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Turn a dated bathroom into a chic, refreshed space with these design ideas that add style and function. Get the details on this bathroom wallpaper and more in this striking teen girl bathroom update!

While our kids were sharing a bedroom and bath, as we waited for our son’s room to be built, I went ahead and updated our daughter’s bathroom. We didn’t do a complete overhaul, but changed the baseboards, painted the vanity and added wallpaper. I would have loved to re-done the floors, but the tile was in excellent shape and thankfully the color was a soft beige, which is actually in right now right? We left it as due to budget, timing and finding someone to install new tile. Finding a contractor in these parts is almost impossible.

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blue floral wallpaper bathroom with green vanity Girl Bathroom Update

I love how her space turned out…it was what I was envisioning for a teen bathroom and she loves it. Check out this girl bathroom update for your inspiration in case you are in need of girls bathroom ideas for your teenage daughter.

Girl Bathroom Update Before

Let’s get into the before! Not horrible, really, but could be better!

The bathroom was in great shape; just felt dark and dated. We didn’t really have the desire to do a complete demolish remodel, but I wanted to freshen up the space.

The shower/tub, toilet, flooring and vanity were all used in the final design which saved us a lot of money and hassle. These are the biggest expenses in a bathroom remodel, so it really helped leaving them in place.

Girl Bathroom Design

It really helps to put together a design board to get a good visual of the overall outcome. Once you have researched and decided on your elements, put them together in a design collage. This is a great tool to help you envision your final outcome and stick to your plan. This teen girl bathroom update began to take shape.

teen girl bathroom design Girl Bathroom Update

You can shop all the design elements below in the shopping section.

Girl Bathroom Wallpaper

Since she wanted a colorful wallpaper, finding that first and foremost was critical for the rest of the design. The rest of the colors and design would flow around this backdrop. My plan was to select something more neutral in color but she wanted a more elegant bold approach. I love this wallpaper from Rifle Paper Co. with the navy, soft blue, greens and touches of whites and pinks. It’s just gorgeous, but I love anything Rifle Paper Co. creates.

blue floral wallpaper
blue floral wallpaper bathroom with green vanity Girl Bathroom Update

Vanity Color

Since we weren’t going to replace the vanity, we needed to update the dark wood with a fresh paint job. She wanted a green vanity so we tried a few color samples with the wallpaper until we found the perfect hue. We used the greens in the wallpaper as a starting point for the green paint color being careful not to use a paint that was too dark, too green or too olive.

We settled on Sherwin Williams Artichoke and Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace for the trim and doors. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore would be the wall color in her room so it was perfect to tie everything together.

teen girl bathroom paint swatch colors Girl Bathroom Update
green paint samples
installing wallpaper in bathroom with green vanity Girl Bathroom Update

The paint color tied in with the leaves on the wallpaper perfectly and I couldn’t be more happy with the color for this project. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new vanity; we spent $65 on a can of high performance paint to bring this cabinet to life.

Instead of changing the knobs I sprayed them with my favorite gold spray paint. Perfect and I love this spray paint for the perfect gold color every single time.

Girl Bathroom Finishes

We were bringing in a lot of warm gold elements to the space with the light fixture, hardware and mirror. I left the brushed nickel faucet and the black granite countertop to ensure that was some variety in the finishes. Gone are the days where every finish had to match; it’s best to coordinate black, silver and golds for a more curated look and feel to a finished space.

blue and white stripe towel on green bathroom vanity Girl Bathroom Update

Decor and Finishing Touches

To complete this girl bathroom update, we needed to add in girls bathroom decor with artwork, plants, hand towel and a lovely thrifted rattan trash can.

Bathrooms are meant to be used more than they are meant to be pretty – that’s why my husband says. He’s right…if something is pretty and not useable what’s the point? I didn’t want to over clutter the space for two reasons; I don’t like clutter and our daughter needs room for her curling iron, flat iron, makeup brushes, etc. You get the point. Keep in mind this a girl bathroom and plenty of counter space is required! Keep decor tasteful and minimal.

blue floral wallpaper bathroom with green vanity

Design Elements

•Round Mirror
Rattan Trash Can
Washable Rug
Shower Curtain
Hand Towel
Couple plants

topiary and candle on bathroom vanityGirl Bathroom Update

blue floral wallpaper bathroom with green vanity

blue floral wallpaper

Wildwood Wallpaper

Gold Round Mirror

round brass mirror
blue stripe shower curtain

Stripe Shower Curtain

Light Fixture

brass bathroom light
green topiary

Boxwood Topiary

Washable Rug

stripe towel

Stripe Towel

bathroom with green vanity and floral wallpaper Girl Bathroom Update

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