How to Create a Welcoming Entryway


An entryway is such an important part of your home; it’s where your guests come and go and it’s the first and last place they see when visiting. It’s nice to make a good first impression so guests feel comfortable and invited into your home. An entryway is like curb appeal for the inside of your home; therefor it’s important to make this space welcoming.

We have a two story entryway so the space is tall; therefore, I want to keep guests focused eye level so it feels welcoming and cozy. The goal is to include a few of these key pieces while keeping it simple, but still making it inviting and interesting. There are essential items every entryway needs so don’t forget to focus on entrance design for your home with these front entry ideas.

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Entryway with cane bench, pillows, next to a staircase with green plant in pot on floor next to bench

How to Create a Welcoming Entryway

You might be asking yourself, “What do I put in an entryway?”

Your entryway might be grande, or have a small entrance or a foyer somewhere in between the two. Creating a beautiful and functional entrance is not difficult. Whether you’ve got a mudroom, a foyer, or your door opens right into the front staircase, it’s nice to add your personal touch to this space just like any other room of your home. We call it entryway style. Adding a wreath to your door is a great way to set the tone for your entryway.

In our previous home our entryway was grande and tall; a space rather on its own. In our current home, the entryway is more simple and really a part of the dining room and living room. Even with a small entryway; it’s nice to add a little touch to this space and make it feel like its own room even though it is very much connected to the rest of the house.

Wood front door with glass panes and green and floral wreath on door

Add Entryway Furniture

Depending on your entryway layout and its size, it’s nice to add some furniture. This can be a variety of different things that suit your needs and fit your space.

I added a vintage cane bench that I found on FB Marketplace as it creates a cozy environment. In our current home, I added a vintage dresser that provides drawers for extra storage. Start with your largest piece of furniture; whether that is a bench, dresser or table. Anchor your space with your furniture first and then add decor.

light wood dresser in hallway with arched mirror, vase of greenery and white lamp

Entryway Furniture Ideas:

  • Entryway Bench – A bench is a great idea to add to an entryway. A bench allows a place to sit and also adds visual interest for pillows and throws; a bench not only looks good, but it is functional and makes sense for this spot.
  • Console Table – Another great piece to add to an entryway would be an accent table. An accent table will allow a focal point to decorate around and place other decor and lamps. It will also be a place to utilize as storage with the use of baskets.
  • Dresser – A dresser is nice because it adds additional storage. Since our current home is much smaller, and I have less furniture, a dresser in the foyer allows me additional storage while still functioning as entryway furniture.
Entryway with cane bench, pillows, next to a staircase with green plant in pot on floor next to bench

Entryway Lighting

One of the most important areas of your home to consider when choosing a light fixture is your foyer as it usually one of the first areas someone will notice when they come into your home. A light in your foyer can also be seen from the outside of your home, if you have a large two story window or an open glass front door, where guests can see into the entry before stepping inside.

Choosing the right entry light is important, as lighting overall is one of the most necessary decor elements when in comes to defining the overall look of your home’s interior design. It is something you want to ensure you get right. I removed the foyer light in our new home after we moved in and selecting a new one is on my to-do list as I speak. Knowing your overall design style will help you when it comes to selecting the right light fixture.

You may not have an overhead light in your foyer and that’s ok; add a lamp if you can to an accent table; just ensure there is adequate lighting for your guests and to set the tone of your home.

light wood dresser with arched mirror, artwork, lamp and vase of greenery

Entryway Rug

An entryway rug can help to define a space which sets the tone for your entire house and acts as the focal point of any foyer. After furniture and lighting has been added; a rug is normally my next go to decor element for a foyer. Rugs are not only are functional for wiping feet but they create such a homey feel that an entryway needs.

Good and durable entryway rug materials are wool, sisal, bamboo slat, seagrass, hemp, and polypropylene. Keep an eye out for hand knotted or flat woven constructions in low pile heights as those can handle the most wear and tear. Consider your doorway and how high your rug pile is; you want your door to open over your smoothly and effortlessly. You can see the space with and without a rug and you can tell right away that a rug is ideal for adding texture, color and definition for a space.

light wood dresser with arched mirror, artwork, lamp and vase of greenery

Incorporate Entrway Decor

Having furniture is great and proper lighting is fantastic, but we want to make the space feel welcoming and personal to our home. Add touches of decor to your foyer that makes it feel like home. Oftentimes a rug, mirror, baskets and artwork are just a few ideas for decor to warm up your home’s entrance.

Entryway Mirror

I love having a mirror in the entryway because they help to brighten a space up by reflecting light. Even if you are short on windows in your entryway – try adding a mirror to help bounce the light around the space. A mirror is also great for checking your hair or makeup on your way out the door.

Entryway Decor

Entryway decor ideas can be artwork, pillows and throw blankets on a bench, a basket for extra storage. A stack of books and a lamp on a table or dresser go a long way to style and entrance. I love having a console table or dresser in my foyer as it is a great place for adding seasonal touches too. Change out your decor based on the season and watch your space come to life!

cane bench, pillows, next to a staircase with art above bench on wall

Add Greenery

I truly believe some type of plant, tree or greenery should be in every room of your home. Greenery and florals adds life to a space and makes it feel lived in and welcoming. A space can feel very flat without it. Greenery brings life and a cohesiveness to a space. The greenery can be real or faux and it’s easy to change out for the seasons. I try and use a variety of real plants and faux ones to complete the overall look.

Incorporate plants into your home will lift your mood and your design. Below you can see the same space without greenery and to me, it feels a little unfinished. It needs something else to make it feel complete.

entryway of home with wood stair and white dove paint on walls
green plant in pot next to staircase in entryway

Final Thoughts on Creating a Welcoming Entryway

I would say the most important factor on styling an entrance way is to keep it clean and clutter free. This can be difficult if your main entrance is also where you hang your coat or store your shoes, but incorporate a nice coat rack and a shoe cubby to keep things neat and tidy.

Think of yourself as a guest coming into your home for the first time and how you would want to feel when you arrive. It doesn’t take a lot to make your foyer ready to receive guests; just a little extra thought and attention to detail and following the tips mentioned above will put you well on your way to creating a grand entrance for your guests.

light wood dresser with arched mirror, artwork, lamp and vase of greenery

How to Create a Welcoming Entryway

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