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The time has come to remodel our Tennessee home’s kitchen and the plan is a white and wood kitchen design with brass and natural decor.

As much as I love the blue and green tone kitchens I am seeing in the design world right now, I still wanted to go with a white and wood kitchen design for a timeless look. Nothing is ever timeless, but white and wood have stood the test for quite some time. Nervous I would grow tiered of too much color; the white and wood seemed the best option for our home.

Our home here is not very large and I didn’t want to overwhelm it with all sorts of paint colors, but instead adding in color with artwork, towels and a rug. Yes…I guess you could say I played it safe, but I like to think that I played it timeless.

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kitchen design elements for a white and wood kitchen design

What Is a Timeless Kitchen?

Hmm…not sure there is an answer to this probing question. Everyone seems to want timeless design, especially when it comes to a kitchen. Most of us get one shot to get it right; unlike designers who are always on to the next color and trend. Some of their portfolios are exquisite, but for the average homeowner you only get once chance at a kitchen remodel.

White kitchens are timeless, as well as pretty wood tones. Stick with white, cream or beige cabinets or wood cabinets or a mixture of the two.

Current Kitchen

The current kitchen is not bad, the cabinets are good quality and in very good condition, but I wanted something different in the long run. I could have left the cabinets, changed the countertop, added backsplash and changed the hardware. All of that would have really changed the kitchen, but the island needed changing with the stone front and the curved bar seating area. It seemed silly to rather do a partial remodel and spend all sorts of money; in the end we opted for a total re-do.

kitchen with cream cabinets, gray walls and appliances

White and Wood Kitchen Design Plan

In our previous home I did an all white kitchen with marble countertops, but it felt cold. Since I wanted white/creamy cabinets again in this house, I chose to warm up the design with wood and brass instead of a stark white kitchen. Even with white kitchen cabinets you can still have a warm space. The overall kitchen design will include warm white, wood tone, marble and brass.

white and wood kitchen Design collage

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color

This is always a bit tricky because there are so many white paint colors to chose from. I know I want “white” which is a broad term as whites vary so much and also the lighting in your home plays a huge role in how white paint actually looks in a space. Our home is small and does not get a lot of natural light in the kitchen area. Some white paints can look too yellow or too beige and even though I don’t want bright white kitchen cabinets; I also don’t want the space to feel muddy or dark.

We have considered cream kitchen cabinets or beige kitchen cabinets, but think we are leaning more toward a soft, not bright, white paint color. As much as I love the colored cabinets that are ALL-OVER Pinterest; I just can’t bring myself to colored cabinets in the house. Now, in our barndominium, I have my mind set on painting the cabinets a lovely warm green…but shh…don’t tell my husband.

There will be white shaker cabinets for both the island and perimeter. I love the blend of a white and wood kitchen by using same style cabinets just in a different finish.

Quarter Sawn Oak Kitchen Island

We definitely want to add wood elements to this space other than just the floor. A lighter-medium tone wood island had more of a draw than just painting it a color. I do love wood tones and they are making a huge come back in the design world.

Quarter sawn white oak is the same species as regular white oak, but the difference is how the wood is cut. The wood has been cut from the log at a different angle or quartered and has a finer texture with a dramatic flaking pattern that runs perpendicular to the grain. The grain to me seems softer in appearance and overall; a laid-back straight grain with more flaking appearance than regular white oak. Due to the way it is cut, quarter sawn white oak is more stable than regular white oak. Use it for durability and for looks.

kitchen design elements for a white and wood kitchen design

Kitchen Countertops

Quartz, marble, granite or quartzite are the countertops of the day. Quartz is not an option for me as I just don’t like it…some people love it and swear by it and would never use anything differently. However, I just can’t find myself liking quartz countertops.

Granite is a fine choice, since it is a natural stone, but I struggle to find the pattern and color in granite I’m happy with. Marble and quartzite are our stones of choice; quartzite having marble appearance, but being stronger, more durable and not as likely to stain as marble. Something with a warm white background with gray and brown veining is the direction we are going here.

White and Wood Kitchen Appliances

As much as I love panel ready appliances and a lovely colored range; those options are just not in our budget. The current dishwasher is staying and perhaps when it die we will replace it with a panel ready one and have the cabinet maker build us a panel to attach.

The fridge was installed in December 2021 not long after we moved in. We purchased the same gas range we had at our home in Virginia. We liked it well enough and I actually found this one brand new at a store that sold scratch and dent appliances. There was a slight scratch on the side that slides in next to the cabinets so it didn’t matter anyway. We plan to install the microwave in the island so it will be less visible in the overall design.

Brass Kitchen Hardware

With all the white cabinets and stainless steel appliances; I want to add brass hardware and fixtures to warm up the space adding in a nice balance of warm and cool in the kitchen.

We are considering several different unlacquered brass cabinet hardware pulls and handles and have narrowed it down to some of these. Ordering samples is key to figuring out exactly what works and so glad we did this. Unless you have a showroom where you can see hardware, take it home and touch it; always order samples.

kitchen design elements for a white and wood kitchen design

Unlacquered Brass Faucet and Sink

We plan to go with an unlacquered brass faucet and I’m having a hard time deciding between two – a bridge faucet with a side spray or a pull down faucet. I LOVE the bridge faucet…absolutely love it; however, we have had a single pull down faucet before and love the ease of use of that style. Having a hard time deciding between the two.

In our previous home we added a hot water tap and I really enjoyed having that. As a hot tea drinker, it was nice to have tea ready instead of waiting for water to boil. The plan is to add an instant hot water tap as well.

I love the look of a farmhouse sink. In the current kitchen we have an apron stainless steel sink, but I plan on using the same style but in white ceramic or cast iron. Cast iron is likely not an option because of cost and the sheer weight of it. I’ve been looking into the fireclay sinks and will likely go with this, but decisions aren’t quite solid yet.

Kitchen Lighting

There is already recessed lighting in the kitchen that we will leave; although to house the cabinets a few of the lights will have to be moved since we are doing up to the ceiling cabinets.

White and Wood Kitchen Decor

Decor really ties a space together. Once all your hard scapes are in place such as paint color, cabinets, countertop, appliances, sink and faucet; it’s time to focus on touches of decor. A kitchen is a place where you can add a gallery wall, curtains, floating shelves; the possibilities are endless.

Gone are the days of white, sterile nothing on the countertop kitchens. Although I do not like a lot out on my counters; I like to display items that make the space feel homey and lived in without being cluttery.

kitchen design board collage

Soap Jars | Kitchen Towels | Artwork | Cutting Board | Greenery | Copper Kettle | Vase | Runner

The kitchen remodel will be happening soon and we are looking forward to getting this other area of our home finished. It’s always exciting to be able to to make a home yours especially if someone else lived here previously. To me, the heart of our home is the kitchen and with our open floor plan; a kitchen renovation will set the tone for the entire space.

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