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It’s the new year and I always like to use the month of January to get organized and be ready for the months ahead. Let’s look at storage containers and supplies to organize every space of your home that are the perfect blend of design and function.

Now that we have the entire property to ourselves, our son’s bedroom is built, we have full access to the barn, shop and office and things from the garage are starting to clear out; it’s the year to try and get our life organized. It’s been a long eighteen months, but it’s behind us and organization here I come!

Storage containers can be beautiful as much as they are functional and it’s great when you can integrate storage with style.

hall closet with vacuum and storage supplies

There are a lot of projects planned for this year, but also a lot of work to organize our home and prepare a fresh start for the new year.

Last year I took this simple, non-functional hall closet and turned it into a hard-working linen closet. Our DIY Wood Closet Shelves has turned out to be a great storage asset in our small home.

While our son’s room was being built, he used this space as his personal closet, but now that he is in his own space, this DIY Wood Closet Shelves is mine. It’s the first area of many that I am getting organized and I’m sharing my favorite storage containers and organization supplies. 

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Christmas Decor Storage

This year I invested in a few Christmas decor storage containers for ornaments and garland. For years I kept all the ornament boxes and returned each ornament to its original destination. This not only became time consuming, but the boxes eventually broke down and not to mention all the space the boxes took up inside another storage box.

This year those were tossed and replaced with Christmas ornament storage bins and I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.

For our garland, I found these wreath storage bags and just gently wrapped the garland inside. It’s perfect and also keeps the garland safe from dust and bugs. You can also use these for wreaths, but in our attic I have a wall of wreaths so it keeps them in good shape and I can simply grab a wreath from the wall instead of having to open bins hunting for one. I recommend this if you have the space.

My wreaths are just held up by screws in the attic posts, but you can opt for a prettier hook if you like and these hooks are sure to keep your wreath wall looking snazzy. Since mine are hanging in the attic, screws work just fine.

Bins and Baskets

Blending style and organization can go hand in hand. You don’t have to toss out style to be organized. If you have to purchase storage bins anyway you might as well use ones that offer design as well as functionality. This is a great way to hide items such as batteries, vacuum bags, cleaning cloths, blankets and extra toiletries while still keeping with your overall home decor.

I love tall bins that can hold toilet paper and paper towels; they look good and it’s easy access. When we had a run on toilet paper in 2020 I tend to keep quite a bit extra on hand. These tall soft bins are great for keeping paper products handy…just in case, right?

Cube Storage Bins

I love cube storage bins and cube storage shelves because they make everything tidy and uniformed.

cube storage bin
white rope storage bin

Rope Storage Bin

I have these in our hall closet and they are perfect for keeping extra toiletries, OTC medicines, band-aides, etc.

Blue Striped Towels

These blue striped Turkish towels are my favorite and they add just a bit of color and pattern too!

Laundry Storage

No one likes to see dirty laundry, but you can keep that dirty laundry tucked away behind a basket until ready to wash. I have a large rectangle wicker basket on top of our washer that houses dirties until ready to wash.

Here are some great laundry storage ideas. Click on any image to shop.

Kitchen Storage

We are currently in the middle of a kitchen remodel. A complete tear down of our kitchen and our entire kitchen is empty, but I am already forward thinking of kitchen organization and storage.

In our previous kitchen I had it just the way I wanted it, with a place for everything and everything in its place and this upcoming kitchen will be no exception. One of my favorites was how to Easily Organize Your Spice Drawer. What a game changer.

There are some other really great kitchen organization tools here too to keep you nice and tidy and I can’t wait to get our new kitchen organized.

white kitchen with drawer full of spices in clear jars

General Organization & Storage

There are so many tools, baskets and bins to help you with all of your organization needs there is no way to mention every single product; however, I do hope this is a help on your journey to be coming more organized.

label maker

Label Maker

This label maker works with your phone to create organization labels for all your bins so you never have to hunt for what’s inside of them again.

Cleaning Caddy

Keep all your cleaning supplies and tools in one easy to grab bin making it easy to move from one room to the next with all your cleaning supplies in hand.

storage caddy

Final Thoughts on Storage Containers and Supplies

Hope that some of these storage containers and supplies will help you in your organizing efforts. For me, organization is always a work in progress.

Getting our home organized is going to take some time especially since we had and still have several projects on the horizon such as a kitchen remodel, half-bath remodel and working on our daughter’s room, but we will get there.

“There is nothing more calming than an organized home.”
— Unknown

I would have to agree! Some people can work and function in unorganized spaced, but I cannot. Clutter and lack of organization creates stress for me.

Try to make January and maybe even February the months you decide to de-clutter and organize. I have a feeling it’s going to take us a few months to get everything where it needs to be be. Organizing is a constant practice.

Read all about our DIY Wood Closet Shelves and how easy they are to add to any closet making the space more useable.

Storage Containers and Supplies

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