Organization Essentials for the Pantry

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Organizing our pantry was long overdue and a new year is a great time to organize and purge. These pantry organization essentials were great.

For the most part, our home is pretty orderly and tidy but I have not really tackled pantry organization. Sometimes you don’t always know the tools you need to get and stay organized until you have lived in a space and see how you function there daily.

Pantry Organization

Organization, which is what I need to stay sane and productive. Clutter causes distraction and stress for me—anyone else feel the same? Shape Magazine states that being organized can improve your physical and mental health. So true for me!

Our pantry looks great next to the fridge until you open the doors…Eeek!!!

Wow…chaos, but that’s about to change.

Let’s get going on getting your pantry cleaned and organized.

Remove Everything from your Pantry

pantry Organization

Take everything out! Everything! Then, clean the shelves so you can start fresh. I vacuum first then wipe the shelves down with warm soapy water.

Purge old items

Once everything is out of your pantry toss out dated food and anything else that may need to go. Purging is a great feeling.

Assess your storage/organization needs

Pantry Organization Essentials

Determine what you need to store and how you want to store it.

I spent some time planning and shopping online for a better system, and this is what I came up with…

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This full line of stacking canisters comes in all shapes and sizes, with lots of great reviews and a great price. They really help to maximize the space and keep everything neat and tidy.

Pantry Organization Essentials

There’s really no way to figure out exactly how many and which sizes you need beforehand, so my tip is to buy more than you’ll need (multiples of every size) and return what you don’t use.

This is the quantity of containers I used:

Since these containers have a flip top lid it creates an air tight seal. This ensure that perishable foods stay fresh instead of becoming stale.

Pantry Organization Essentials

I wanted granola bars and loose items placed into neat grab and go type containers.

I found these plastic divided bins which are great for granola bars, cracker packs, etc. They keep everything divided and neatly stacked.

Pantry Organization Essentials

These wire baskets were the perfect solution for chips, bags of rice and other bagged or boxed items I didn’t really want to put into a storage canister.

Pantry Organization Essentials
Pantry Organization Essentials
Pantry Organization Essentials
Pantry Organization Essentials

By adding these cabinet pantry roll-outs we now have plenty of storage space. This allows our can goods to be kept on the other side of the refrigerator utilizing those pull-outs too.

Pantry Organization Essentials
Pantry Organization

4 Piece Canister Set | Wire Basket with Liner | Wicker Basket | Set of Wire Baskets | Cereal Canister | 3 Piece Canister Set | Wicker Basket Set

Pantry Organization Essentials:

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Happy Pantry Organizing!

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