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The soothing hue of Sherwin Williams Stardew (SW 9138) is stellar and I can’t believe why this blue hue is not used more. With so many blue hues out there it’s hard to select just the right shade. Once I discovered it I knew it was the perfect shade of blue-gray that I was look for to repaint our bedroom dresser.

SW Stardew is a muted blue paint color that is formed by adding grays to true blues. Hence, a lovely tint of blue! Due to its muted and subtle blue-gray undertones, this color feels more like a pastel tone. In case I haven’t told you…I LOVE this color and it was the best choice for our dresser but read along to see if this shade of blue would work for you.

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sherwin williams stardew painted dresser

Sherwin Williams Stardew Explained

SW Stardew is a blue paint color and Sherwin Williams describe it as a cool color. However, Stardew is more of a muted blue paint color instead of a stark blue that you might think when you hear the term “blue.” By adding grays to blues it makes this color more of a muted blue and not stark at all.

This is not a light color but it’s not dark either. I would say it’s a good medium paint color that appears darker with less light and a bit lighter with more.

SW Stardew is considered a cool, crisp blue, but I think it can feel a little warm based on what you pair it with. It is cool in tone but it doesn’t feel cold if that makes sense.

SW stardew paint

Sherwin Williams Stardew Statistics

If you have read my other painting posts on BM White Dove or SW Passive, you know I always break down the technicalities of a paint color. I find this helpful. Not something I thought of in my early days of painting but understanding the technical aspect of a color helps with knowing if a shade will work for you.

The LRV of SW Stardew is 43 and the greater the LRV the lighter the paint. Stardew is quite medium to lighter in tone and can definitely be used as a base or a neutral.

The RGB and the HEX Values are Red = 166, Green = 178, Blue = 181 with HEX Value = #a6b2b5.

SW Stardew (SW 9138)

SW Stardew Undertones

SW Stardew has Blue-gray undertones can be found all throughout this color, but the undertones are not stark at all. They say it has the smallest bit of a green undertone to it but my eyes aren’t seeing any green on the dresser in the bedroom. However, it could show green depending on what decor you pair it with and what room you paint it in.

This paint color is cool but not like a purple cool if you know what I mean. Some blue paint tones can have a purplish hint to them but not with Stardew.

sherwin williams stardew blue dresser in bedroom with art and vase of greenery

How Light Affect Sherwin Williams Stardew

As you can see from the swatch and then the difference of the color on the dresser, light plays a major role in this paint color whether the lighting is natural or artificial. You can see from all the different images, throughout this post, that light does affect the overall hue of this lovely blue.

If you have ample incoming natural light, as we do in our bedroom, this color looks amazing on the dresser I painted. With no light, it is the perfect medium blue and with artificial lighting it pulls slightly gray.

Painting a north-facing room with Stardew will make the space feel cool and crisp but you could incorporate warmer or cooler yellow saturation light!

Where to Use Sherwin Williams Stardew in Your Home

You can use Stardew wherever you want a touch of calming blue hued paint or if you are looking to add a dose of color to an otherwise colorless space. Our bedroom was mostly white and neutrals and I wanted a touch of blue to add some variety and Stardew was the perfect shade.


Use this color on your walls or on your furniture for a nice calming pop of color. Stardew is calming and soothing and just the right shade for a bedroom to evoke rest and relaxation. I love this on our dresser and adds a nice soft hue for our bedroom.

sherwin williams stardew painted dresser in bedroom


Stardew looks great on kitchen cabinets and has a way of brightening and opening up the space while adding just the right amount of color. Paired with white walls and quartz of marble countertops Stardew shines in the kitchen for sure.


Stardew looks great on furniture too as well as kitchen cabinets. The dresser in our bedroom turned out so nicely and you can read all about the Best Paint Roller for Cabinets and Furniture to learn how to paint furniture with this color or any color that suits you!

sw stardew painted blue dresser in bedroom with chair and mirror


This shade of blue would be gorgeous in a bathroom as you see here. Stardew pairs lovely with white/light oak furnishings and gives depth to an otherwise flat space. The walls in this bathroom with the vanity look high-end and amazing.

SW Stardew vs. Sherwin Williams Jubilee (SW6248)

A close cousin of SW Stardew is SW Jubilee which is a deep blue paint color with gray undertones. It equally feels soothing and stunning while still adding that cool blue color vibe to your home.

With an LRV of 45 it is only slightly darker than Stardew. SW Julibee is on the medium end of the scale of blue-gray paint colors and feels neither too dark nor too light. When holding the paint swatch side-by-side Jubilee is more gray than Stardew but it is still a lovely color and one to consider if you are hunting for a good blue-gray shade.

SW Stardew paint swatch

SW Stardew vs. Sherwin Williams Niebla Azul (SW 9137)

The LRV of SW Niebla Azul is 53 so it is quite a bit lighter than Stardew and has a much more airy feel to it I would say. I lovely sophisticated blue with green undertones. This color works amazingly well with either white or stained wood trim.

SW Stardew paint swatch

SW Stardew vs. Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray (HC-165)

Boothbay Gray is a very popular color and looks different in different lights and settings. It can look green, blue or gray depending on where it is used. BM Boothbay Gray was my top choice for my dresser painting project but was a little too light and felt green in our space.

The LRV is 43.26 so it’s about the same darkness of Stardew, but in no way the same color or undertones. BM Boothbay Gray has blue and green undertones, but when painted with warmer tones the undertones fade back and the color looks very gray. Boothbay Gray is considered a cool-toned gray paint color.

SW Stardew paint swatch

Coordinating Colors for SW Stardew

So many colors and shades coordinate well with SW Stardew such as a deep navy, a mauve or touches of black such as Black Onyx work nicely with this color as well as an earthy green. In our bedroom we have BM White Dove on our walls and it pairs nicely with the color of the dresser. The blue-gray tone of Stardew makes other colors come to life.

SW stardew paint swatches

Test Sherwin Williams Stardew Paint

Always test paint before you purchase and commit to using. I had my mind set on Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray but after testing it I soon realized it was not the shade I was going for. As lovely as a paint color can be on the swatch or in a picture on Pinterest or Instagram; it does not translate the same from screen to reality.

Stardew looks great on my dresser in my room and the lighting conditions, but you may love this color and then test it and realize it won’t work like you thought it might. Use Samplize to test paint swatches before

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sherwin Williams Stardew warm or cool?

Stardew is a cool, crisp blue that feels bright and refreshing. If you are looking for a medium blue paint color, this is a good choice.

What undertones does Sherwin Williams Stardew have?

Sherwin Williams Stardew is a calming, muted gray hue with blue and green undertones

Is Sherwin Williams Stardew blue or gray?

Sherwin Williams Stardew is a muted blue paint color that is formed by adding grays to true blues. It brings a sense of calm and stability while not being too trendy.

Final Thoughts on Sherwin Williams Stardew

Following my last point about testing paint colors; I would not have found Stardew if I hadn’t tested other colors which eventually led me to the shade I chose. Stardew is a soft, subtle yet cool blue that you will not be disappointing in using or even trying. In 2020 it was the Sherwin Williams color of the year but we haven’t heard much about it since. I can’t imagine why as it is truly a fabulous color and one to be considered if you are looking for a subtle blue hue!

Sherwin Williams stardew painted dresser


blue dresser with picture frame moulding, chair and vase of greenery on top of dresser with artwork

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  1. Your bedroom is beautiful! Where did you find the blue canvas art work on the dresser? It is lovely.

  2. Hello! They actually came on the dresser. They were dark bronze and I spray painted them.

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