Thanksgiving Table Setting with Urban Stems

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Let’s get our Thanksgiving Table Setting with gorgeous centerpieces from Urban Stems.

Once your Thanksgiving dinner menu is figured out; it’s time to focus on setting the table. After family and friends have been assigned their dish to bring; you can now plan your Thanksgiving tablescape. For me, setting the Thanksgiving table is one of the the most important decisions of the day. While people look forward to the Thanksgiving meal, and a chance to eat familiar favorites, the tablescape is a great chance to make the day extra festive.

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Dining room table with Thanksgiving table setting

Why Set a Thanksgiving Table?

Creating a Thanksgiving tablescape just sets the tone for the entire day and the meal. While you can use paper plates and napkins; it’s not a lot more effort to add plates, stemware and flatware. Even if it all doesn’t match; go ahead and use real dishes. It makes a difference.

My favorite part of creating the table is the response that my friends and family have to the tablescape. I love a festive setting to my favorite meal of the year!

table setting in dining room with thanksgiving table setting

Simple Thanksgiving Table Decor

Whether you’re hosting a large crowd or it’s an intimate family gathering, make it easy on yourself this year! I worked with Urban Stems to set a lovely Thanksgiving table setting. They create and deliver gorgeous centerpieces perfect and ready for your table settings.

One of my best tips for creating a simple and elegant Thanksgiving table setting? Shop your own home! You likely have enough plates, stemware and decor to create a lovely table with minimal effort.

Use trays, platters, plates and candles that you already have. Shop thrift stores or yard sales for unique items that will make your Thanksgiving table setting special.

Dining room table with Thanksgiving table setting

Thanksgiving Table Setting Centerpieces

When planning your Thanksgiving Table centerpiece; consider how tall and wide they would be. If you plan to add all the food to the table so you can enjoy the meal family style; ensure you do not overload the center of your table with too much.

Centerpieces should never exceed twelve inches in height so not to obstruct view and conversation.

Try this – put your elbow on the table with hands up, and bend your hand at the wrist. The centerpiece should not surpass that height.

table setting in dining room with thanksgiving table setting

Floral Centerpieces from Urban Stems

I love these two centerpieces from Urban Stems because they literally come ready to go right to your table. They come neatly delivered with the florals in the box as well as the vase and some flower food.

Just give the stems a trim at an angle, add water and the flower food to the vase you voila! You have the perfect centerpiece for your holiday table setting. Just add your plates, napkins, stemware and glassware and you are ready to host in no time. Urban Stems has a host of different centerpieces as well as loose stems to create your own floral arrangements. They are delivered to your door next day (in some cities).

dining room with thanksgiving table setting

Setting the Thanksgiving Table

Entertaining can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. If you are hosting a lot of people and most of the food rests on your shoulders. To make this day less stressful; I like to plan and decorate my Thanksgiving dinner table the day before, or even a few days before Thanksgiving Day.  

This allows me time to relax and enjoy myself before the big day!

table setting in dining room with thanksgiving table setting

Table Setting Place Cards

For several years, I ran my own wedding business in the Washington, D.C. area. One thing I found, people like to be told what to do when they are out of their normal environment.

I would plan weddings for my clients that would be as high as $225K and everywhere in between. In all of the weddings I have planned; there have been senators, judges, lawyers, doctors and military generals all on the guest lists. Even as high ranking and independent as we think these individuals are, when it came on where they were supposed to sit – they liked being told what to do.

If you are having more than just your spouse and kids for dinner; guest place cards are super helpful so your guests know where you want them to be. It’s comforting for them and you not to be figuring that out as everyone is sitting down to eat.

place cards at table setting at dining table
name cards at place setting

Name Place Cards


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thanksgiving table setting in dining room
thanksgiving table setting in dining room
dining room with thanksgiving table setting
dining room with thanksgiving table setting
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Frequently Asked Questions

To make the day less stressful, plan to set your Thanksgiving table the day before or two days before.

dining room with thanksgiving table setting

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