How to Print and Frame Vintage Art (+ Free Downloads)

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Let me show you my DIY process to print and frame vintage art downloads so your art looks its best on its own or in a gallery wall.

We now have access to our barndominium and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Right before the barndominium opened up, I began working on a couple of gallery wall displays; one being in our primary bedroom. We have the large gold floor mirror in between our two windows but it seemed lonely and the space unfinished…rather sterile feeling. A small gallery wall to the right of the mirror seemed ideal and I began gathering art. Some prints I already had but needed another and I wanted a canvas to fit an unusual size vintage frame I found at the thrift store.

Let’s get started on this canvas art. I’m going to show you how I created it and added it to a frame so it has a more authentic look than just a simple print!

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bedroom with gallery wall and floor mirror

Materials Needed to Print and Frame Vintage Art

  • Downloadable art of your choice
  • Un-stretched canvas print
  • Frame
  • Backing – something stiff to wrap the canvas around, cut to the size of your frame
  • Tape
  • Scissors or straight edge and blade
bedroom with gallery wall and floor mirror and vintage art

Downloadable Print and Frame Vintage Art

Below I have included three downloadable art pieces for you to use or you can find more at 35 Free Vintage Art Downloads or a vast resource of Free Printable Art Sources to get you started. Or you can download and use what I have provided here. You can also use the process for printing to canvas that I provide below for any artwork or picture you would like to turn into canvas.

vintage art print
vintage art print
Birds in tree print

Order Canvas to Print and Frame

Once you have found a print you want to turn into a canvas, you will need to save the download to you computer so you can then upload it to a printing service.

For this canvas I used and have loved their quality. The goal with vintage art is to make the art look as authentic as possible and since the canvas adds texture it feels more real than just printing to paper. There are other places you can use to print art, but ensure you are printing to un-stretched canvas to achieve the look that I am sharing with you here.

Printing at…

Navigate to You can create an account which will allow you to log in to your albums for future uploads

Click ‘Add photos’ on the top bar

You can select ‘new album’ or ‘existing album’ and then click “Proceed to upload photos from my computer”

i print from home webpage

Click ‘+ Add photos’ and then navigate on your computer to the saved download. Repeat this step to add any additional pieces you want to print. And then click ‘Start upload’

i print from home webpage

Once the images are uploaded, select Place Order in the top menu bard which directs you to the Order Prints screen. Check the box under the image you’d like to print and on the right side of the screen select quantity of prints you’d like, select ‘Unstretched canvas giclee’ under print surface and then select your print size. The print will be automatically uploaded to your cart. Repeat this step with each image you’d like to print.

i print from home webpage

Printing Tips

  • Keep in mind that all of these downloads are formatted to their downloadable size as they were scanned into the online resource. Some might download in unusual sizes
  • If you want a canvas to fill a certain size frame; you will need to download the print but use Photoshop or Canva to format the print to your specific size
  • Order the canvas large enough for the picture to fill the frame leaving a 1″ boarder around the print
  • You might want to adjust a downloads color or saturation, make the image larger or crop the image to only print a certain portion of the print
  • Canva is free and easy to use for formatting and editing any download
vintage art download`

If you look at the original image above of this print, it looks slightly different. I cropped this image to fit my frame and brightened it up as well. The printer will print the image size just as they receive it so ensure that what you are ordering fits your frame.

bedroom with gallery wall and floor mirror and vintage art

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How to Frame the Print

Gather your materials using the list above and here we go.

canvas art and frame on floor
  • Cut the canvas down to your frame size plus 1” border on all sides so you have enough extra to wrap and secure the canvas to the back of the backing
  • Place your canvas good-side down and put the backing on top of the backside of the canvas. Wrap the canvas around the backing and secure with masking tape
  • To ensure the canvas is nice and tight, stretch opposite sides first. If you’re using a really large canvas it might be difficult to get it totally flat, so you might opt to glue it straight to your backing before wrapping it
  • Once all the sides are secured to your backing, place the stretched canvas into the frame. I like to use the frame without the glass for a more authentic look but that is up to you.
  • Add mounting hardware to the back or your frame and some wire you and it is ready for display.
cutting canvas art
back of canvas art taped

Framed Vintage Art

That’s all there is to it really! I loved the look of the canvas with the frame and no glass as it makes it feel more authentic and gives some added texture due to the canvas. Using a mixture of prints and canvases you can create a lovely gallery wall. If you like to change your art out seasonally then this wouldn’t be super cost effective, but you could order canvas art for pieces that have a more “permanent” place on your wall.

framed canvas art

Need help printing your downloads other than to a canvas? Check out this post 35 Free Vintage Art Downloads that not only shares sources for finding vintage art but also quick and easy ways on how to print them.

Final Thoughts on How to Print and Frame Vintage Art

Adding art to your home is an easy way to bring life and character to your home! Art can be costly but it doesn’t have to be. With so many more resources than ever before; it’s easy to add gorgeous art for a mere fraction of the cost. Create your own art and frame it or use the free resources to download and frame what suits your style. The sky really is the limit on decorating your walls and adding your own personality to your home!

bedroom with gallery wall and floor mirror

How to Print and Frame Vintage Art (+ Free Downloads)

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