Forage for Floral Arrangements

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Learning how to forage your own floral arrangements not only saves you money but also ensures your arrangements are seasonal.

Taking the trouble to pick your bouquet by hand, flower by flower, makes it an even more special. Follow these tips to create a floral arrangement on your own and sick back and enjoy.

I love flowers, stems, branches; anything fresh and real! After working in the wedding industry for several years I have rubbed shoulders (and become great friends) with many florists and have learned so much from them. When I wasn’t working weddings I was freelancing with florists and after a few years of planning I began doing several of my clients’ florals too.

greenery laying on table next to gold scissors a wood tray and a ceramic vase
How to Create Your Own Floral Arrangements

Florals can be pricey, but they don’t have to be; that’s where foraging comes along. It doesn’t take a lot and it’s amazing how pretty a few branches or stems can be in a lovely vase. It’s easy to create your own floral arrangements following these tips.

When to go foraging

It’s best to go early morning before the sun gets too warm. Grab your scissors and a bucket of cold water. Put cut stems straight into a bucket of cold water to let them drink. This is when flowers are at their most hydrated, a cooling bucket of cold water will keep them fresh and ensure glossier leaves and blooms.

Where to go Foraging

Head to wild looking patches if you can. Overgrown flowers are your best bet and invasive plants like Ivy, that are usually in need of pruning anyway, are always a smart choice.

I cut branches from my backyard but for any type of wildflower or ivy I find some of these items while hiking. Don’t be afraid to step off the trail (unless noted) and find a few treasures for your arrangement.

NOTE: Be careful in certain parks where removing any foliage is not permitted.

How to Forage

Try to make clean cuts with sharp blades so as not to harm the plant. It is best to make the cut just after a growth point (where a few stems branch off) so the plant can put its energies into those branches you leave on.

Finding flowers that still have growing left to do (flowers that have buds yet to bloom) will ensure they can continue flowering and that any forthcoming blooms last longer.

It’s also handy to take along a basket or another container to transport your spoils home in. A really sharp blade or pair of floral scissors is also a must. Wipe off any excess dirt, trim stray bits, remove blooms that are on their last leg, and shake out any bugs.

How to Create Your Own Floral Arrangements

Unable to forage?

Farmer’s Markets can offer some great florals too at a very affordable price so you can create your own floral arrangements.

How to Create Your Own Floral Arrangements

This arrangement is a mixture of stems from the farmer’s market and peonies from my yard.

Arranging your florals

Cluster similar flowers together, creating groups, as this makes arrangements look bolder and more deliberate.

I begin by layering my greens in first as a nice solid base; then add the florals to create the focal point.

How to Create a Floral Arrangement

Don’t be afraid to have lots of height difference and leave enough room between steams to create something that feels very organic.

TIP: Change the water daily if you can; this will ensure blooms last longer.

How to Create a Floral Arrangement

I created these with some white stems from the grocery store and branches (and probably some weeds) I found in my yard. I love it’s organic and wild feel.

How to Create a Floral Arrangement

This was created with greenery and peonies from my yard. The rest of the blooms are from the farmers market.

How to Create a Floral Arrangement

Sometimes all you need is something simple. These basic branches from my yard is all I needed for my fireplace mantel.

How to Create a Floral Arrangement

In our kitchen I opted for some foraged branches as well.

Just enjoy yourself; you may be surprised how relaxing it is to create something from nature. Get outside and enjoy yourself and create something fabulous! You can do it!

Forage for Floral Arrangements

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