How to Mix and Match Throw Pillows

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Learn how to master pillows for any area of your house. Follow these tips on how to mix and match throw pillows to create a curated look.

I’m by no means a professionally trained interior designer. I’m just a geek who researches and learns things from the real “pros” mixed with a little bit of natural instinct. With a little bit of research and some trial and error, I create designs that work for my home and enjoy sharing them with others.

Mixing and Matching Throw Pillows

Blue Patterned Pillow | Gray Velvet Pillow | Light Gray Lumbar | Knit Throw

Mixing your throw pillows is an easy way to give your home a curated look and feel. So skip the matchy matchy and play around with some variety.

Mixing and Matching Throw Pillows

STart with the Right Size

The first thing you need to do is select the right size pillow! If you go too big it dwarves your sofa, and if you go too small it looks kind of dinky. I actually prefer pillows on the bigger side so I’ll start with a 22 or 24-inch pillow at the back and layer in a 20 or 18-inch pillow with a small lumbar.

Mixing and Matching Throw Pillows

Use Patterns & Textures

I like to use a mix of organic and straight-line graphic prints while throwing in a solid texture for dimension. The combination works really well. In a traditional setting, you’ll match your pillows on both sides of the sofa. But I like to mash up all different prints and even throw in some larger scaled patterns with smaller ones.

*Remember to pay attention to contrasting shapes, lines, sizes, patterns, and textures!

Tip: 1 complex pattern/print + 1 geometric print + 1 solid/textured fabric

Mixing and Matching Throw Pillows

Don’t Overdo It

If you are pillow fanatic this can be tricky. I like enough to add color and interest but I also want to be able to sit down. And when I’m ready for bed I don’t want to have to remove a dozen throw pillows. Fill your space with enough pillows to add color and interest, but keep it minimal.

Size Selection

  • Sofas: 20″-24″ throw pillows at the ends of a sofa with a smaller 18″-22″ pillow next to it. If your sofa is deep enough, add a small lumbar pillow in front.
  • Beds: 24″-26″ Euro Pillows on beds accented by 22″-24″ pillows on either side and a long lumbar in front.


  • Try to buy only the pillow covers so you don’t have to put entire pillows in storage.
  • Get down or down alternative inserts (these are my favorites) that are 2″ larger than the pillow cover.
  • If you have to buy entire pillows, get ones that have a zipper so you have the option to change the insert.
  • Select pillows that aren’t seasonal-specific. (Instead of buying a pumpkin or Santa pillow, opt for a cable knit pillow so it will work for fall, Christmas season and the winter months.


  • Handmade – Check out my tutorial on easy Envelope Pillow Covers
  • H&M – I love their velvet pillow covers
  • Etsy – So Many wonderful options here
  • Pottery Barn – Great quality, texture, patterns
  • HomeGoods / TJ Maxx / Marshalls
  • IKEA – Don’t overlook them as they have some great mix in options
  • Amazon – easy returns if they just aren’t what you expected
  • World Market – great modern
  • Target – duh…of course Target!

What other places would you add to the list? Maybe you have a great place where you purchase throw pillows; we’d love to know.

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