Plaid Throw Pillows

Nothing says Christmas like plaid! In my opinion. These plaid throw pillows are so perfect for the holiday and winter season.

I wanted our barndominium to feel rustic and cozy for the holidays. I have a thing for plaid and especially during the Christmas and winter seasons. Tossing in a variety of plaid and mixing patterns just shouts Christmas to me. I was so excited when I found these lovely plaid pillows from Amazon and the price point was great too!

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patio swing bed on log cabin patio with plaid pillows

Plaid Throw Pillows

If you want to incorporate some plaid home decor into your holiday decorating; plaid throw pillows are a super easy way to add a touch of nostalgia! One simple way to immediately change up your decor? Just change your throw pillow covers.

patio swing baed on log cabin patio with plaid pillows

Plaid for Christmas

Plaid has been around a long time and it wasn’t a print set aside for Christmas, but it has been known as more of a holiday pattern. Christmas plaid throw pillows just evoke a sense of coziness. Feel free to mix and match different plaid patterns or stick to a specific color scheme that complements your existing decor. Plaid is a classic and cozy pattern that is often associated with the holiday season.

plaid throw pillows
patio swing bed on log cabin patio with plaid pillows

Amazon Plaid Throw Pillows

You can get plaid pillows in a variety of places, but these plaid pillows are at a great price point. I wanted to purchase several different colors and sizes without over spending. These inexpensive plaid throw pillow covers really are so nice!

I love that these come in a variety of colors and sizes including a plaid lumbar pillow. The fabric is a thin flannel with a hidden zipper.

plaid throw pillows

Shop Plaid Throw Pillows

Where to Find Plaid Throw Pillows

Here are some other great plaid options that you might like. These come in different fabrics such as linen or wool and are not your typical plaid. They are a nice spin on traditional plaid patterns.

stack of plaid pillows

Plaid Pillow Covers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use plaid just for Christmas?

You can use plaid any time of year really, but I like certain plaids for the holiday season.

patio swing baed on log cabin patio with plaid pillows

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