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Happy Autumn! In celebration of the arrival of fall, I have a set of free vintage fall art downloads just for you. After browsing through open source art, I gathered a small collection for you to use in your home!

When the season change, the easiest way to update your decor is to swap out your art. This is so easy to do with printable downloadable art. By just changing a few framed pieces of art, your room can feel updated for fall.

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dresser with arched mirror and vintage fall art with faux stems

I discovered public domain art two years ago and wish I would have known of it sooner. These art sources are open to the public which means anyone can use them. I have an entire gallery of vintage art you can download for free and who doesn’t love free artwork?

Free Vintage Fall Art Downloads

Fall is here and changing your seasonal decor is fun this time of year. After doing a little searching for fall art, I thought I would share these with you for you to use as well.

All of these downloads are public domain; meaning I was free to download, format them and share them with you for your use.

How to Download Vintage Fall Art

I have done all the work for you with these 8 vintage fall art downloads for you. I have formatted each of these downloads to print to an 8×10 finished size.

  1. Click on the download button
  2. A new screen will open with the image
  3. Right click to download and save to file
vintage fall art Amber Fall painting

Best Free Vintage Fall Art Sources

You can enjoy the vintage fall art prints I found for you to download. If you want to do a little looking on your own; here are some great open public domain art sources for your own perusing.

WARNING: Once you start searching; you can spend hours digging around! Set a timer! HA!

Printing Vintage Fall Art

If you want to just do a quick print and add something to a frame right away; you can print on a home computer. It can be done, but not ideal. I have printed an 8×10 before so I can toss it in a frame and be done.

Another option is to use Walgreens Photo. I use them quite often because they are usually ready in a couple of hours. Order online and pick up and pay in store. The only drawback with Walgreens is that in store photos are printed on gloss photo paper. I prefer my prints to not be glossy.

Many times Walgreens Photo has coupon codes making your purchase fairly minimal. I usually print an 8×10 but occasionally print a poster size depending on what I am creating.

Another option is Staples since they can print to different papers, weights and finishes.

vintage fall art of Fall bridge painting

How To Make Digital Downloads Look As Original As Possible

If you want your art to have the most authentic look; print to canvas. Likely, canvas was what the material used for the original painting. Digital paintings usually have texture within the print making canvas the perfect for material for paintings. Canvas is the ideal backdrop to make that texture feel realistic.

For canvas printing, I have used and have loved their quality. The goal with vintage art is to make the art look as authentic. The texture of the canvas feels more real than just printing to paper. 

Need help printing to canvas? Check out this post – How to Print and Frame Vintage Art (+ Free Downloads)

Fine art paper is great for sketches and drawings or any piece that doesn’t have a ton of texture within the print. If you want your print to have a durable backing, add a matte board to your fine art print.

Mpix is an an online printer that offers great quality prints and incredibly fast service. Mpix also offers Giclee printing (highly recommend!) which is higher quality form of printing that gives you the richest, most accurate colors.

framed canvas art

Other Sources for Vintage Fall Art

While you could spend hours digging for vintage art; you could purchase downloadable files. These downloads are all taken from public domain art sources. All of the hunting and image formatting has already been done for you and these downloads are usually under $5 a piece.

brown branch graphic

Amazon Storefront

Follow my Amazon Storefront to find more looks for less and all our finds!

Shop Fall Vintage Art

Click on any image to shop:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Public domain means that music, text and art are absolutely free to be used and copied all you want. Most works of art enter public domain because of their age. Works created after January 1, 1978, the copyright lasts for the life of the author, composer or artist plus an additional 70 years. Works published prior to 1923 have been in public domain since 1998.

Most sites will have a download button on the page with the image. Some images you will click on and it will open in another window. Simply right click and download.

free vintage fall art collage

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