Teen Girl Bathroom Design

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Update a basic bathroom for a teen girl with wallpaper, paint, decor and make it special without breaking the bank. I loved putting together this teen girl bathroom design.

Did you have your own bathroom growing up? I didn’t! When I was a kid I shared with my brother and then we moved and lived in a small rental house and our whole family shared one bathroom; thankfully there were only four of us. If I had my own bathroom as a kid I would have been on cloud nine. Although, I never thought about having my own bathroom…it was a different time and sharing a bath with a sibling was normal.

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teen girl bathroom design board

In our last home our kids shared a lovely hall bathroom that had been fully remodeled and in this house our kids will have their own bathroom because of the bedroom/bath addition we are doing. This house only had two bedrooms with the baths being in suite so when we decided to add on a bedroom, for our son, we thought it best to include a bath too.

Since the kids shared a bath I kept it pretty neutral for the two of them, but now that they will each have their own I thought it would be fun to add some color and decor elements to make it match their personalities.

white bathroom with hexagon floor tile and gray walls.

Current Bathroom

This is the bathroom currently and although it’s not bad it feels dark and dated. The vanity, tile and shower unit are all in great shape, but if I had my way I would tear out the entire space and start again, but you know what? It’s not necessary and not practical, if you think about it. Painting the cabinet, adding wallpaper and changing the mirror and the decor would go a long way.

bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
bathroom vanity with mirror

How to Update a Bathroom in Five Easy Steps

A complete bathroom remodel can can range between $6K and $17K depending on the size and finishes you chose. That price range would be gutting the entire space and replacing tile, shower, vanity, toilet, etc. A partial remodel can cost less. If your bathroom is in good shape you can just make some cosmetic changes to create an entirely different space. That’s what we decided to do.

Here are some easy ways to update a bathroom and save some money on a complete remodel. Teen girl bathroom design here we come!

Paint the Bathroom Cabinet

The first thing you can do to update a bathroom, is paint the bathroom vanity; it’s not hard. I painted the bathroom cabinets in our last home and they turned out beautifully. You can even follow these tips for using the Best Paint Roller for Cabinets and Furniture.

I am not in love with the current cabinet with it’s dark wood and dark granite top, but it is good quality and figured a little paint could go a long way to make it look fresh. So…instead of replacing it we painted it and for about $45 the cabinet will look a lot better.

I use a lot of blue in our home but our daughter wanted a different color with blue accents so we are going to paint the bathroom cabinet a nice earthy green color.

green paint samples

We looked at several green paint samples, but in the end settled on Artichoke by Sherwin Williams because it looked best in this specific room which doesn’t have any natural light. Our trim and doors will be painted Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. The Artichoke paint color worked really nicely with the wallpaper

paint swatch for teen girl bathroom design

Add Wallpaper

What better way to totally transform a space than to add wallpaper? I wanted something more than just paint for her to make the space special since in a few years she will be heading to college. After sifting through several wallpaper designs we settled on this one from Rifle Paper Company and we love it. Can’t wait to put it up.

Trying to decide on wallpaper? Read my post on How to Choose Wallpaper and Where to Buy Wallpaper

Update the Light Fixture

Update your space by changing the lighting. Yes, please….If all I did in this space was change the light it would make a difference. The current light is heavy, dated and dark. I found this one and with the milk glass, more modern feel globes, it adds a nice softness to the light with the the brass. It even picks up on the touches of gold in the wallpaper…it’s perfect.

Change the Mirror

The current mirror is dark and heavy making it feel very dated. I already had this lovely round gold mirror packed up from our previous house and it will be the perfect addition to this bathroom. It gives the space a feeling of modern with its nice round, thin gold frame.

Add Decor

No space is complete without some added decor. With the shower curtain, greenery and some art work we will be in business. Keeping it simple is perfect for a bathroom so it doesn’t get too cluttered. Since this space is for a teen girl I want to ensure that she has ample space on the countertop for her flat iron, hair dryer, makeup, brush and all the other items a teen girl uses.

Final Thoughts on Teen Girl Bathroom Design

I don’t see a lot of bathroom’s or rooms designed for teenagers; everything seems for younger kids. It was fun creating a teen girl bathroom design board for our daughter and working to bring this design to life.

Check back soon for an update to this space.

teen girl bathroom design board

Teen Girl Bathroom Design

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