday and winter season.

Click on any of these images to download.

winter vintage art of people skating in town
winter vintage art of snowy farm
winter vintage art of red barn and snow with sleigh
winter vintage art with white church and snow

Picture Frame Ideas

I like a basic, low profile frame as a rule when framing vintage art. A clean, sleek look really puts the focus on the art itself, but this is personal preference and you can select any frame you like for your homes decor and purpose.

stone fireplace with winter vintage art and mirror with christmas stockings

Enjoy Your Winter Vintage Art

Super easy to download, print, frame and display your art around your home and with these free vintage art downloads it’s a breeze to be ready for the season. It’s amazing how just simple touches of art can really add character and design to your home and it’s a great way to show off your personality and decor taste.

Winter vintage Art framed on dresser with greenery
free winter art collage

Free Winter Vintage Art

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