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Pinch pleat curtains look luxurious and high end. I am sharing all the details about different types of pinch pleat curtains, fabric and where to purchase them.

Curtains and drapes have always felt a little daunting to me. Incorporating window treatments is not quite my specialty, but these pinch pleat drapes make outfitting your windows a breeze and I LOVE them!

This guide will simplify outfitting your windows with curtains every step of the way from customization to fabric.

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tan pinch pleat curtains in dining room

In our dining room we added board and batten, gorgeous wallpaper, a new rug and a brass tone chandelier; however, it just did not feel quite finished. 

The space felt like it was missing something…but what? We knew we wanted this room to have a more formal look and was not sure what else we needed to complete it.

Enter: the pinch pleat drape!  I’m breaking down all the details on pinch pleat curtains, where to purchase, how to customize and all their features.

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dining room with pinch pleat curtains

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Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains have a highly decorative heading by drawing together lots of fabric into a tightly gathered and stitched bunch at the top of the curtain panel. Designer, high-end window treatments are full but the fabric is bound together with pinch pleats. This create a luxurious, full look for your windows.

Pinch Pleat drapes require extra fabric and are labor intensive which significantly increases the cost of the drapes. Now there are many options available to still incorporate this high-end designer look at a fraction of the cost.

Pinch pleat curtains and draperies are commonly used in traditional and formal decor. The most commonly used pinch pleats styles have two or three pleats.

sitting room with pinch pleat drapes

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Types of Pinch Pleat Curtains

There are a few different type of pinch pleats that you should be aware of so you can make an educated purchasing decision.

Double Pinch Pleats

We have double pinch pleat curtains in our dining room, living room and sitting room off the kitchen.

Double pinch pleated drapery has a double fold across the top of the panel. These two folds create a deep V-shape, as they are sewn into the fabric.

Triple Pinch Pleats

A triple pinch pleat panel will feature three folds at the top of the panel. These folds are placed at specific intervals, sewn into the top edge of each panel. They are tacked along the bottom of each panel to create a pretty fan shape. These are lovely and also more costly than the double pinch pleats.

Goblet Pleats

Goblet pleats are similar in look to pinch pleat curtains but stiff material is rolled into the opening of each pleat. The top of the pleat is padded and resembles the shape of a goblet glass.

Inverted Box Pleat

Inverted box pleat drapes are not functional to use day to day – pulling them closed. This style of pleat is more tailored. The inverted box pleat is created from the back instead of the front giving it a flat surface.

tan pinch pleat curtains in dining room

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Where to Purchase Pinch Pleat Curtains

There are many places to purchase pinch pleat drapes, but today I’m sharing where to purchase custom, designer drapes without the designer price point.

I have worked with two companies for my pinch pleat drapes and I have been very happy with both of them. Their price point is similar and range of styles and fabrics.

  • Two PagesAmazon Storefront as well as an online store. They offer a larger variety of header styles as well as a memory shape option.
  • CurtarraOnline store and has a little presence on Amazon. They offer large variety of fabrics and styles, but not as many header styles. They do not appear to offer a memory shape option.

There may be other budget friendly options, but these are the two I have worked with for the drapes in our home and have been very pleased. I prefer to purchase them directly from their storefront instead of through Amazon but you can do either. I find it easier to customize them on their online store.

tan pinch pleat curtains in dining room

Pinch Pleat Curtains Cost

Pinch pleat drapes in general are costly due to the amount of fabric required to make them and the labor involved as well. They are usually custom made to fit your window which also increases the cost. However, there are now some alternatives to those high dollar price tags.

Just a warning, if you’re looking for inexpensive $30 curtains, these aren’t them. However, these drapes are perfect for you if you want custom, high-quality drapes without the custom price tag. Just understand; these are not budget drapes.

The price for each panel is calculated based on fabric, header style, lined/unlined, memory shaping, width, length. The cost for the panels in my dining room were around $1,000 for 4 panels. They are not “cheap” curtains; however, going elsewhere would cost triple or even more for such a designer look.

pinch pleat curtains in living sitting area

Customizing Pinch Pleat Curtains

Each company has many fabric options to choose from such as linen, velvet, satin, cotton and sheer. There are also a wide variety of colors so you can match your design and decor seamlessly!

You can also add a blackout liner to your drapes. The liner can add some weight, making the drapes heavier and you will need to mount your curtain rod into studs to hold the weight.

Each company has their own measurement tool on their website making it very easy to calculate just what you need.

Customizing your curtains:

  1. Select your curtain style
  2. Select fabric color
  3. Chose your header style – double pinch pleat, triple pinch pleat, goblet, etc.
  4. Determine your panel width and length
  5. Select type of lining or no lining
  6. Tiebacks or none
  7. Memory Shaping option (Two Pages only)

How to Select Fabric

Each company has a wide range of fabrics and colors to choose from. I highly suggest ordering swatches or a fabric swatch book. Everything looks different on a computer than it does in real life in your own. Treat it like a paint sample. Likely you wouldn’t paint a room without looking at samples first.

  • Two Pages – fabric swatch books are available for each of their line of curtains or you can enjoy up to 5 swatches with a $4.99 shipping fee. I have the Liz curtain fabric collection swatch book.
  • Curtarra – Enjoy up to 10 swatches from any of their line for free; shipping included.
curtain fabric swatch book

Living Room Curtains with Two Pages

The living room was the first room where I added pinch pleat curtains. I purchased the curtains through Two Pages via Amazon before they had their website. The sitting room off the kitchen also has the same curtains with the same measurements.

  • Liz Custom Curtain
  • Color: 1908-1 (Beige White)
  • Header Type: Double Pleat
  • Single Panel Finished Width (Inch) : 85
  • Single Finished Length (Height) Inch : 100
  • Lining Type: Unlined
  • Tieback: No

Dining Room Curtains with Curtara

I just recently added the curtains to the dining room with Curtarra and I was pleased with their product and service as well.

  • Lesley Custom Curtain
  • Color: Morn Gray
  • Header Type: Double Pleat
  • Single Panel Finished Width (Inch) : 25
  • Single Finished Length (Height) Inch : 100
  • Lining Type: Unlined
  • Tieback: No
tan pinch pleat curtains hanging on brass curtain rod


  • You want curtains to either be 1/2′ above the floor, kiss the floor or puddle. That will help you determine how long your panels need to be before ordering.
  • Order fabric swatches before making a final decision on fabric and color.


Not only do these drapes come in a variety of colors, fabrics, custom lengths and widths, but each company provides plastic drapery hooks that you insert into the back of the pleats.

All you need to purchase is the rod and rod rings. When you purchase pinch pleated drapes elsewhere, you usually have to find your own metal hooks to complete the look. The company makes it so easy for you to hang them.

Amazon Storefront

Follow my Amazon Storefront to find more looks for less and all our finds!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Pinch pleats are one of the most popular pleats curtain styles because they are so versatile. They are appropriate for a comfortably casual space, or they work well with traditional and elegant interiors. Pinch pleats never go out of style and are a great option.

Both Two Pages and Curtarra have excellent products and amazing customer service. I have been happy with both companies and their drapes. You can’t go wrong with either.

The standard curtain width is always 2 or 2.5 times the width of the window. Use the calculator on the brands website to determine exact width and length.

sitting room with pinch pleat curtains

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