How to Hang Christmas Wreaths on Windows

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Every year I love adding wreaths to my interior windows for Christmas. Here is an easy way to hang Christmas wreaths on windows with or without ribbon to create a festive mood inside your home.

Christmas wreaths just seem to add holiday warmth to any space and I love them inside the house so I can see them. Last year I hung a few Christmas wreaths inside in the kitchen and living room, but this year I added a couple to the dining room. It’s a great way to bring the outside in; even if the wreaths are faux there is still a feeling of the outdoors to be enjoyed from the warmth of your home.

This is super simple and by using the right type of hooks I can easily remove them after the season and reuse them next year.

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dining room with wreaths hanging on windows

History of Christmas Wreaths

The story behind Your Christmas wreath date back to the earliest civilizations as the circle is a symbol of immortality. Long before wreaths were hung on doors and windows for decoration they were originally worn around the head, neck, or waist.

In Greece Laurel wreaths were awarded to the winning athletes and placed on their heads. Other empires wore wreaths on their heads to show their importance and the Romans wore then like a crown. Today, we use them in a window or on a door as a sign of welcome during the holidays.

living room at christmas time with wreath on window

Christmas Wreaths on Windows

I love seeing wreaths on windows both inside and out; they evoke such a feeling of welcome to those arriving at your doorstep. Christmas wreaths can be placed on exterior or interior windows or both. I opted to place mine on the inside this year by adding some velvet ribbon as accent.

What Size Wreaths Do I Need For My Windows? 

In this tutorial I am sharing how to hang wreaths on interior windows but the principles should be the same if you are looking at sizing for wreaths for your exterior.

Ideally you want a wreath that is 1/2 to 2/3 in diameter to the width of your window and not more than half the height of your window. Many wreaths come in common sizes of 20″ or 24″ and those should be just right for a standard size window. If you have a large foyer window or other large style windows you will want to reconsider the sizing of your wreath. Also take into account the weight of your wreath for hanging purposes as they will need more support.

The size wreaths I am using are 24″ and fit nicely inside the window without being too large or too small.

two christmas wreaths laying on wood floor

Methods of Hanging Christmas Wreaths

Today I’m going to share two different methods for hanging Christmas wreaths on interior windows. The ribbon method uses decorative ribbon and cup hooks while the other ways use suction cups and command hooks. Some of these same methods could also be used to hang wreaths on windows outside as well.

Hanging Methods:

  • Suction Cup With Hook
  • Command Hooks
  • Fishing Line
  • Ribbon
view of dining room with wreaths hanging on windows.

How to Hang Christmas Wreaths with Ribbon

  1. Place cup hook at the top of the window sill
  2. Determine how long you want your wreath to hang then double the ribbon length so you can loop it through the wreath
  3. If you want to add a knot or bow at the top measure for a little more ribbon for the extra length

The cup hooks are nice to use because you can loop the ribbon through and create a lose knot or a bow at the top of the window. Tying the ribbon correctly ensures the wreaths hang straight.


You can use any ribbon you like; this year I went with VELVET. I used navy blue and green velvet in our house this season in several rooms and even put blue velvet ribbon on my Christmas tree in the living room.

wood tray with green velvet ribbon and wood bead garland

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cup hook in hand
lady standing on chair in dining room hanging wreath from window
How to Hang Christmas Wreaths on Windows

How to Hang Christmas Wreaths Without Ribbon

If you want to hang wreaths without ribbon you can attach them to the window with Command Hooks or suction cups. For both of the windows below I went without ribbon for a cleaner look and used Command Hooks to attach the wreath to the interior window and glass cabinet.

view of kitchen with wreath hanging in window above sink
How to Hang Christmas Wreaths on Windows

Final Thoughts on How to Hang Christmas Wreaths on Windows

Add some festivity inside or out or both with some inexpensive wreaths and ribbon that will dress up your home for the Christmas season. I love wreaths but especially around Christmas time they add so much warmth and that festive feeling to your home. Using a decorative ribbon adds even more charm. So go ahead and add some wreaths to your windows for the holiday season!

dining room with wreaths hanging in window with table and cane chairs

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