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Benjamin Moore Great Barrington Green is a deep mossy green paint color with a warm finish. Use this color on walls, cabinets or furniture.

Green paint colors are having their moment. They can be neutral and organic or bold and vivid. I tend to like a more calming, neutral green that adds a sense of peacefulness and sophistication. Green paint colors are all the rage and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon.

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barndominium bedroom with green spindle beds with plaid wool blanket

Have you noticed that green color paint has been on trend for a while now? The color is everywhere. So whether you want to paint walls, furniture or cabinets a green; consider this green paint color as an option.

Great Barrington Green is one of Benjamin Moore’s historical colors and is timeless. With so many green paint colors to choose from; this color should be one on your list to consider.

Great Barrington Green Explained

If you are looking to bring the outdoors in; then a sage green paint color can act as a great focal point. Sage green is a fresh color that can even act as a neutral in many instances.

Great Barrington Green is a warm green paint color and will have a hint of yellow, like grass, but not be too yellow. It’s a fun green without being too bright, too dark or too olive. It has enough green tones to be colorful while still being neutral.

If you’re looking for a deeper shade of sage green, give Benjamin Moore’s Great Barrington Green a try. It is a deeper to mid-tone shade of mossy green but has enough neutral tone that it reads more like a deep shade of sage.

This deep mossy green was the right neutral for the upstairs barn beds. This sage green tied the spaces together beautifully and paired well with the warmth of the wood walls and floors. There was enough cool and warmth in the green to balance out the orange pine walls.

great Barrington green paint swatch card graphic

What Category is Great Barrington Green?

This sage green paint color is in the warm green paint category, due to its yellow undertones. Some greens can be cool, but Great Barrington Green is a warm green paint color. It is not overly bright or overbearing.

I would consider this a sage green paint color. It is a sophisticated shade whose depth and warm golden undertones make it a great choice for both traditional and modern interiors. The slightly muted hue pairs beautifully with wood tones and white trims a like.

In certain lighting it can feel cool, but overall, it is a warm paint color. Paint colors will always read differently based on lighting and decor.

NOTE: If you look at the bed up against the wall, the paint reads more warm and I would say truer to tone. The front part of the bed is direct light from the window. It is also pulling some blue tones from the blue wool blanket from the opposing bed that is under the window.

barndominium bedroom with green spindle beds with plaid wool blanket

BM Great Barrington Green Statistics

Great Barrington Green is part of Benjamin Moore’s historic collection and is one of their darker green colors.

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of this sage green paint color is approximately 21.39 putting it on the mid-tone to darker side for a nice rich sage color. 

Understanding the LRV of a paint is important when selecting a color. LRV is a measurement of how much light a paint color reflects or absorbs. The scale ranges from 0 (absorbs all light, appearing completely black) to 100 (reflects all light, appearing pure white).

With an LRV of around 21, Great Barrington Green absorbs more light than it reflects. As a result, it can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in a room.

The hexadecimal color code #798064 is a shade of yellow-green. In the RGB color model #798064 is comprised of 47.45% red, 50.2% green and 39.22% blue.

barndominium bedroom with spindle beds with plaid wool blanket

Undertones of Great Barrington Green

Great Barrington Green has slightly yellow undertones which helps to tone down the green from being too bright.

Green is one of the most beautiful and comforting colors that attracts harmonious feelings and helps us stay calm and refreshed. Beige greens and pale yellow-greens, such as Great Barrington Green, are the most stress-reducing shades in the green family.

Green that has a yellow undertone is a warm green and is on the more subtle end of the warm range. It just has a small amount of yellow undertone.

barndominium bedroom with spindle beds with plaid wool blanket

How to Choose the Best Green Paint Color?

As with EVERY paint color, it’s never just as simple as choosing a color that you like. When picking the best green pant color for your space, it’s about tuning into your surroundings to see which type of green will work in that space. While you will find every shade of green, there are generally two types of green to choose from:

I sampled several different green paint colors before selecting Great Barrington Green. With the pine wood walls in our barn; it was tricky to find the right hue. The orange tone walls and minimal lighting can make the paint selection more time consuming.

Warm Greens and Cool Greens

barndominium bedroom with spindle beds with plaid wool blanket

BM Great Barrington Green Complementary Colors

I love mixing colors and patterns. Now that we are past the all white and gray design phase in our homes; it’s time to add color back into the mix and I’m happy about that.

These paint colors are great to pair with BM Great Barrington Green either as another accent paint color or with decor such as bedding, drapes, pillows and artwork.

Sage paint color pairs beautifully with creamy off-white tones. Ivory tones seem to work best with sage green. Off-white, as opposed to stark whites, create less contrast with sage, and makes it more soothing.

These colors complement nicely. Sherwin Williams Clary Sage and deep blues like BM Hale Navy. Sage green also works well with warmer beige and greige tones like Sherwin Williams Accessible BeigeBM Revere Pewter and BM Edgecomb Gray.

BM New London Burgundy and BM Wisp of Mauve add a different depth of color and can be great for accents.

BM Great Barrington Green Complementary Colors
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barndominium bedroom with green spindle beds with plaid wool blanket


Frequently Asked Questions

What color works best with sage green?

Sage green is a muted, medium-toned green, meaning it’s pretty versatile. I love it with a few particular color combinations, and I think it works best as the colorful element in a neutral color palette.

Are there warm green paint colors?

Yes! There are warm sage green paint colors! Choose shades of sage that lean have more yellow or muddy brown undertones.

Where can you use sage green paint?

Anywhere! The best part about sage green is that it can act as a pop of color in a neutral room, or it can be a neutral backdrop in and of itself. 
Use it on the exterior of your home, on an accent wall, on furniture, on cabinetry and so much more!

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