How to Organize Christmas Decor

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Looking for ways to organize your Christmas Decor this year? Here are a few tips to purge, store and organize everything until the next season.

I must admit, I normally take down all my decor before the New Year so when January 1 rolls around the house is free of Christmas decor, the home is organized and ready to move forward. When I take everything down I always organize our Christmas decor for the next season and a new start for the following year.

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Organization Essentials

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Sort and Purge Christmas Decor

Before all the decor is packed up for storage I go through all my Christmas decor bins and decide what I want to keep, give to a friend or donate to Goodwill. I also purge when the decor comes down from storage too because maybe my style has changed. If I haven’t used something in a few seasons it’s time for it to go.

Organize by Category

I have five bins in storage for Christmas decor; one is for ornaments and garlands, window wreaths, nativity sets and a couple bins for the rest of my decor and ribbons, etc.

christmas wreath laying in red storage box.

Invest in Christmas Storage

We purchased two metal racks for our basement and store all our excess items, including Christmas decor, in plastic tubs that we organize on the racks.

You can find plastic storage tubs in many stores. I have gray bins for everything, but all the Christmas decor is stored in red/green bins. We have 3 shelves for the bins and our Christmas trees in their storage bags. Once everything is packed up it only takes a short time to put it all away.

collage of storage products for Christmas decor

Determine Your Storage Location

We store all our decor in our unfinished room in the basement in bins on a metal storage rack we purchased a couple years ago. This rack has been a perfect fit and holds everything. We store everything there and I’ve tried to keep everything neat and organized with labeled bins. If you have a dedicated space for Christmas decor it makes putting everything away quick and easy. You may have a space in your garage or attic but find a space to keep things tidy.

Hope all that helps with all your organizing this season!

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How to Organize Christmas Decor

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