Elements of a Simple Fall Front Door


When done intentionally, a front door look can set the stage for the rest of the home. Here are some elements of a simple fall front door.

One of the first areas that comes to mind when transitioning our home with the seasons is our front door. I usually work from the outside in when doing seasonal decor changes as I like everything to flow and feel cohesive.

Elements of a Simple Fall Front Door

This season, I wanted to explore some pared-down looks that feel layered and textural enough for fall, but could easily transition into the upcoming Christmas and winter months too.

I went the other day and grabbed a few white pumpkins and one Cinderella pumpkin. I wanted more, but they get too costly so I will make due with what I got. Here are some great elements to add to your fall front door.

Indoor/OUtdoor Rug(s)

Rugs are rather a no brainer at the front door. It makes the front door feel like a part of the home and warms up the space as guests enter. I’m loving the layered look and this blue striped rug brings my design style from the outside in. Outdoor rugs are great as they withstand the elements and can be rinsed off or even cleaned with mild detergent.

Elements of a Simple Fall Front Door
Elements of a Simple Fall Front Door

Expressive Doormat

Something that says “Welcome” or “Hello” are great ideas to add to your front door. You could opt for a monogram or your last name. Something that makes your home feel personal; it’s a way to welcome your guest. I tend to like something that reads, “Welcome like this front door mat here.


Add something for your plants. This can be baskets, urns, low planters, etc. I like to keep it simple and clean looking.

Elements of a Simple Fall Front Door


Plants are the perfect way to boost curb appeal. Whether you choose annuals, perennials or shrubs, they smarten up any entryway and make it feel like there’s no place like home!

I balanced out the space with my boxwood planters on each side filled with vinca vine and white pansies with some white potted mums. I’m a sucker for white and green.

Elements of a Simple Fall Front Door
Elements of a Simple Fall Front Door


To me a door is not complete without a wreath. In college I always added a wreath to on my dorm room door and change it seasonally. Everyone thought I was crazy; that is until others down the hall and on other floors began to do the same. A wreath just makes you feel invited into someone’s home. It shows personality.

Elements of a Simple Fall Front Door
Elements of a Simple Fall Front Door

Having a cute puppy as a the welcoming committee isn’t a bad idea either. How are you decorating your front door for fall? I would love to hear all about it!

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