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I love a good spring wreath. There is something about taking off the winter wreath and replacing it with something fresh and light. Here are fifteen great spring door wreath ideas to get you ready for the upcoming season. All you have to do is pick one and hang it on your door.

My favorite time of year is spring. There is something about spring that means life is coming and warm weather, sunshine and birds chirping is what we have to look forward to. I struggle with winter and even though I grew up in New England, I have not been able to handle the cold since I went to college and graduate school in Florida.

Spring is my season and summer is the next best thing. I could live in perpetual spring and summer seasons all year long and skip fall and winter all together!

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wood and glass pane door with green floral wreath

Why Add a Wreath to Your Door?

When I was in college I used to make Christmas wreaths from left over pine branches from Lowes. I would make these for free basically and sell them for around $15. Right after Thanksgiving all our Christmas wreaths would go up on our dorm hallway doors and then the girls would take them home with them.

I can’t imagine a door, even in a dorm, without a wreath hanging on it. When guests come to your home oftentimes the first thing they see is your door and your exterior entryway. I feel like the wreath is a reflection of what my guests will find inside. It’s a little way of saying, “welcome” to my home, I am happy to have you here!

Wreaths are not just for Christmastime either. We often think of a Christmas wreath, but every season your door needs a wreath…or at least that’s what I think.

Wood front door with glass panes and green and floral wreath on door

Spring Wreath Tips

  • If you change your wreath seasonally then you will want to consider the cost of the wreath and how much you plan to spend.
  • Ensure your wreath is the correct size for your door. Something too small will be overlooked.
  • A 24″ wreath is the standard wreath size, but you can go larger depending on how far your door is from the road and how much wow factor you are looking for.
  • If your door is dark, select a lighter wreath for contrast so that it will pop off your front door.
  • Select a wreath that shares your homes style and decor.
  • If you are selecting a fresh wreath you might want to consider if your doorway is covered. A covered fresh wreath will last the longest.
  • Ensure you mist a fresh wreath daily so it dries pretty.
green wreath on white door

Source: Green Leaf Wreath

Neutral Spring Wreath

You may prefer something more neutral. I tend to be that way and stick with green and white wreaths instead of a lot of color and that’s ok. I like to add my color in other ways to my overall decor. A neutral spring wreath can take you all the way into the summer and cover a couple seasons.

wreath collage

Daisy Wreath

Who doesn’t love daisies? This wreath is 23″ and would be great in the spring and summertime.

daisy wreath
green wreath

Green And White Faux Berry Wreath

Just a few touches of berries, branches and stems for this lovely wreath.

Faux Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath

You can never go wrong with a eucalyptus wreath that can surpass many different seasons.

green wreath

Colorful Spring Wreath

Spring means pops of color like yellows, pinks and lavenders and adding these colors to your front door wreath signals that you are ready for spring. If you like a touch of color these wreaths are the perfect addition to your front door.

wreath collage

Fresh Olive and Heather Wreath

Handcrafted wreath with pink blooms of fresh heather and soft greens of fresh olive leaves. Sculptural dried strawflowers are scattered throughout the arrangement, creating an artful finishing touch.

pink spring wreath
yellow wreath

Black Eyed Susan Wreath

A bright colored yellow 24″ wreath sure to give your door the pop of color it needs.

Pink Tulip Wreath

Add some color to your spring door with this lovely pink spring tulip wreath.

pink tulip wreath
yellow flower wreath

Wildflower Wreath

A nice blend of white and yellow flowers makes this wreath almost neutral but adds a nice touch of color for your front door.

Forsythia Wreath

The perfect spring wreath and it’s 22″ in diameter.

forsythia wreath
spring floral wreath

Spring Floral Wreath

Pinks, yellow, whites and greenery; this wreath has it all.

Lavender Wreath

I’m a bit of a sucker for lavender and this wreath brings all the wonderful color to your door.


Year Round Wreath

Boxwood, Eucalyptus and other greenery makes a good year round wreath. You can change the ribbon for the season or leave as is. If you want a wreath you don’t have to change every season then one of these will be ideal for your front door. Spring, summer, fall and winter/Christmastime these wreaths will be great for any season if you want to skip the fuss of always changing your wreath.

green wreath

Faux Boxwood Wreaths

This 30″ boxwood wreath is sure to add a statement to your entryway door.

Faux Eucalyptus Wreath

Faux Eucalyptus Wreath

A great year round wreath that is 24″ in diameter.

Add Ribbon to Your Wreath

One of the easiest ways to add a little touch to your wreath is by adding a little bit of ribbon. Some wreaths hold their own and look best without ribbon, but oftentimes a basic, green wreath looks very nice with a touch of ribbon. You can leave a boxwood wreath up year round and change the look by changing the ribbon appropriate for the season.

How to Hang a Wreath

You can hang a wreath with a door hanger or even with ribbon. I find a door hanger works best when changing wreaths for the seasons.

Spring Wreath Round Up

Whatever wreath you chose it will make a difference and your door will thank you. Have you begun to transition your home for spring yet? With so many projects going on at our home and an addition getting ready to go on I haven’t done a lot for spring but change my wreath. What spring decor have you been adding?

Wood front door with glass panes and green and floral wreath on door

Spring Door Wreath

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