Brass Christmas Bells

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Brass Christmas bells are one of my favorite decor items during the Christmas season. Brass bells are timeless, classic and are easy to incorporate into your holiday decor.

A few years ago, decorating with brass bells became really popular. Since then, they have only grown in popularity! I’m all about decorating with bells for Christmas! What began as one set of brass bells has grown to a small collection. I love how the design element and brass and gold textures elevates any holiday decor. 

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two bells on kitchen counter
log cabin stone fireplace with brass bells hanging down from mantle

Christmas bells are traditional for holiday decor and if you want to pull off that traditional feel and add a vintage and rustic touch to the space, they are a nice solution! Brass Christmas bells can be a versatile and timeless addition to your festive décor.

Brass Christmas Bells

Christmas bells are a staple in this popular neutral Christmas decor trend, but they can be used with almost any theme. Even if you do not have a lot of other Christmas decor, or you like simple decor, just placing a few brass bells around your home can add a nice festive nostalgic feel. A little goes a long way when decorating with Christmas bells.

These brass bells can do a lot for your holiday and seasonal decorating. I love that these bells can go past the Christmas season and stay out during the winter months too.

I’m gathering all the prettiest options into this simple guide to inspire you!

grouping of bells on table with blue ribbon

Brass Christmas Bell Designs

Pretty brass bells are one of those items that can be incorporated in so many places throughout your home. There are many different styles, shapes and finishes such as round, cone shape, or cow bells. Often bells are tied together with rustic rope for hanging, but feel free to incorporate velvet and satin ribbons to elevate their look.

For the holidays, you’ll often find gold Christmas bells that are not made of brass. Even though I call them “brass” bells they are technically not made of brass but of iron. This ensures these bells are less expensive to produce and easier for everyone to enjoy. The iron bells are painted with lovely shades of gold, brass or even come in silver and black and some have designs.

I love incorporating a few different shapes and sizes into our holiday decorating.

brass bells hanging with stockings from fireplace with green pine garland

Where to Use Them

Use these Christmas brass bells everywhere, in every shape, size and finish. From bells draped on our wreaths and Christmas stockings, to hanging from our barn fireplace mantle or just sitting out on the coffee table. The sky is really the limit!

  • Group onto accent tables
  • Place on bedroom dresser
  • Add to Christmas wreaths
  • Hang with your Christmas stockings
  • Coffee table decor
  • Add to your fireplace mantle
  • Kitchen countertop decor
  • Single bell grouped with other decor
log cabin stone fireplace with brass bells hanging down from mantle

Tips for Brass Christmas Bells

Order these bells early as they sell out quickly or can take a while to ship if stock is low. My favorite place to purchase these bells is on Amazon as the price point is good and they ship quickly.

These come in a variety of price points so it is easy to incorporate these bells into your Christmas decor without blowing your Christmas decorating budget.


Here are a few beautiful options for Christmas bells. The good news is most of them are budget-friendly and easy to add to your collection or begin one.

brass Christmas bells

A set of three bells for $25. I just purchased two sets of these for our fireplace mantle.

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silver christmas bells

If silver is more your style. A set of three silver bells for $22.

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log cabin stone fireplace with brass bells hanging down from mantle
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! While I love the look of these brass and gold bells for the season, these can also be used into the winter months after the tree has come down.

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