Honest and Unbiased Ruggable Review


After having Ruggables in our home the last couple of years here is an honest/unbiased Ruggable review listing pros and cons and a round-up of my favorite styles.

I’m not going to lie…when I discovered Ruggable, a few years ago, I honestly thought it was the best invention since sending man to the moon. Ok…so that’s a little extreme but a washable rug impacted my life more than space exploration if I were to break it down.

With a dog, two kids and now living on farm land in East Tennessee instead of at the end of a concreted cul-de-sac, a washable rug is the way to go!

Disclaimer: This review is completely unbiased and not a sponsored by Ruggable in anyway. The thoughts and observations are totally my own. Affiliate links are provided below. Please see my full disclosure.

Ruggable in living room with sofa in front of window

I have three Ruggables. I started out with a 4×6 for a small doorway, then purchased a 5×7 for the front foyer of our Virginia house and then waited patiently (not that patiently) for Ruggable to create the 9×12 size for our family room. When the 9×12 size came out in 2020 I purchased it and it was the perfect addition to our family room. Now that we’ve had the 9×12 rug for over two years I felt I could give an honest review once washable rug fairy tale wore off.

Ruggable in living room next to fireplace

What is a Ruggable Rug?

A Ruggable is a machine washable rug; made of thin polyester so it will fit in your washing machine. They are a two-part system with the rug portion layering on top of a gripping rubber rug pad underneath that is water resistant. The underlying pad ensures that if something does spill or someone has an accident, your floors underneath the rug will remain safe and dry. The rug pad prevents liquid from seeping through, protecting your floors. I like that!

Ruggable in living room next to sofa

Our Current Rug – Size 9×12

Ruggables are Kid and Pet Friendly

If you have kids, pets or both…and a husband, you need a Ruggable. I like my home to look nice and designed but not to the point where you can’t live in it. What’s the point of a home if you can’t relax. Some people create kid and pet free rooms, and that’s fine, but it’s not me. I like style with practicality.

Ruggable are stain and water resistant, machine washable for spills, dirt, and kid and pet accidents. Our Goldendoodle has puked on this rug several times and it’s been the easiest rug to clean.

golden-doodle with Ruggable Rug

Our Current Rug – Size 9×12

Ruggables are Great if You Have Allergies

Carpets and rugs are hotbed for allergies because they collect dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander and everything else.

If you are sensitive or allergic to any of these substances, you will be so happy to have a rug you can wash as you need and keep allergies at bay.

Ruggable in living room with sofa in front of window

Ruggable Review: Pros and Cons of Ruggable Washable Rugs


Just like with everything there is good and bad because nothing is 100% perfect, but I do LOVE my washable rugs but let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly.

Removable Washable Cover

Ruggable comes in a two part system; the water-resistant rubber grip base and the top rug portion. You simply remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine.

I wash my Ruggable on cold with laundry detergent and color safe bleach and air dry instead of placing it in they dryer. You can place them in the dryer on low, but I chose not to.

family room with rug next to fireplace in front of window

Easy to Spot Clean

Maybe you have a spill or your pet has an accident and you don’t necessarily need to wash the entire rug. I have found that spot cleaning a Ruggable is super easy and the stain has always cleaned up with ease from mud to dog puke. Cleaning and sanitizing on the spot is super easy saving you from tossing the entire rug into the washer.

Easy to Vacuum

A Ruggable rug is easy to vacuum and cleans up beautifully with a regular vacuum or robot vacuum. However, I purchased one of those cordless vacuums and it would NOT work on the Ruggable.

vacuum on rug in living room

Interchangeable Covers

As I’ve stated before, the Ruggable is a two part system with cover and base. If you want to change out the look of your rug, and it’s the same size, you can use the same base and just order the cover which saves you some money since you already have a base that fits.

