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A sink drip rail might seem insignificant. However, it offers a subtle sophistication to an apron front sink as well as functionality.

Let’s chat about a practical kitchen design…sink drip rails or a sink drip edge. They are one and the same. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s fine. Let me explain and express my love for the drip rail because we have one in our newly renovated kitchen and I love it! Get inspired for incorporating one into your own kitchen.

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sink drip rail with apron sink and brass faucet

If you want to add a little something extra to your kitchen and make it feel more custom, keep reading. This design trend offers practicality and design aesthetics that will be in vogue for years to come.

What is a Sink Drip Rail?

A sink drip edge or rail might seem minor but plays a crucial role with your apron front sink. A sink drip edge guards against water damage by channeling away spills and splashes that otherwise would drip on your floor or cabinet. The drip rail catches the water or diverts it.

Also called drip edge or ledge, drip rails are a strip of material that is mounted below sinks to protect the cabinet doors from dripping water. It is designed to divert water away from the face of the cabinetry via a channel routed along the underside.

If you have an apron front sink you might be tired of water dripping onto your sink cabinet or floor and might want to consider a drip rail. This will protect against water damage and enhance cleanliness.

sink drip rail with apron sink and brass hardware

Practical and Pleasing

I love the way a drip rail looks in a kitchen. Not only is it functional at keeping water diverted, but a drip rail gives a finished look to the sink.

Trim and Millwork gives your home a sense of stability and a finished overall look. A drip rail does that for the kitchen sink. Although a drip edge is not structural, it definitely makes the sink vignette feel more balanced and secure.

A farmhouse sink can often feel too visually heavy for the cabinets beneath it. This “ledge” gives the sink an aesthetically pleasing architectural element that makes it feel supported. A drip edge just finishes the look.

white kitchen with marble countertop, brass faucet and vase of tulips under the window.

Is a Drip Edge a Design Trend?

This isn’t just another kitchen trend but a practical kitchen upgrade. Today, sink drip edges and rails embody a blend of tradition and modernity, marrying the practical kitchen upgrades of yesteryears with the unique kitchen features desired today.

Apron front sinks or the farmhouse sink originated in the British Isles in the 17th century, in a world without running water. Not sure when the sink drip rail came into the modern kitchen, but this is not something I see going anywhere anytime soon.

blue and white towel hanging off counter

Where to Buy a Sink Drip Rail

This isn’t an item you can just find on line, purchase, and add on to your kitchen cabinet. It is often a custom cabinet add-on or a DIY project you could do on your own. If you’re planning to renovate or update your space, definitely keep it in mind.

sink drip rail with apron sink in white kitchen

Sink Drip Edge Material

A lot of sink drip edges are made out of wood, but you can use countertop material such as granite, quartz or marble.

Our marble countertop fabricator measured and installed the sink drip edge when they installed our countertop. I was going to make our own drip edge with the same material we used for our kitchen island, but just had the marble installer handle it all.

I LOVE the look of a drip edge and I like the marble; however, I think a wooden drip edge softens the look of the apron sink and blends in a contrasting material.

marble drip edge

DIY Sink Drip Rail

Crafting a sink drip edge or rail might seem daunting, but with a few tools and a bit of creativity, you can add this practical kitchen upgrade yourself. This DIY task combines home improvement with a flair for design, turning a necessary kitchen trend into a personalized statement. 

Start by choosing the right materials. Measure the perimeter of your sink to determine the length and depth of your apron sink rail.

Jenna Sue Design made her own sink drip rail for around $10 using scrap wood. If your kitchen is already renovated, and you have an apron sink, you can add your own drip edge yourself. It’s not that difficult.

Jenna Sue Kitchen

Jenna Sue Design

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Sink Drip Rail Cost

You can make your own using wood like Jenna Sue did. This would be very inexpensive. Your cabinet manufacturer or custom cabinet company can make you one if you are remodeling a kitchen.

Our marble drip edge cost $200 for the piece of marble and the install.

Kitchen Sources

sink drip rail with apron sink and brass faucet

Find all the sources for our white, wood and brass kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

How far should the drip rail should extend?

Our drop rail extends about a 1/2 inch past the sink front.

Are sink drip rails trendy?

They are a design trend, but one that is here to stay for a while if you have an apron sink or farmhouse sink.

sink drip rail with apron sink and brass faucet

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