How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

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The fall season emphasizes warmth and comfort and I love bringing that feeling inside our home. Anyone can create a cozy home for fall on a budget with these decor ideas.

Fall seems to be everyone’s favorite season according to Study Finds and it doesn’t actually take a study to figure that out. It’s rather obvious. Fall is a season of sweaters, cozy blankets, apple pie and pumpkin lattes. The whole season just evokes a feeling of coziness and lets face it…we are all creatures of comfort. While summertime is full of sun and fun the turning of the cooler weather brings a feeling of comfort and nostalgia that we all crave.

Bring that autumn bounty feeling indoors and create a cocoon of comfort inside without spending a lot of money. Easily create a cozy home for fall so you can share the warmth with your family and friends.

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How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

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Why are People So Obsessed With Fall?

Cooler temperatures and the events associated with traditions and family bring on a feeling of happiness. Everyone craves comfort and security and when fall comes on the calendar that means many activities and events that have a feeling of tradition and nostalgia are on their way. Halloween, Thanksgiving, football games and hay rides.

Certain foods are eaten in the fall like apple pie, potato soup, chili and pumpkin pie. Most of us relate fall to happy experiences with family and friends and these seasonal treats. So when the date on the calendar shifts we are more than eager for these feelings to come around again.

When the temperature outside is lower, people reach for experiences that make them feel closer to others.Bustle

WOOD FROnt door with dog and fall plants and welcome mat

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When Should You Decorate for Fall?

Since everyone is so eager for fall to arrive people are ready to get out the pumpkins and candles and put away everything summer and shift to fall overnight. When should you decorate for fall depends on you!

Technically you can decorate for fall whenever you want, but it’s best to wait until at least late August so your decorations are consistent with the season. When to decorate for fall is a personal preference, but I always find it odd to see fall wreaths and corn stalks at someone’s door too early when kids are still running through sprinklers. It just feels off.

You might want to wait until the first day of autumn or closer to October to decorate for fall. I personally like to begin to pull my fall decor from storage by the end of August to see what I have or what I might need.

Tip: Fall decor sells out quickly so I would begin to purchase autumn decor in late July through August.

Even if you wait several weeks to decorate, seasonal decor is produced in small quantities and once it’s gone…it’s gone. Shop early for autumn finds even if you keep things stored for a few weeks.

Fall decor is best placed out late August through mid-September.

white fireplace with fall decor

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Change Your Color Scheme’

This one is kind of a no-brainer. Fall colors are different than summer; just look outside. Anyone knows you don’t want pastels during the fall season. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and paint your walls and change your curtains, but you want to change up items that aren’t fixed decor items. Kitchen towels, throw pillows, blankets, foliage and even some art work if you want to go that far.

How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

Fall decor embodies rich, warm colors, but keep it on trend by avoiding colors that are too bright such as oranges and yellows. Pull your colors from nature and vintage autumn art. This fall season we are seeing soft and neutral for fall. Keep those browns, yellows, oranges soft and warm.

How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

Hang a Wreath to Create a Welcoming Fall Entryway

The inside is important but the front door sets the tone for what will be found beyond the threshold. You don’t need to break the bank here and add dozens of pumpkins and layers of Chrysanthemums. Just adding a touch of simple fall decor will create a cozy welcoming curb appeal.

You want your family and guests to have that feeling of coziness the moment they step onto your front porch. Add a lovely welcome mat, fall foliage, a basket or autumn style planters and don’t forget the wreath. Keep it simple and inviting.

Tip: No matter the season I always decorate my front door first and work my way in. Setting the tone outside allows you to keep consistency with the rest of the fall decor on the inside.

How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

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Switch Up Throw Pillows to Create a Cozy Home for Fall

One of the easiest ways to decorate for fall is to change your throw pillows. Switching up your throw pillows will instantly create a cozy home for fall. Trade soft colors and light fabrics for darker warmer colors and heavier textures and patterns. Incorporate wool, velvet or knit. Certain fabrics have a way of instantly making your home feel cozy for the fall season. Blend fabrics and textures to create a curated feel with your pillow vignettes. Don’t just stop with your sofa; add autumn pillows to your bedrooms too.

