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With many of us now working from home it’s essential to set up a home office that is functional but it might as well be pretty too. Even women working from home need a feminine home office. Here are some great home office setup ideas to get your creativity blossoming!

When we moved in our Virginia home in 2013 the first floor had a designated home office but my husband claimed this space and I needed a space of my own. Our primary bedroom had a perfect space for me to set up a home office space just for myself to make our jewelry and handle administrative office tasks. I wanted something that was lovely, functional and feminine. A feminine home office design on budget was my mission.

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feminine home office with wood floors, built-in bookcase and white desk overlooking a window.

Is It Necessary to Have a Home Office?

Well, that can depend on if you need one or not. If you are working from home full-time or part-time it is necessary to have a home office where you can have privacy and be away from noise and distractions so you can work efficiently. Even if you do not work from home it is nice to have some type of office space when you need to pay bills, do taxes, manage basic home administrative tasks or finish up some work from your 9-5 job.

Whether your home office is designated space for running a business, a remote workspace or simply a nook for paying bills and answering emails; it’s nice to have a place you’ll feel comfortable in. I am a firm believer that you need a separate office. The kitchen table just doesn’t cut it!

lady sitting at desk hammering jewelry

Create a Home Office On a Budget

You don’t have to break the bank adding a home office and it’s not necessary to buy the most expensive desk, chair and bookcases to create a great office space. There are ways to create a functional space and still be able to afford to go on vacation. Which is a plus as far as I’m concerned.

World Market

  • Ikea Office Furniture – I love Ikea office furniture and use an Ikea Home office desk. You can create an entire space using their products or a mixture. Ikea is a great budget friendly option for creating an office space at home. The desks in my office are a combination of drawers and a desk top.
  • Used Furniture – look on Faceboook Marketplace for a desk or even a vintage one that you might want to refinish. Used bookcases or shelves can be painted and even made to look like built-ins. Check thrift stores or swap something with a friend.
  • Use What You Have – maybe you have an old dining room buffet that you aren’t using; that would be a great printer cabinet. A small table sitting in the garage; use it in the corner of your office with a desktop filing cabinet.

Home Office Location

The location for your home office is key; whether it be in your basement, upstairs spare bedroom or a separate space in a small building in your backyard. You want to create an environment that is conducive to work so your day-to-day tasks are successful.

The best place for a home office is a space where you can you can shut the door at the end of the day and leave your work behind. Your commute might only be a few steps but you want to “go home” at the end of the day. Our primary bedroom has a large sitting room with lovely windows and custom built-in bookcases so this space was the perfect spot! And I can close the door and get work done away from the major areas of the house.

Doorway leading a feminine home office with built-in bookcases, desk, chair overlooking a window.

Feminine Home Office Setup

After you have designated a home office location it’s time to get it ready for work setting up all up. You can have a beautiful home office without sacrificing function. Feminine office design is quite different to those of a masculine home office like I designed for my husband. An office for a lady usually has pastel colors, softer furniture and feminine accessories that are characteristic of woman, but a dark accent wall or dar green cabinets can also be very feminine. Decor and color touches are usually different. I suppose the items you need to set up an office are the same as a mans, but as we go through this office setup checklist be thinking feminine in your design approach.

Light wood chair sitting at home office desk with another white home office desk in the background

Natural Lighting

The best way to get natural light is to setup an office in a room with a window or better yet put your desk in front of a window. Exposure to natural light has a wide range of health benefits and increases productivity. Studies show that exposure to daylight while working gives you greater quality of sleep, mental and physical health.

You might not have a space for your home office that has a window or other access to natural light. The next best option is to use full-spectrum bulbs. These are a little more expensive but the light is crisp and bright. If your home office does not have a window or other access to natural lighting, consider investing in full-spectrum bulbs as they have the same balanced temperature of natural daylight.

Home office desk set in front of a window with a lamp, green plant and eye glasses sitting on desk

Paint the Walls a Color You Love

You need a color that gets your work motor humming. I love a soft calming neutral shade that keeps me focused and feels feminine too, but not overly “girly.” You may prefer a dark accent wall with an accent of color for decor touches or perhaps you like bright and cheery colors.

