Sherwin Williams Nebulous White


Sherwin Williams Nebulous White isn’t exactly white, but more more of a blue white that will create a soft and inviting space.

When we painted the majority of the walls in our home Sherwin Williams Passive and the trim Benjamin Moore White Dove; I wanted something a little different in our primary bedroom and my home office. Just a little contrast from the rest of the house; something a little softer. Nebulous White is a blue white or a gray white depending on how you look at it. To me it has blue undertones and gray undertones but more on that in a bit.

SW Nebulous White is a gorgeous color from the 2019 Enthusiast collection as well as part of the Living Well Collection from Sherwin Williams. It is considered one of Sherwin Williams more popular colors and goes well in many different decor settings.

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Sherwin williams nebulous white paint swatch with brush
home office with bookshelves and Sherwin williams nebulous white

Sherwin Williams Nebulous White Explained

First off, SW Nebulous White is not white. Sherwin Williams Nebulous white is a very light gray blue. It is a cool paint color but the gray with blue undertones are more of an icy gray without being too cold and stark.

I like to describe it as a very soft gray or blue depending on the light, time of day and decor. It gives a very subtle gray color without being too much; it’s very soft, soothing and adds just a touch of color if you don’t want everything to be just white. I have used this color in our main bedroom and our sitting room (my home office) which is off the bedroom. Nebulous White is the lightest color in the color strip and one shade lighter than SW Passive which we painted in the majority of the house.

SW nebulous white paint swatch with brush

What is the LRV of SW Nebulous White?

As I like to explain with any paint color it is good to know the light reflective value (LRV) for paint colors you are considering using in your home. The LRV really breaks down the color and gives you a better mental grasp of the shade.

The LRV for Sherwin Williams SW7063 Nebulous White is 73.09. LRVs range from 0-100, with 100 being pure white and 0 being absolute black. Design pros commonly use LVR to measure the amount of light reflected from a surface. Higher numbers reflect more light and lower numbers absorb light.

The color code for Nebulous White is #dedfdc. In the RGB color model #dedfdc is comprised of 87.06% red, 87.45% green and 86.27% blue.

Nebulous white swatch

SW Nebulous White Undertones

Sherwin Williams Nebulous White does have undertones; I would assume every paint has an undertone to it. Nebulous White has a tiny hint of gray with a blueish undertone. In my home office you can see house the wall next to the bookcase looks a little more blue.

The undertones of Nebulous White are gray/blue but this does depend on the lighting and the decor. In our bedroom it can look a little more gray because of how the light is hitting certain areas.

bookshelves with SW nebulous white
post bed in main bedroom with Sherwin williams nebulous white

What Color is Nebulous White?

Nebulous White is not white at all actually. It is just a very light gray paint color so don’t let the word “white” confuse you. It is a soft color and gives you a little bit more color on the wall than just a white, but not as strong as a full on gray. Even though it is a super light gray color it is soft and inviting. There is no harshness with this color.

dark wood dresser with vase and greenery

Is Nebulous White Warm or Cool?

I would say it is a cool shade, but can be warmed up. It’s not a super icy cold gray, but a subtle gray. It does make a difference what color you paint your trim and your decor elements. We warmed up the gray in our home by adding BM White Dove which is a warmer white without being yellow in certain settings. The mix of the cooler gray and warmer white gives variety and ensures the space doesn’t feel cold and uninviting.

SW Nebulous White can be cool or warm(er) depending on what you pair it with. I love blending cool and warm tones throughout the house anyway to create depth while some like only warm tones and others only cool. I tend to like a blend of both.

dark wood dresser with painting and vase with greenery

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color is Sherwin Williams Nebulous White?

Sherwin Williams Nebulous white is a very light gray blue. It is a cool paint color but the gray blue undertones are more of an icy gray without being too cold and stark.

What Goes with SW Nebulous White?

Either a crisp white or a warmer white will pair nicely with Nebulous White. Try Pure White-SW 7005, Greek Villa-SW 7551or Svelte Sage-SW 6164.

Sherwin Williams Nebulous White Similar Colors

There are similar colors that you might like better, but this shade is already hard to beat. Sherwin Williams Ice Cube SW 6252 is an LRV 77 on the scale so it’s a little whiter than Nebulous and Sherwin Williams Rhinestone SW 7656 is a 74 so still a little lighter but still lovely white shades. These two shades are going to feel more white without being a true stark white.

You can see with these paint swatches how close in color these three shades are.

SW Nebulous White Coordinating Colors

Coordinating colors are always helpful to know about and the list of complimentary colors is extensive but here are a few that pair nicely with this paint hue. You can use these shades in complimentary paint colors or in complimentary furniture and decor elements as well.

Nebulous White is lovely in bedrooms, bathrooms, nurseries and kitchens. It is lovely paired with dark grays, black, greens and whites. You could pair it with SW Stardew which is a gorgeous blue hue

paint swatch collage

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter – HC72 | Benjamin Moore Hale Navy – HC154 | Sherwin Williams Stardew – SW9138 | Sherwin Williams City Scape – SW7067 | Benjamin Moore Chimichurri – CSP810 | Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace – OC65 | Sherwin Williams Iron Ore – SW7069 | Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog – SW9130 | Benjamin Moore Wisp of Mauve – BM2098-60 | Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud – BM6249 | Benjamin Moore White Dove – OC117 | Benjamin Moore Onyx – 2133-10

desk in workshop with Sherwin williams nebulous white paint on walls

Final Thoughts on This Paint Color – SW 7063

If you are considering a soft and subtle gray/blue for your walls to add a little color without being too much; then this paint color by Sherwin Williams is sure to be one to consider. It is soft and lovely and makes a space feel inviting. Paired with warm decor you can mix warm and cool for a desired outcome.

I loved Nebulous White in our room and my home office because of its soft feel. It added a touch of color while still being neutral and clean. Give this color a try or add it to your list to seriously consider.

Sherwin williams nebulous white paint swatch with brush

Sherwin Williams Nebulous White

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  1. Hi Amy,

    We just purchased an old Victorian house with a lot of medium wood trim that we’re going to leave as is, even though I prefer white trim as a rule. I prefer white walls, as well, but I don’t want the contrast between wood trim and white walls to be too stark. Do you think Nebulous White might be a good compromise? My goal is to brighten and modernize the look of the house with the right paint color, but I’d like the color to be soft, and I don’t want strong yellow undertones. I’m going for classic and elegant at the same time. If that isn’t enough of a tall order, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

  2. Wow…I bet your home is gorgeous and all that wood trim. Gorgeous. Nebulous White has a blue/gray undertone so it’s going to feel cooler. Cool grays are rather phasing out and warmer tones are more pleasing. I would go with a warmer white like BM White dove or SW Alabaster. I can understand that you don’t want to use a bright white as it would be a strong contrast with the wood. Look into a warmer white that won’t be too yellow. Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

  3. Hi!! Love reading your post, but I am at a loss. We just bought a house that has SW Passive as the wall color and we are trying to find a kitchen cabinet color to go well with Passive. The granite is black. Any ideas??

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