10 Fall Items to Buy at the Thrift Store


Looking to decorate your house but not break the bank? Here are some perfect fall items to buy at the thrift store to enjoy around your home.

My thrill-of-the-hunt loving self has been going through withdrawals these last several months and the thrift store beckons me to come. Where others want the mall I prefer treasure hunting. Last week I popped into Goodwill on my way home from buying groceries and was pleasantly surprised at the treasures I found.

I grew up scrounging around thrift stores. Writing a book about rubble hunting and making other people’s junk a treasure should be on my to-do list. Instead of a novel, here’s a post to get you going in the right direction.

These are awesome staples that are GREAT to purchase at thrift stores or even yard sales. I thought it’d be fun to round up a bunch of favorites so you can be on the lookout for now with all those holidays around the corner.

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Why Shop at The Thrift Store

There are great finds at thrift stores and you can save a ton of money. Now, I realize that not all thrift stores are created equal; some are better than others and a lot of that is based on where you live.

Shopping at the thrift store saves you money, keeps things out of landfills and you can find some really unique finds that no one else will have. Plus, the thrill of the hunt is enough to keep me going back.

10 Perfect Fall Items to Buy at the Thrift Store

1. Thrift Store Artwork

Art can be hit or miss; I’ll be honest with ya! It also really depends on what you are looking for.

Last week I was thrilled when I found this fabulous vintage acrylic painting for $7. I looked at it and then walked away, but I am SO GLAD I returned to look at it again. Vintage art adds just the right curated touch to the decor of my home.

When I came upon this framed oil painting for $29 I couldn’t believe it! Isn’t it amazing? And the frame too…wow!!

10 Perfect Fall Items to Buy at the Thrift Store
Dresser with blue and white vase and greenery sitting next to white lamp and clock hanging on the wall.

2. Candle Holders

Brass candleholders are literally peppered all over thrift store shelves. Sometimes you can find a set, but if you can’t, a mix and match of the brass makes these items perfect “add to the cart” goodies. I leave mine as is but you could paint them if you want a specific color.

wood fireplace mantel with white brick, brass candlesticks and vase with grass
wood dining table with eucalyptus and brass candlesticks

3. Copper Pieces at the Thrift Store

Ok, so that covers a wide range doesn’t it? But I’ve discovered copper mugs, bowls, cups and trays. Copper adds great warmth to decor and table settings especially in the fall and winter seasons. I found these gorgeous copper goblets and this lovely copper bucket. If you like copper try and look for pieces here before buying them new.

round wood tray with 6 copper goblets, lemon and greenery

Similar Tray | Towel

copper long pot with fall flowers inside

4. Frames

Who doesn’t love a good funky or vintage frame? I have scored countless vintage and modern frames from the thrift store and the price point is excellent. You could paint them or leave as is and add a family picture or a printable. Below I mixed a black/gold vintage wooden frame with a modern frame from Target.

farm house style console table with vintage framed prints setting on table near couch.

Table | Bowl | Frame | Blanket

looking into living room from kitchen with three framed prints on wall of different fruits

5. Glassware

We tend to break glasses in our home…anyone else? Instead of always restocking from a department store I can usually find a set of 6-8 matching glasses. I LOVE stemware and usually can’t turn down a good set. I found this vintage floral etched stemware collection and the pink glass chargers; they were perfect for this styled fall photo shoot.

10 Perfect Fall Items to Buy at the Thrift Store
Source: Andrea Rodway Photogrpahy

6. Decorative Accents

So many decorative pieces can be found if you know what to look out for. You have to use your imagination when scouring the shelves and imagine what you can do with an item and where you can place it. Sometimes pieces will pop out at you but not always so get those eagle eyes ready to snag the perfect piece. Think I scored this piece below for $4.

green glass clear vase sitting on table with pampas grasses

7. Serveware

I love to entertain; clearly hosting and feeding others is my gift. I’m not a sappy kind of gal but over the years I’ve had dozens of people in our home and it’s my way of saying, “I love ya!” Having a nice collection of trays is helpful for entertaining lots of guests buffet style around my island.

white tray with sliced roast and peppers sitting on top.

8. Vintage Dishes at the Thrift Store

I have found countless vintage dishes on my hunts and have grabbed a few different designs to incorporate into my table settings. As much as I LOVE white dishes it’s also fun to add just a little bit of pattern. Found a set of these turkey bowls perfect for Thanksgiving and the wooden chargers. Also mixed in my thrifted candlesticks and goblets.

table set for Thanksgiving.
table set wit gold flatware, white plate with menu card and flowers.
Source: Andrea Rodway Photography

9. Ceramics

People get rid of vases, pottery, and ceramic pieces all the time and with a keen eye you can snatch up something amazing. This was also the other piece I found last week for $12 and it’s perfect. It’s large and heavy and something like this new would have been over $100.

large ceramic vase sitting on table with greenery coming out of it.

This is a great pottery pedestal compote and I use it for all sorts of things from a fruit bowl to a centerpiece for florals and at $4 you can’t go wrong. It even says “handmade in Spain” on the bottom.

compote of green apples sitting on counter with oil painting in background

10. Metal Trays/Bowls

The thrift store is a great place to find metal accent pieces such as trays and bowl. Many of them are vintage and just offer a nice warmth to your table. These are great pieces to have in your serve ware collection. They are also great sitting out on your coffee table or adding a potted plant to them as well.

What other items would you add to this list? I’m always got my eye on the lookout for fabulous used treasures and can’t wait to hear what you find too.

table with brass bowl of blackberries and tray of artichokes.
Source: Andrea Rodway Photography

10 Perfect Fall Items to Buy at the Thrift Store

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  1. I have examples of each of the categories you mention in our home! I love thrift stores. It is so easy to find great things there!

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