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Sherwin Williams Artichoke is a warm, neutral green paint color. This color is perfect for cabinets, furniture, walls, and exterior exterior doors. If you are looking to add a little green to your life than SW Artichoke should be one to consider.

When looking to update our daughter’s bathroom, we decided to paint her bathroom cabinet instead of replacing it. She knew she wanted a green vanity and so the hunt for the right shade of green was underway. We wanted something neutral and soft, not too dark, not too light but the perfect shade of a mossy, sage green that added tranquility and a little color to the space.

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sherwin williams artichoke painted cabinet

After we painted her bathroom vanity, I found a vintage small china cabinet on FB Marketplace that was perfect for a wall in her room. It needed some TLC and instead of stripping it, I figured painting it would be ideal. With SW Artichoke paint leftover from the vanity, it was the perfect solution.

SW artichoke painted cabinet

Green Paint is in Style

Before we move on, you might be thinking, “is green paint trendy?”…let me stop you right there. The answer is a resounding Yes! However, it’s not just a fleeting design moment though; greens have been having a major moment for a few years now and show no signs of slowing down.

Green kitchen cabinets and green furniture is all the rage right now and it’s going strong! The great thing about green paint is that it’s timeless. You can use it in any style of home, whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or even mid-century modern, and it will always look fresh. Olive green paint and sage green paint tones are hot and heavy and for good reason.

Green paint color are also a great way to add a pop of color without being too overwhelming. And, if you’re looking to add a little bit of freshness to your space then green is a nice choice.

blue and white stripe towel on green bathroom vanity

Sherwin Williams Artichoke (SW6179) Explained

SW Artichoke is a soft, medium tone green color that is not too overwhelming. It has a feeling of sage and olive tones. It is a medium, muted green with a neutral feel blending well with blues, yellows and pinks. Sage green paint is extremely popular right now and this color is one to consider for sure. Artichoke would be considered one of Sherwin Williams sage green paint colors.

This warm green paint color pairs nicely with a crisp white like BM Chantilly Lace or even a warmer white like BM White Dove.

green paint color swatch Sherwin Williams Artichoke

Sherwin Williams Artichoke Statistics

The light reflective value (LRV) for Sherwin Williams SW6179 Artichoke is 21.44 making this paint color on the darker end of the LRV spectrum. The RGB values for Sherwin Williams SW6179 Artichoke are 127, 130, 102 and the HEX code is #7F8266. Artichoke is a medium green paint color but in certain lighting it could be a dark green paint color.

Sherwin Williams Artichoke Undertones

It’s very important to identify a paint color’s undertone so you can pick the right paint for your space! The wrong undertone will make your project look unappealing and can make the other colors in your room look not so great too!

The medium green paint color has yellow undertones, giving off extremely warm and natural vibes. 

sherwin williams artichoke painted cabinet

Is Sherwin Williams Artichoke Warm or Cool?

Sherwin Williams SW 6179 Artichoke is a warm color due to its yellow undertones but does not feel yellow in anyway. It feels like sage, olive or a light warm moss color.

The yellow undertone keeps this a warm paint color. When you think green, you might think green like grass or emerald or even a hunter green – those greens are cool, but Artichoke is a warm neutral adding warmth to a space.

sherwin williams artichoke painted cabinet

SW Artichoke is a Medium Green

Any paint can change with lighting and Artichoke is no exception. In our daughter’s bathroom, Artichoke looks a little darker since the bathroom has no natural light from a window. The only natural light the bathroom receives is when the door is open and it’s daylight outside. Since the wallpaper in the bathroom is darker; the vanity doesn’t have a lot of light bouncing off of it giving the paint color a nice deep tone.

The paint color on the cabinet in the bedroom looks brighter. Since there is a of natural light in the space and the backdrop is a white wall. The light bounces off of the cabinet differently than on the bathroom vanity.

sherwin williams artichoke painted cabinet with antique stool

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sherwin Williams Artichoke Dark Green or Light Green?

Sherwin Williams Artichoke is more of a medium color green. It’s not too light nor too dark but somewhere in between. SW Artichoke will take on different hues of green in various lights just as any paint color would.

What Are SW Artichoke Undertones?

It is an earthy green with yellow undertones, giving off extremely warm and natural vibes.

Should I Try a Paint Sample?

I always suggest testing paint with a sample before committing. Paint looks different in every space and lighting and decor play a huge role. Look at the samples at various times of the day to see how the hue changes with different light settings.

Using Sherwin Williams Artichoke

To be honest, you could use this paint color anywhere, but personally not sure it would be gorgeous covering an entire room. SW Artichoke seems more of an accent color, not exactly a color I would want to see occupying whole walls.

Artichoke would be perfect on kitchen cabinets, furniture, exterior front door and bathroom vanities to add a pop of neutral, warm green color.

blue floral wallpaper bathroom with green vanity
brown branch graphic

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Final Thoughts on SW Artichoke

This hue of sage, olive green was the perfect color for our two painting projects. I love how the vanity and the cabinet tied the room and bathroom together. Since Artichoke is a warm neutral with a touch of cool, it’s easy to add in other shades of color to this space.

Looking for a warm green paint color? Give Sherwin Williams Artichoke a try and you won’t be disappointed. It’s such a lovely color!

Sherwin Williams Artichoke green painted cabinet

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