Comfort Works Slipcovers for Ikea Farlov Sofa

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Easily update your sofa with a new cover from Comfort Works slipcovers. Refresh your sofa with their high quality fabric and color options.

We’ve had our Ikea Farlov sofas for years and they have been great for our family and dog. We purchased two Farlov sofas and an ottoman back in 2019 and they are going strong. The sofas are still very comfortable and great for our family, but the slipcovers were a little worn out. After two kids, two parents, a golden doodle and many washes; the covers were in need of a refresh.

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comfort works slipcovers on sofa in living room

Comfort Works Slipcovers

When you hear the word “slipcovers” you tend think of a lose, baggy, wrinkly cover that just lays over a sofa and never fits correctly. As soon as you sit down the covers are all out of sorts and have to be tucked back in.

Those days are no more. Enter a perfectly fitting slipcover that is made to exactly fit your sofa. Comfort Works makes durable slipcovers suitable for a family with kids and pets. These hand-handcrafted sofa covers will update your worn out sofa in just minutes. So…don’t buy another sofa; look into covers from Comfort Works first!

We purchased our Ikea Farlov sofas without the cover from Ikea. Yes, you can do that and it does save you money. We only purchased the sofa itself because I knew I would outfit it with a custom slipcover. We’ve been using Comfort Works for a few years now and have loved them.

comfort works slipcovers on sofa in living room

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Comfort Works Slipcovers Winter Fabric Collection

When Comfort Works reached out about trying their new winter fabric cover, I was on board. Comfort Works has a large variety of fabrics and blends to chose from such as pure linen, cotton, cotton-linen blend, velvet, polyester and polyester-cotton blends.

They launched their new winter collection of lovely velvets in five different shades five different shades:

  • Signature Velvet Midnight
  • Signature Velvet Eucalyptus
  • Signature Velvet Sunset
  • Signature Velvet Natural
  • Signature Velvet Cream

I chose their Signature Velvet Cream fabric for our new covers. Velvet will be so cozy for the winter months.

comfort works slipcover fabric samples
comfort works slipcovers in sofa in living room

Comfort Works Slipcovers Sofa Brands

We have two Ikea sofas, but Comfort Works makes covers for a wide variety of sofa brands other than just Ikea. They design covers for Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and many more sofa brands.

If you’re tired of your old sofa or your cover is in need of a refresh, Comfort Works is has beautiful options. They also make custom slipcovers for any sofa. Instead of replacing your sofa; try and replace the cover.

comfort works slipcovers on sofa in living room

Comfort Works Fabric Selection

Comfort Works has a host of different fabric options to chose from other than their Signature Velvet Collection.

There’s heavy-duty fabric in so many colors, pure linens, everyday tweed, claw-proof Velvet in the most vibrant color choices, mixed blends, linen blends, velvet blends, by-cast & synthetic leathers and pure cottons. I highly suggest ordering samples before making a final selection and placing an order. Compare the fabric samples to rugs, wood tones, existing furniture, and your home’s decor.

The velvet in the winter collection is soft and luxurious and feels very cozy during these cold months. In the spring I would love to select either 100% linen or a linen cotton blend and change out the velvet when the weather warms up again.

comfort works slipcovers on sofa in living room

Slipcover Fit

This is our second set of Comfort Works Slipcovers and we have not been disappointed.

As far as fit…these are not your grandmother’s slipcovers. They fit perfectly and your sofa will not even look slipcovered! Comfort Works covers are made to fit perfectly, no sagging or loose fabric. A completely tailored fit to your sofa, like it’s the original. I love the look and ease of care of a slipcovered sofa but with structure! 

I love it because I was able to easily take the old covers off and slide the new right on, only taking a few minutes.

comfort works slipcovers in sofa in living room

Comfort Works Quality

I can truly attest to the quality of their covers since we’ve been using them for a few years now. Our previous set of covers held up great and have been on the sofa since 2019. We sit on these sofas every day, including our dog!

The fit, stitching, seams and washability has been fantastic!

Our previous covers were 100% polyester and have worn and washed amazingly well. When outfitting two sofas, the price point, look and washability has been great!

arm of sofa with cream velvet arm

Opinion – Best Fabric Options

While Comfort Works does have an extensive fabric selection; I think it’s good to note a few things.

Disclosure: Our original covers are 100% polyester and as stated previously, they wore and washed great! No shrinking, no tearing, no lose seams; however, over a year ago the seat covers began to pill. We used a battery-powder fabric shaver for the pilling, problem solved. This worked for a time, but pilling on the seat covers continued and the covers needed a replacement.

Any fiber that doesn’t absorb water, such as polyester, tend to pill over time. This is not a Comfort Works fabric flaw, but something that is common with synthetic fabric.

Even though linen or linen-cotton covers are more costly; I would recommend them to anyone over polyester if your budget allows. Linen does not pill nearly like synthetic fabrics and it tends to look better over time than when it was first purchased. If linen is out of the budget, go with 100% cotton.

I say all of that because while it’s less costly to purchase the polyester covers initially; it might cost more because you will have to replace the polyester covers if they are used a lot.

Again, we use these sofas every day, with kids, parents and a dog. We have used the covers for a few years and they are washed several times a year. While they have held up great…I am dying to get my hands on 100% linen covers.

arm of sofa with cream velvet arm

Comfort Works Customer Service

The ordering process was so easy and the customer service was spot on. They answer any and all of my questions in a timely manner and shipping was faster than projected.

Ordering samples has been a breeze and received quickly.

arm of sofa with cream velvet arm
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Comfort Works Make a Custom Slipcover for any Sofa?

Yes, they will make a custom cover with exact measurements of your sofa.

Can I order samples?

Yes, you can order up to 8 samples from Comfort Works at no charge.

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