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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and this pumpkin napkin fold is an easy way to add a little festive feel to your dinner table.

For the past several years I have been hosting a Friendsgiving as well as Thanksgiving and I honestly love it. Sometimes I like Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving a little better than Christmas because it’s not as hectic.

Get creative with your fall dinner tables with this easy pumpkin napkin. Napkin folding and placement is such an easy way to personalize your table setting and elevate each place setting for your guests. This year, I am making the napkin the focal point of each place setting. These pumpkin-shaped napkin folds can also double as your place card setting too if you wish!

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pumpkin napkin fold on dining table setting

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving; this pumpkin napkin fold is a creative way to add something special to your table setting without having to purchase anything additional. Just an easy fold is all you need to do!

fall table setting on outdoor patio

Why the Pumpkin Napkin Fold?

I am constantly challenged to think of new ways of incorporating pumpkins into my fall table settings. The pumpkin napkin fold is a great way to blend form and function.

Every year, I host a “Friendsgiving” dinner and a family Thanksgiving dinner at our home. Creating a lovely and elegant tablescape concept, for both events, is fun and relaxing to me. This year I wanted to add something that I hadn’t done before. The pumpkin napkin is not something I created. I am hoping this table setting sparks some inspiration for you to use the pumpkin napkin fold for one of your fall dinner gatherings.

pumpkin napkin fold on dining table setting

Pumpkin Napkin Fold Supplies

This is easy and the best part…you shouldn’t really have to purchase anything. Even if you don’t have napkin rings, you can create this napkin fold with supplies you likely already have on hand.

How to Make a Pumpkin Napkin

Folding a napkin into a pumpkin is fun and easy to do. Watch this step-by-step tutorial on my Instagram to see how it is done real time. With limited supplies needed you can create these is no time at all!

Follow this step-by-step guide for creating this really cute napkin.

  • Lay the napkin out on a flat surface
  • Place the cardboard ring in the center of the napkin
  • Pull the napkin up and through the ring, so that it sticks out about an inch
  • Fold each corner into the center of the napkin tucking each tip into the ring, so that it stays secure
  • Tuck the excess fabric into the ring, while shaping it into a pumpkin form. Push in the fabric tightly, so it stays secure
  • Push in the fabric tightly, so it stays secure
  • Manipulate the fabric, to ensure that it takes a true pumpkin shape
  • Stick the short cinnamon stick into the center
  • Add a name card to each pumpkin with either a leaf or a paper. (optional)

pumpkin napkin fold on dining table setting

Pumpkin Napkin Folding Tips

  • You can use any color napkins you like to go with your overall table setting theme. Use orange, yellow, gingham or just simple white like I did. I brought the pattern and color in with the table cloth and the vintage amber plates.
  • I do not have napkin rings. Instead I used a paper towel tube that I had cut down to about two inches in height. If you have napkin rings feel free to use them.
  • Use any size napkins you like. Your pumpkins can be large or small; mine where somewhere in the middle.
pumpkin napkin fold on dining table setting


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Frequently Asked Questions

I suppose you could if they were thick enough. I have not tried using paper, but maybe they would work. Cloth napkins are best for folding them into a pumpkin.

Yes, if you have a napkin ring go for it. I would suggest ensuring the napkin ring is not too large or it would be hard to tuck and work with the napkin.

Of course! If you want to gather sticks outside to use for your stems then go for it. They will work just fine!

pumpkin napkin fold on dining table setting

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