5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen

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It’s not just for prepping meals; a kitchen should have its own personality. Here are some helpful ways to bring life to your kitchen.

The kitchen is the home’s hub; the central nervous system sort of speak. Even when guests are over they tend to hang out in the kitchen so it’s important to breathe life into this space too.

5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen


We know you’ve probably saw this one coming, but I can’t say it enough, every room needs some greenery or foliage. The kitchen is no exception.

Whether you opt for real or faux, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Grab fresh greenery stems at the grocery store or even forage outside to find something that feels organic and interesting. Check out my creating your own floral arrangement for more inspiration.

5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen
5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen
5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen

Find some stems or plants with a bit of height to give the countertop some dimension. You can also use potted plants in other parts of the kitchen as well, but I love tall stems on my island that can be changed seasonally.

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5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen

ELEVATE the necessicities

Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring the most change. If it’s something you use every day, it should be beautiful. Take, for example, a crock and some kitchen servers; they are easy and affordable to switch out but can add instant texture and interest styled next to your stovetop. 

5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen
5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen

Have a mixture of wooden and stainless steel utensils in your crock; this will provide a varied look but also keep the correct tools easily accessible.


I’m all about displaying fruits on the countertop whenever I get the chance and since we eat fruit regularly I want it accessible. It gives the kitchen that lived-in feel without sacrificing space for functionality.

5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen
5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen

Right now I’m adding apples and figs to wood and ceramic bowls for a fresh take, but artichokes, pears and lemons are also great options. Add interest with an elevated bowl or wooden tray and take a step back, you’ll be surprised at how much it does! 

You can do any fruit year-round, but it’s fun to switch it up throughout the seasons.


This another one of those simple, everyday use items that can be updated in minutes. Instead of having a bottle of Dawn dish soap sitting out keep that under the sink and opt for a pretty bottle of hand soap. Designer soap may seem unnecessary, but a pretty bottle or two next to your sink brings a thoughtful and curated element to any kitchen.

5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen

I grab my pretty soaps at HomeGoods in glass bottles and they range between $6-$8 and not only do they look pretty but they smell so good and last a long time!


We love using textured or patterned hand towels for hanging over the sink or on the oven handle.

5 Ways to Bring Life to Your Kitchen

All of these items (except for the greenery/foliage) are items that we use every day. From the soap, to the fruit to the hand towels – all elements get their daily use so it can’t hurt to make to make them beautiful too!

Hope those tips were helpful. They are not too complicated or costly but can breathe so much life into this much central room of your home!

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