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Create cutting board wall decor that is unique and practical. Learn how to design a wood cutting board gallery wall with these tips!

I have a collection of wooden cutting boards that I’ve curated over the years. Some have been gifts and some are from countries we have visited. Instead of keeping them put away and out of reach; I thought it would be a great idea to display them and create cutting board wall decor. Not only does a cutting board wall gallery make for a unique statement wall but cutting boards add texture and are practical too!

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Cutting Board Wall Decor on wall off of kitchen

We have a much smaller home than our previous house and I’ve had to learn to utilize our space more. Decor becomes practical and I’m just fine with that. I love how this cutting board wall adds so much to this otherwise boring hallway.

Hanging cutting boards on the wall is a great way to not only create kitchen wall decor, but it also keeps your wood cutting boards and wood serving boards in one easy to reach spot.

Cutting Board Wall Decor is Practical

Cutting boards and wood serving boards can only be practical if you hang them so you can easily remove them from the wall when you want to use them! I love to serve all types of food on our cutting boards from cheese, dessert, sliced fresh baked bread, cookies, veggies, charcuterie, really anything! These wood serving boards make great gift ideas too! These wood cutting board galleries look great on display, but this is a working display. Decor that is practical too…yes! I LOVE it!

Instead of these cutting boards hiding out in a pantry or cabinet; get them out, put them in the spotlight and create wood cutting board wall decor. Grab one when you need to use it and hang it right back up. We use these boards all the time and maybe not all at once but we do use them on a consistent basis.

Cutting Board Wall Decor as a cutting board gallery wall off kitchen

Where to Display Cutting Board Wall Decor

We have a wall in the hallway off our kitchen that needed decor. This hallway leads to the pantry, laundry room and garage. We are constantly down this hallway either to come and go or to enter to the pantry.

Since the pantry is really an extension of our kitchen; this wall was the perfect place for a cutting board wall display. We are literally grabbing cutting boards from this wall all the time. I really love how close and useful this decor really has become.

One day I plan to remove all the wire shelving in the pantry, add cabinets and countertop and remove the door. Then the kitchen and the pantry will really feel more like one space with a small walkway in between. I love how this cutting board gallery wall connects the two spaces. Find a place in your kitchen or another wall close that is close create your cutting board display.

white and wood kitchen with stainless steel range, copper tea pot, marble countertops and gallery wall in hallway

Curate Your Cutting Board Wall Decor

You can create a cutting board wall display that is just cutting boards or you can add in other decor. My wood cutting board gallery wall started out with just cutting boards, but then I added a few pieces of vintage art that I found at thrift stores. These add a little more to the space, but truthfully the cutting boards can be a display all on their own.

 Cutting Board Wall Decor on wall off of kitchen

Rug | Stool | Frames

Cutting Board Wall Decor Design

Before you start drilling screws and anchors into your wall; determine how you want your gallery wall to look. Visualize it and lay out your boards on the floor to get a feel for how you want to hang them. Because of their different sizes, heights and wood tones; you will want to think through the overall look you are going for. Don’t overthink it though!

cutting board wall display

How to Hang Wood Cutting Boards

Hanging cutting boards is pretty easy and can be done in a variety of ways. I really wanted to hang my decorative cutting boards with small solid brass hooks. I couldn’t really find what I was looking for at a reasonable price so I opted for some low profile brass screws instead.

If you are creating a wood cutting board gallery wall; it’s going to be hard to place every screw into a stud as gallery walls usually utilize most of the wall space and there aren’t studs everywhere. If you are just hanging a few cutting boards and can anchor them to a stud you will not need the wall anchors with the screws.

Supplies and Tools:

Where to Find Wood Cutting Boards and Some Favorites

I love anything unique and pieces that not everyone has. Look at thrift stores for decorative cutting boards or vintage cutting boards. Antique cutting board from France or from a local thrift store is a wonderful find. Mix old and new cutting boards to create your cutting board gallery wall.

We have wood cutting boards from Ecuador, Belize and Honduras from some of our travels. Some cutting boards have been gifts and are also very special. Mix and match new and old to create curated cutting board wall decor.

wood serving board collage
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Cutting Board Wall Decor on wall off of kitchen
Wood cutting board wall gallery


cutting board wall display on hallway wall off of white and wood kitchen

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Frequently Asked Questions

What wood is best for a cutting board?

Maple, cherry, and beech are all good options for wooden cutting boards because they are dense with closed grains. The harder the wood, the less prone to warping and splitting.

Is a wooden cutting board more sanitary than plastic?

Wood boards are more hygienic than plastic. Studies have found that wood can absorb and kill bacteria in as little as 3 – 10 minutes after contamination.

What wood should not be used for cutting boards?

Wood that are too hard like mahogany, teak, or rosewood are not acceptable choices for cutting boards and soft wood such as pine or cedar. These woods tend to splinter easily, and they’re too porous so they harbor bacteria more easily.

What is the best cutting board to prevent bacteria?

Bamboo cutting boards are harder and less porous than hardwoods. Bamboo absorbs very little moisture and resists scarring from knives, so they are more resistant to bacteria than other woods.

Display your wood cutting board decor in one central location so it’s easy to access and use. By creating a wood cutting board gallery wall you can keep all your boards reachable and pretty at the same time.

white and wood kitchen with marble countertops and white and wood cabinets

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