Find out more about how certain colors can affect your mood. My office is painted with Sherwin Williams Nebulous White and Benjamin Moore White Dove that compliment the rest of the house and keep my home office serene.

Bookcase in home office next to a desk overlooking a window with baskets on top shelf, lamp and green plant on desk

Home Office Desk

Since many office jobs are paperless and using digital files; you might just need a small desk with room enough for a computer, lamp and printer. This is not always the case as you might need more space to accommodate everything you need. You might need to consider a larger desk if your surface is too crowded or, if you have the space, establishing workstations.

I have two desks, one for office and administrative tasks and one as a workshop desk for my jewelry making. It is nice to keep these two areas separate instead of trying to divide one desk for both tasks like I did in the past. Everything became messy and crowded and it was difficult to be productive.

Light wood office desk chair sitting at white desk with another white desk in the background

Home Office Storage and Organization

The baskets and bins on my bookcase hold loose items such as printer paper, jewelry boxes, stickers, mailing envelopes and items that would rather be messy just sitting on a shelf. Many home offices aren’t bulging in square footage, so using space efficiently is imperative. I was lucky with this space as there were already built-in bookcases here when we moved in.

Since clutter can be bad for productivity; keeping it away and staying organized ensures your work space is ideal for success. Hang floating shelves to get papers and office equipment off the desk, and use vertical file folders on the desk to keep important papers within arm’s reach. If you don’t have bookshelves; wooden or metal cube storage is a fun alternative.

DIY fabric board hanging on wall in office with pictures and design pinned to the board.

A clutter-free zone increases productivity and according to a study in Forbes, people think that your work is likely to be messy and disorganized if your office space is that way. Want to be efficient? Take time to get organized during setup and clean your office space once a week.

Built-in bookcases in home office with decor and baskets.
Storage bin sitting on bookcase pulled out to show sheets of stickers inside bin.

Keep Electronics Stored Away

I have a strong disdain for visible cords and electronics of any kind. Keep your printer, cords, charging stations, etc. neatly away but easily accessible. I have a small printer for my jewelry shipping labels that is usually on my workshop desk and a standard size printer which I keep tucked in a bottom drawer of my desk. We don’t use it often and having it sitting on the desk was a nuisance.

Perhaps you need a printer or other electronics for your job on a daily basis. Keep them on a separate shelf or rolling cart if you can so they are not cluttering up your desk.

Home Office Decor

After all the functional aspects and organizational items have been established adding a little home office decor brightens up your space and ensures you enjoy the location where you work! A little decor goes a long way. Select feminine office decor that reflects your style and personality.

Built in bookcases with decor, baskets, pictures, books.

Feminine Home Office Desk Round-up

If you are looking for a desk here are some lovely options for your home office space. There are some lovely home office desks to chose from at a variety of price points and for all styles and designs.

collage of curated feminine office desks

Gray Desk | Modern Wood Desk | Washed Wood Desk | Wood Writing Desk | Wood Campaign Desk | Little Blue Desk | Gray Desk | White Desk

Feminine Home Office Chairs

You may want an ergonomic chair but I tend to opt for something comfortable and pretty as I am not usually sitting all day long. Here is a great round-up of some lovely office chairs that would mix and match with the desks shared above.

collage of curated feminine office chairs

Pink Chair | Green Chair | Black Cane Chair | Wood Cane Chair | Gray Chair | Blue Chair | White Plastic Chair | Acrylic Chair

Eye glasses sitting on top of a day planner sitting on an office desk next to a laptop

Home Office Essentials Checklist

Here is a re-cap of everything we discussed for setting up your home office as well as a printable home office checklist to help you set up your office with ease.

home office checklist

Final Thoughts on Feminine Home Office Design

Now that we have moved from our home to a new property in Tennessee I am working to establish a home office space. Thankfully my husband has his home office in a separate building on the property and has total privacy. My home office will be a little bit more in the open; however, with my kids at school and my husband out of the house my space is nice and quiet during working hours.

After having my own office space I am a strong believer that it is imperative to have a designated office space. It doesn’t have to be large or costly, but establishing your own work environment is ideal if you work from home at all. Use the checklist above as you set up your new home office.


home office jewelry studio desk with white desk, clear chair and vase of green branches

Feminine Home Office Design + Desk & Chair Ideas

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