Benjamin Moore Black Onyx (2133-10)

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Benjamin Moore Black Onyx is a dark black with little to no undertones. If you are looking for a good black paint color that won’t look blue, green or anything in between this is it!

When we moved to Tennessee we had a daunting task ahead of us…repainting the exterior of our wooden board and batten barn and shop. While I love the board and batten exterior I was not a huge fan of the exterior colors – chocolate brown with a red roof. It just didn’t feel like us and our style. I knew I wanted to paint it, but what color?

The color selection was something I wanted to get just right as I didn’t want to have to re-do this project because I chose the wrong color. I looked at painting it white, gray, a blue-gray, an earth tone green and finally black. Well, the black barn color selection won and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

However, the task was just beginning! I knew I wanted a black barn with a gray metal roof, but there are like a ZILLION BLACK COLORS out there…what color to chose?

wood barn painted with black onxy

What Color is BM Black Onyx?

BM Black Onyx is dramatic. I realize that doesn’t necessarily describe the color and undertones, but it has a flair for the dramatic side. Black Onyx is a dark black with little or no undertones. If you are looking for a good black paint color that won’t look blue, green or anything in between this is it! BM Black Onyx makes a great backdrop in a room, on your homes exterior or a barn for that matter. It essentially is a true black paint color. It is a warm black paint color.

BM Black onyx paint swatch

Like its namesake, this deep black is both luxurious and grounded.

– Benjamin Moore
barn painted with black onyx surrounded by trees

What is the LRV of BM Black Onyx?

The LRV (Light Reflectance Value) for Black Onyx is 4.99 so it’s pretty dark. Black is 0 on the LVR scale so this isn’t quite as dark as a true black but it’s a dark color none the less. LRV ranges from 0-100 with 100 being pure white. By looking at a paints LVR you can really get a good understanding of how dark or light a paint color is.

front of black barn with gray metal roof

Test Paint Colors

The best way to determine what colors you are considering is to test them and test them I did. I think in the end I tested seven different black shades, but that was only after researching what seemed like every black color on the market. We finally chose Benjamin Moore Black Onyx and we LOVE IT!

I did share some of the black paint colors we researched and tested and will break them down in comparison to BM Black Onyx for you here.

black paint test samples

Black Onyx for Interiors

Can you paint an interior wall or room black? Sure you can! And it looks amazing. When we purchased our first home back in, that was a long time ago, I painted our powder room black and I LOVED it! I have no idea of the exact paint color, but it was stunning to say the least.

BM Black Onyx is amazing in a room that has a lot of windows or even in a room without any windows but that has a ton of lighting. Black Onyx looks best with either natural or artificial light as Black Onyx craves light and looks amazing when given what it needs. Onyx would also look great on kitchen or office cabinets or on the interior of a front door.

Black Onyx on Furniture

Onyx looks great on furniture too. I used BM Black Onyx on my antique buffet I found on FB Marketplace. Onyx looks amazing on kitchen cabinets or office built-ins. Using either BM Advance Paint for furniture or SW Emerald paint will give you an ideal finish on your furniture or cabinets.

living room with black painted buffe

Black Onyx for Exteriors

Dark exteriors are very popular right now and on trend. They are gorgeous and even though they are on trend now black barns have been around a long time. I love to pull from timeless designs of the past while designing for the current. Trends come and go but certain historical designs are timeless. Dark paint colors, such as Onyx, look great without trim as we have on our barn and hope. It also looks fabulous with lots of foliage as contrast. Consider warmer whites or light gray paint colors for an accent color if necessary. We love the light gray metal roof on our barn as it looks fabulous with the black board and batten.

front of black barn with gray metal roof

Trim Color for Black Onyx

If you are going to use a trim color here are some trim options that pair nicely.Simply White (OC 117), BM London Fog (BM 1541), BM White Dove (OC-17), or for a creamier look.

BM Black Onyx Complimentary Colors

Complimentary colors to Benjamin Moore Black Onyx are lovely grays, soft tans, earthy greens and even a gray blue charcoal hue and many others. Coordinating colors to Onyx make this black hue pop and come to life when thoughtfully paired with other colors

black onyx complimentary colors

front of black barn with gray metal roof

Similar Colors to Benjamin Moore Black Onyx

I have shared other Benjamin Moore paint colors that were similar to Onyx’s LRV of 4.99. Some of these shades will be darker, lighter and have some undertones in comparison to Onyx.

color comparison chart

Benjamin Moore Black Panther (6.51)

BM Black Panther (2125-10) is a black that provides beautiful contrast to crisp whites and reads as a true black and not blue in bright spaces. For a color named black it is certainly a deep hue however not nearly as rich as many of the other truer blacks.

black panther paint swatch

Benjamin Moore Jet Black (LVR 4.71)

BM Jet Black (2120-10) has an LRV of 4.71 so it is a darker black than Onyx.

BM jet black swatch

Benjamin Moore Soot (LVR 4.11)

This one is often recommended because it is a perfect grey black. It’s more of a warm charcoal instead of a straight black. Soot is a rich black color with cool blue undertones. It makes a statement all on its own, yet pairs perfectly with white as a pop. BM Soot (2129-20) is a cooler black.

Benjamin Moore Black Paint Swatch Soot

Benjamin Moore Black Beauty (LVR 3.26)

After testing eight colors I did not get around to testing Black Beauty. It is very similar to Onyx but not as dark since it has a higher LVR. This is a lovely shade of black and a great go to black color.

black beauty swatch

Benjamin Moore Mopboard Black (LVR 4.27)

Mopboard Black CW 680 is one of the most stunning black colors that Benjamin Moore has to offer. It is refined, sophisticated, and the model for elegance. The shade was found by researchers on mopboards (baseboards) in the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg and is considered one of Benjamin Moore’s historical colors.

black panther paint swatch

Similar Sherwin Williams Equivalent to Black Onyx

The closest Sherwin-Williams color match is Tricorn Black (SW 6258). Let’s compare BM Black Onyx vs. SW Tricorn Black and see how they stack up. The LRV of SW Tricorn Black is a 3 so it is a darker black than Onyx. Tricorn Black is also cooler than Onyx. This color is pure, refined, and unblended and is the closest match to Onyx.

SW tricorn black swatch

Final Thoughts on Black Onyx

With so many wonderful black paint colors to chose from you can’t go wrong with Black Onyx. However, testing before you paint is crucial. There were so many shades of black I just knew was going to be the right black hue for our barn and it ended up not being right at all for our needs and setting. Although every color we tried was a gorgeous color it wasn’t quite what we were looking for. Black Onyx gave us the exact shade of black we were looking for with no undertones and a black color that wasn’t too black. We love it!

Benjamin Moore Black Onyx (2133-10)

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