Simple Fall Decor


Simple fall home decor is easy to achieve by just adding a few fall touches throughout your home. As much as I love to see a front porch or a fireplace full of pumpkins; I tend to keep fall decor simple around here.

Growing up in New England I loved fall. Summer months were always short in that region of the country, but the change of summer to autumn always did something for me as a kid. In mid-September I remember going after school to pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and saving it for our fall harvest party. We didn’t put out a lot of fall decor, that I recall; just some pumpkins.

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fall decor on dresser with horse, lamp, green pumpkin and fall stems in a vase

The New England fall foliage offered enough of a gorgeous backdrop for the season. Since moving to a southern state, fall takes a lot longer to appear. It’s still hot, the leaves are still green and people are still using their pools. It might not look and feel like fall outside, but I like to embrace some simple fall decor inside to remind me of the season.

Decorating for Fall

When to decorate for fall mostly depends on your personal preferences. You can go all out on August 1 or ease into fall decor, which is what I like to do.

Autumn officially starts on September 23. If decorating for fall, while it’s technically still summer, bothers you, then wait. Add fall decor when you are ready. I like to have all my decor done before it’s officially fall. Around mid-August is the timeframe I swap out pillow covers and add fall stems. I usually wait on the appearance of pumpkins until September 1.

Some see the unofficial start of fall is the start of the school year. However, the first day of school varies widely across the country. Some schools start the first week of August, while others don’t return until after Labor Day weekend. If your children are back in school, you’re probably in the fall mindset already. Go ahead and begin setting out those fall decorations.

bedroom with blue curtains, and chaise lounge with pillows in corner

Simple Fall Decor

I keep it simple! Mainly because I have other things to do than just decorate for fall. I love seeing Instagram and Pinterest of porches, fireplaces and tables full of pumpkins. However, I just don’t have the energy for all of that. Don’t get me wrong…I love to look at all the eye candy, but creating all of that is not for me. I like simple.

fall stems on black buffet

Fall Decor at the Front Door

I recently caved and purchased faux cedar trees for the front patio. Always vowed I would stay true and loyal to real plants. However, after losing several due to heat or having to transplant them because their size; I gave in. I bought faux and I’m never looking back.

Leaving these cedars year round makes it easy to change out seasonal decor. A fall wreath, pumpkins and some dried hydrangea stems and I’m calling it a day.

fall decor at the front door with wreath and pumpkins
fall decor at the front door with wreath and pumpkins


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Entryway Simple Fall Decor

Our home in Tennessee is half the size of our previous house and while I am not complaining, all the rooms run together. We don’t have separate rooms here except bedrooms. Although each area is a designated space; they aren’t separated by walls and such.

However, I do have a designated foyer or entryway as I see it. Adding fall decor to the entryway sets the stage for the rest of the home. We have a small dresser and the decor is changed with the seasons. It’s not a large space, but enough to say that fall has arrived at our home!

fall decor on dresser with horse, lamp, green pumpkin and fall stems in a vase


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Dining Room

With the dining room right at the entryway; the decor is kept to a minimal with some fall stems and a few neutral faux and pumpkins. The board and batten and the wallpaper really brought this room to life. The room is not large enough for any other furniture than a table and chairs. The artwork helps give a little more dimension to the room. Changing out the pillows on the end chairs adds a little warmth to the space.

faux stems in blue vase on wooden tray sitting on dining room table
faux stems in blue vase on wooden tray sitting on dining room table
faux stems in  blue vase on wooden tray sitting on dining room table


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Living Room Fall Decor

Every season a few throw pillow covers are swapped out. I don’t usually change all of them, but a few change to embrace the fall colors.

This year I made a faux fall tree to replace the faux tree I made last spring. It’s totally unnecessary, but something I wanted to add to this year’s fall decor.

fall decor in the living room
coffee table with simple fall decor with green pumpkin and candlesticks
living room fall decor


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Simple Fall Decor in the Kitchen

Adding a few stems, wood bowls, little pumpkins and swapping the art is good for me in the kitchen. This is a working, active kitchen where meals are made just about daily. Too much decor would just be in the way.

white and wood kitchen with fall branches
fall decor in the kitchen
kitchen fall decor with planter and fall stems


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Bedroom Fall Decor

Keep it simple with decor in the bedroom. Decorating your bedroom for fall could just be changing out a pillow or two, adding a fall throw and changing out your faux stems.

I didn’t really change anything on the bed except the tan pillow. In this space I changed out the green stems for fall ones and added a pumpkin to the dresser. Adding too much to the bedroom makes it stressful for me. I like my bedroom pretty tidy and too many pumpkins or fall decor would feel very overwhelming.

simple fall decor in bedroom with blue curtains, bench, throw pillows and oil painting above bed
simple fall decor in bedroom with blue curtains, and chaise lounge with pillows in corner
blue dresser with fall faux stems and white pumpkin


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Barndominium Fall Decor

I only did a little fall touches in the barndominium. With all the wood walls and warm tones; adding a few pumpkins and door wreaths was all the barn needed. The barn doors were my primary focus and creating these large fall wreaths really made the barn feel ready for the fall season.

black barndominium with wood board and batten. Wood barn doors, with large wreaths, planters and galvanized barn lights
living room of log cabin with sofa, coffee table and fireplace
black barndominium with wood board and batten.Wood table on back patio with fall decor
fall tablescape on the outdoor back patio with green plates, wooden table, silver metal chairs, pumpkins and brass goblets

Sitting Room Fall Decor

This room is a still a little bit of a work in progress. Curtains need to be added and the fan needs to be changed to a light fixture. Some fall stems was all this space needed. I’m loving the green velvet chairs which is mixing it up from all the blue I use in decor.

den with green velvet chairs, wood cabinet and coffee table
den with green velvet chairs, wood cabinet and coffee table


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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start decorating for fall?

It is really up to you when you begin to put out your fall decor. Mid-August is now considered go time for fall decor, but some start as soon as their kids return to school. Feel free to wait until September 1 if you like.
Some fall decorations, like turkey-themed throw pillows and skeletons, are best saved for the months in which their designated holidays fall.

How long should I leave fall decor up?

Winter may not officially start until December 21, but most people mark Thanksgiving as the official transition from fall to winter. However, I prefer to have most of my fall decor packed up by Thanksgiving. I rather blend Christmas and winter decor with a fall table. Once dinner is over, all the fall decor is in the attic.

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