How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall
How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

Source: Studio McGee for Target

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Create a Cozy House for Fall by Changing Artwork

Changing your artwork doesn’t mean taking down every piece of art in your home and replacing them with autumn landscapes. It’s easy to change some small frames with fall views. Prop fall inspired art on your fireplace or on a console table or dresser.

You can find fall prints to download on Etsy and print yourself or you can download Vintage Prints that that I have curated just for you! You will need to print these and Staples or FedEx offer wonderful printing services for pick-up or delivery. Vista Print is another on-line option for printing some fall artwork for your home.

How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall
How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

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Layer in Throw Blankets to Create a Cozy House for Fall

Everyone loves to curl up in a blanket on the couch when it’s chilly outside. Now is the season to add more blankets to your living spaces. Use warm fall fabrics and autumn shades. Layer them on your couch or drape them from baskets so it’s easy for family and guests to grab them and get cozy.

Source: Studio McGee for Target

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Add Candles for Scent and Ambience

The flickering warmth and scent of a candle instantly adds a feeling of home and comfort. Candlelight produces a lovely ambiance that cannot be replicated. Adding candles in your rooms creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere and makes a room feel warm and welcoming.

But let’s take it a step further; let’s add fragrance. Sure, you can burn a candle that is fragrance-free, but adding scent evokes more emotions. A room can be transformed just with scent alone. Fragrance has such a powerful way over us since it is the strongest off all our senses. Scent and emotions are intertwined.

Smell and memory seem to be so closely linked because of the brain’s anatomy, said Harvard’s Venkatesh Murthy Life Sciences Professor and chair of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology.

When I smell moth-balls (which no one uses anymore) instantly takes me back 30-years to my Nana’s house. I can see her house and trinkets and relive memories in my mind just by a brief passing smell. Smell evokes memories and feeling of comfort. Candles create a cozy environment.

How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

Incorporate Copper Elements

Copper…I love it! Copper is timeless and evokes warmth again and again. Copper was all the rage during my grandmother’s day and I’m happy it’s returned. I love finding it at thrift stores and now it’s easy to find in shops and online.

Decorating with copper is perfect for fall as it adds warmth and mixes perfectly with all the autumn shades. Add copper to an all white kitchen, use copper mugs or candlestick holders, copper trays or a copper tea kettle. Just use it somewhere even if it’s just a touch.

How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

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Place Pumpkins Inside and Out

We’ve all seen porches and dining room tables layered with dozens and dozens of pumpkins and gourds and while that is gorgeous it can be expensive. I love this look, but depending on where you live you could spend hundreds of dollars on pumpkins that will sit out for a couple months at best.

If you know me I like the less is more approach and adding a few pumpkins is fine, or even one or two. You can create the feeling of fall without breaking the bank.

How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

Create a Cozy Home for Fall and Bring the Outdoors In

I love natural elements….LOVE THEM! I have begun to use some more faux elements over the last year because it’s easier, but I love to bring nature inside. Go for a walk or hike and pull in items from the great out doors inside like acorns or pinecones. Even branches from your yard will work. Foliage is beginning to dry and some of it is lovely to trim and place inside your home. Keep it simple and you could gather some items to use inside that won’t cost you anything. Get creative and look for items to bring inside. Look at Michaels for dried stems and keep it simple.

How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall
How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

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How to Create a Cozy Home for Fall on a Budget

You can create a cozy home for fall without spending a lot of money or any money. Buying new pillows and fall decor accessories every year can be costly. Invest in some staples that you can use year after year. Sticking to neutral fall colors when you purchase blankets and pillows allows you to use them more frequently. Add a new candle and a couple fall throw pillows so you can embrace the coziness of fall. No need to break the bank and replace items every year.

Amazon has some great pillow and blanket options that aren’t overly costly and I’ve created some favorites that you can shop below.

How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

Bottom Line of Creating a Cozy House for Fall

Enjoy adding fall decor without trying to make everything perfect. Get creative with decor and find items in in your yard or on a hike. That’s the wonderful thing about fall; there are outdoor elements to use that don’t have to look or be perfect.

We can all get carried away on purchasing new items, but buying new pieces every year will get costly. Re-use what you have and maybe only pick up a few new things.

You can create a cozy home for fall with just a few simple touches and adding the warmth of love and family.


How to Create A Cozy Home For Fall

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