Large Outdoor Planters Under $100


Finding nice, large outdoor planters for under $100 can be hard to come by but I’ve got a round up of some great outdoor spring planters ready for you to chose from.

One of our first decor additions to our front porch this spring were these faux concrete pot planters, but it took some time to find exactly what I was looking for and at the right price. In the recent weeks I’ve been on the hunt for some outdoor planters for our front door that are the right size, look great and won’t break the bank. I’ve got a wonderful line up of outdoor planters for you.

Whether you need planters for your front door, around your pool or on your patio; one of these planters or planter sets are sure to be exactly what you need!

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two concrete planters next to front door with boxwood and flowers

Where to Purchase Large Outdoor Planters

As you begin to look around for planters, you’ll notice there are just as many planter varieties as there are plant species. With the variety of materials such as plastic, resin, metal, concrete and wood it can be hard to select just the right planter for your outdoor living space. From cheap planters to high-end planters these stores will have just what you are looking for.

Online Stores:

collage of large outdoor planters

Faux Concrete Planters

I love the look of outdoor concrete planters but the cost can be significant. Concrete just has a look of elegance to me, but you can have the look of concrete without the cost. You can make your own faux concrete planter, a project I would like to try one day, or you can purchase great looking faux concrete planters

One of our first decor additions to our front porch were these faux concrete pot planters. I love sprucing up my front door and getting it ready for guests.

two concrete planters next to front door with boxwood and flowers

Terracotta Planters

Terracotta planters for your front door or patio are lovely and offer a feeling of Tuscany, but real large terracotta pots can also be costly. However, you can achieve that Tuscan look and feel with these nice terracotta resin planters

Black Plastic Outdoor Planters

Black planters are also elegant and stylish and you can never go wrong with a basic black planter to make the foliage and flowers really pop. The nice thing about black planters is that even plastic ones look high end when filled with lovely blooms. Never under estimate the striking beauty of a black planter at your front door or on your patio.

Black outdoor planter with boxwood and white pansies

Outdoor Planter Sets

Since grouping in odd numbers such as three is a good way to design, sometimes purchasing planter sets keeps things simple. Having everything matchy-matchy isn’t usually my way, but when it comes to planters at my front door I like them to match each other while making the plants inside the planters different. Here you can see I used different plants in each pot altogether. I have flowers, a Boxwood and a Nandina resulting in different heights, textures and colors. Keep your planters alike as you group them and bring the variety in with the plants.

front glass door with wreath and three outdoor planters with flowers

Adding Outdoor Planters to Your Patio

While we are getting ready to add an outdoor patio to the back of our house I wait with anticipation to add some lovely planters filled with flowers and greenery, but until that day I just have some planters at my front patio.

Adding planters filled with lovely blooms boosts curb appeal and allows you to enjoy seasonal flowers right out your door or on your backdoor patio.

front glass door with wreath and three planters with flowers

Large Outdoor Planters for Under $100

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