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Outfit your porch swing bed with a porch swing bed mattress, mattress cover and patio swing bed decor. You will be all set for outdoor living. Last year my son and I built two porch swing beds and love them. I’ve received a lot of questions regarding our porch swing bed mattress, mattress cover and patio swing bed decor and I’m here to help!

I love a porch swing bed on a porch; it’s so welcoming and quintessential to a front porch. Once the swing is built and hung, you need to add a mattress and all the other decor details and essentials or what you just built cannot be enjoyed.

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wood patio swing with green plants and pillows and blanket

Patio Swing Bed Building Plans

You can read all about How to Build a Patio Swing Bed and the plans we used to build this easy to build swing. My son and I built it in one total day. Half a day to gather the supplies and the other half to build it. It was a fun and easy project truthfully and I believe if you can follow a recipe, you can build this swing.

We used 1″ sisal rope to hang the swing and I love how the rope gives it a soft, coastal type vibe. You can also also hang your swing with chain; the choice is yours.

wood patio swing with green plants and pillows and blanket

Porch Swing Bed Size

You can build any size swing you like and one that will work in your space. Our front patio had enough space to build a twin size mattress swing bed and I love the size because of it’s versatility. About eight months out of the year we use our swing bed for either sitting and surfing on our phones, talking on the phone, reading a book and yes…the best part, taking a nap.

I find most people are building either a crib size mattress swing or a twin size; with twin size being the most common. You can go larger; you will just need to ensure it’s very supported when hanging it.

wood porch swing bed with green plants and pillows and blanket

Where to Buy a Patio Swing Mattress?

Now that the swing is built, where do you get the mattress? I used a 10″ mattress for both the swing we hung on the house patio and the barn enclosed patio!

Ok, since this is a patio swing, it’s outside, people are not sleeping on it every night; you do not need a top of the line mattress. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it. You can purchase inexpensive mattresses in all sort of places now-a-days! Shop your house or family and friends houses first; twin size mattresses seem to be a size people often get rid of it and they are barely used.

I purchased both our mattresses from FB Marketplace from an individual who sells re-purposed mattresses, I guess you would say. These are mattresses that have either been on showroom floors, or someone tested a mattress and didn’t like it. Not every state allows the sale of these types of mattresses. I paid $85 for a 10″ mattress for our barn swing and it’s great.

wood patio swing bed with fern in basket and pillows and blanket on swing
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  • Use a firmer mattress – think of this as patio furniture and not a bed.
  • Purchase a mattress under $200 – it is possible.
  • Ask family and friends if they are getting rid of a twin size mattress.
  • Shop on FB Marketplace (if applicable in your state) for a gently used mattress.
  • Use an 8″ or a 10″ mattress for height and support.

Mattress Protection and Cover

You will need to protect your mattress before putting it on your swing. Using a zippered waterproof mattress cover will help protect your mattress from moisture, bugs and dust. Of course nothing is full proof, but this mattress cover is great. I have had it on our house front porch swing mattress and have had no issues with the mattress.

If you look at patio swing mattress covers, made specifically for a mattress swing; they can be costly. Instead of purchasing one I just bought a twin mattress sheet set and used the fitted sheet. I purchased an ivory color instead of white because white will be so bright when it’s outside.

If you want to purchase an outdoor mattress cover set this is a great set and comes in many different colors. You get the seat cushion, back cushions and end bolster pillows and the covers for around $650.

You can also purchase just the cover for a mattress instead of their entire set. Here is just an outdoor zippered mattress cover for around $100.

porch swing bed on patio with fern, pillows and blanket

Porch Swing Bed Pillows and Decor

Instead of purchasing large back pillows; I just am using large throw pillows with covers. They are 24×24 for the back pillows and the throw pillows are 20×20 and some lumbars.

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Amazon Storefront

Follow my Amazon Storefront to find more looks for less and all our finds!

porch swing bed on patio with fern, pillows and blanket

Final Thoughts on Porch Swing Bed Decor

There are different directions you can take for outfitting your porch swing and having it ready for outdoor living. Buying the mattress, the protector and the sheet was the least expensive way to go instead of purchasing the outdoor cushions and covers, but you can go either direction.

Hope this helps answer questions on how to outfit your patio bed.

porch swing bed on patio with fern, pillows and blanket

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