Non-Slip Pad

The base of the two part system has a fantastic rubber grip to the bottom and I have never had our rug move or slip any time. It has a wonderful grip for your floors so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around and needing to add another non-slip pad underneath.

Ruggable on floor showing rubber grip pad

Our Current Rug – Size 9×12

Cheaper in the Long Run

Ruggables are more expensive at the onset but for longevity I think the cost more than balances out. If you have a regular rug or a thick wool rug, they need to be cleaned professionally from time to time and the cost can add up. Instead of paying for my Ruggable to be cleaned I can just do it myself.

In the long rug, I do not have to have it professionally cleaned or replace it because a stain will not come out. The rug is easy to clean and can last a long time while always being clean.


As much as I LOVE this rug and would buy more, there are cons that I want to share with you so you can make an educated decision if you are considering purchasing one.

They are Thin

If you want a soft, thick, plush rug this is not the rug for you. Ruggables are thin, the main reason they can fit in the washing machine. A thinner rug however is great at a doorway so the door can open or under a dining table so chairs can easily slide. I haven’t minded the thinness of the rug in our family room because I am giving up a plush rug for easy clean while still holding onto style.

Ruggable in living room with sofa in front of window

More Expensive than Other Rugs

A Ruggable costs more than similar rugs of its size, style and thickness. However, those rugs likely don’t hold up to cleaning or resist stains so in the long run a Ruggable could be less expensive. I don’t find Ruggables the deal of the century however, but to me the pros weigh out the cost.

Difficult to Change a Large Rug Cover Alone

It’s difficult to put the rug cover back on the pad by yourself if your rug is large. The the family rug it’s a two person process or me and a two kid process without the dog trying to walk on it while we put it back in place. I have not been able to put the large rug cover on by myself so something to consider.

Edge Curling

For me, this is the WORST con and almost a deal breaker to run from these rugs never to return. I paid all this money for a stylish rug that can be cleaned but after several months it looked like a cheap rug I grabbed at the thrift store rug bin. I was not happy with the curling…so much that I almost replaced it a few months ago.

Ruggable Curling Edges

If you have a Ruggable, the edges will curl unless they have recently come up with a solution to this issue. My rug was purchased in 2020 so maybe they are better.

This is an issue with Ruggable that I feel they need to figure out a way to fix it. I’m not the only person who has had Ruggable rug curling issues. There are a couple workarounds but I feel the consumer shouldn’t have to do this.

How Do You Get Your Ruggable Edges to Lie Flat?

I have two solutions for you that saved my rug from the landfill so I can continue using this wonderful rug because I really do love it!

Steam Mop

If you have a steam mop use it on the edges and corners to relax the fibers of the rug. Run the steam mop along the edges slowly so the edges relax and stay down. I tried this and the curling has been tamed for several weeks now. You can’t just run it over it quickly; you must take your time with it to get the edges really worked in with steam. This will make the edges lie flat.

Once I do this the curling is usually good for several weeks before having to do it again and this solution honestly has been just fine.

Steam mop on rug and wood floor
Steam mop on Ruggable Rug

Reusable Carpet Tape

If you do not have a steam mop this is another option. I have not tried this personally but have read that others have used it with good outcome.

Favorite Ruggable Designs

We have the Rug from Ruggable in two sizes and have loved the soft, blue gray tones that works for our homes decor. Ruggable has traditional, modern and minimal styles that work for everyone’s design and I’ve rounded up a few of some amazing designs for your to chose from.


Hendesi Heriz Abalone Rug

Final Thoughts on Ruggable Review

The verdict is…YES! I would purchase another Ruggable and plan to purchase one or two for our barndominium.

Now that I can keep the curling under control I have decided that I would want more of these rugs for my son’s room, barndominum living room, and kitchen runner.

If you live in a house with just two adults, no kids and no pets; this might not be the rug for you. However, I have a need to easily keep spills and stains at bay while still having stylish accessories and this rug fits the bill for our family.

Honest and Unbiased Ruggable Review

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