DIY Floral Centerpiece with $10 Grocery Store Flowers

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Creating a table centerpiece is not complicated. Craft a DIY floral autumn centerpiece with $10 grocery store stems and foraged branches.

Flowers always make me feel better and in this crazy world creating floral arrangements helps take my mind off the chaos. Creating a DIY floral centerpiece is easy and enjoyable. I am not a florist nor pretend to be one, but after being in the wedding business I worked with a lot of florists and when I had free weekends I moonlighted working for florists on their weddings. I learned a thing or two for sure!

A beautiful DIY floral centerpiece does not have to cost a fortune or be overly complicated. YOU can do this – no formal floral training required! In fact, this centerpiece was created using grocery store florals and foraged branches from my yard. It’s easy to create your own centerpieces and it’s fun too.

Gone are the days of uptight florals – think the 90’s and tight bunches of red roses placed uniformly in a crystal cut vase with baby’s breath. No movement, no variety, no FUN! Instead picture lose draping blooms with lots of texture and flow. This is what you are going to create and then you can tell all your friends you made it!

DIY Floral Centerpiece with $10 Grocery Store Flowers

I love organic flowing blooms with movement and visual interest. This takes a little more time to create than just tossing roses into a vase, but it’s not that difficult and can actually be fun. Creating centerpieces relaxes me. Now, I wouldn’t want to be a wedding florist making 12-15 centerpieces under pressure for an upcoming wedding. That would not be relaxing, but creating centerpieces occasionally for our home helps reduce my stress for some reason.

Follow these tips and tricks to create your own grocery store floral centerpiece for as little as $10!

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DIY Floral Centerpiece with $10 Grocery Store Flowers

Purchase your Florals for Your Centerpiece

Before you can create your centerpiece you have to have something to create with. Whether this is with flowers or items you cut down by the side of the road (you know who you are) or a mixture of the two. You must have some florals.

Where is the best place to buy Do-it-yourself flower type flowers you might ask? Most local grocery stores carry flowers but my favorite would be Trader Joes or Costco for a quick local floral run. Farmers Markets are also another great option for seasonal blooms and should not be overlooked.

farmers market flowers in basket

There are several online floral shops and some won’t require a wholesale account but you will need to purchase a large quantity which might not work if you are just wanting to make a simple centerpiece. Blooms by The Box or Fifty Flowers. If you want to make a dried floral arrangement that is also an option and Afloral has gorgeous dried blooms perfect for any season! Afloral has a large selection of dried and faux florals that all look and feel amazing.

Create a Color Palette for your DIY Floral Centerpiece

Once you know where to purchase florals now it’s time to determine your color palette before heading to the store OR let the flowers dictate the palette as you shop. Keep in mind to select stems with a variety of shape and texture.

Create a Centerpiece with Grocery Store Flowers

When purchasing your florals don’t just buy all roses or all greenery; you need variety and should follow this guide for completing your arrangement. Think of picking up all of these elements before heading home to create a centerpiece with life and visual interest.

Floral arrangements consist of these elements:

  • Greenery/Filler – This will be your base and fill in your arrangement
  • Foundation Blooms – Foundation blooms for the arrangement
  • Statement Blooms – The stars of your arrangement; eye catching
  • Whimsy Blooms – Blooms that add some fun pops of color and movement

I wanted to use florals that were readily available at most grocery stores across the country since it’s likely most of us do not have access to a floral wholesaler or want to buy in large bulk anyway. This arrangement was crafted using literal grocery store blooms and items from my yard.

Don’t Forget to Forage for your DIY Floral Centerpiece

You may or may not like to forage. I LOVE to forage in my yard for extra seasonal stems for my floral arrangement mixing purchased stems and found ones. Foraging also helps reduce cost for your centerpiece and ensures your arrangement has a very organic seasonal feel. You do not have to forage, but if you like to it’s relaxing and adds a creative addition to your floral centerpiece.

When to Forage:

Go foraging early in the morning before it gets too warm. Flowers are most hydrated in the morning and won’t wilt as much when cut.

Where to Forage:

Try your yard. Many times my front greenery bushes need trimming. Instead of tossing those trimmings into the trash use them as your foundation greenery for your floral centerpiece.

Go on a hike and trim ivy or overgrown branches. Look for overgrown patches of flowers and non-poisonous ivy that might need pruning anyway.

NOTE: Careful not to take foliage from National Parks as this could result in a fine.

How to Forage:

Take along a basket or another container to transport your finds home. A bucket with some water is a great idea so as soon as you trim the flowers or branches you can stick them right into some water. You will need a really sharp blade or pair of floral scissors for trimming.

Make clean cuts with sharp blades so you don’t harm the plant. It is best to make the cut just after a growth point and ensures that you won’t damage the plant, and that the flower can bloom again in the future.

DIY Floral Centerpiece with $10 Grocery Store Flowers

Gather Your Tools for Your DIY Floral Centerpiece

You have your flowers but now you need your tools!

DIY Floral Centerpiece with $10 Grocery Store Flowers

Shop Floral Tools

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Shop Flower Frogs

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Etsy offers a wonderful selection of vintage and non-vintage Flower Frogs to chose from if you want to go that route. Glass, metal grid and metal spike type frogs all exist and you can determine if you like one over the other. You can use floral foam or the floral wire.

I prefer the wire or the frog because they can be re-used. Foam is great if you know how you want your arrangement to look; it’s harder to add stems and remove them multiple times if you want to play around with the stems a little bit. The foam will break down and the stems won’t be as secure the more you add and remove.

Select a Vessel for Your DIY Floral Centerpiece

Your vessel is just as important as the flowers you put in it. Your vase will set the tone/mood for your DIY floral arrangement so this is an important step. It’s like doing your hair, putting on makeup and a gorgeous dress and wearing plastic flip-flops on your feet. Make your vessel count and be the perfect base for your centerpiece.

I chose a white ceramic compote for my centerpiece that was wide enough to hold a low and wide medium-sized arrangement—perfect for the center of my table. Since my centerpiece was being used for a dinner party; I wanted conversation to flower over the florals and not be blocked thus a low wide arrangement.

Create a Centerpiece with Grocery Store Flowers

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Assemble Your DIY Floral Centerpiece

Now you’ve done all the prep work! You have gorgeous blooms, a vessel and all your tools ready and assembled. It’s time to get creating. Don’t let this part intimidate you if you haven’t created florals before; just have fun and understand there really isn’t a wrong way to do this.

DIY Floral Centerpiece with $10 Grocery Store Flowers

Begin with Greenery

Begin your arrangement by placing your longest greenery branches into the floral wire netting or floral frog. This allows you to quickly set the shape for your arrangement, which will serve as a foundation for the rest of your greenery stems.

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Add Foundation blooms

Foundation blooms are your baseline flowers for the arrangement; therefore, think of these as forming the supporting layer for the larger statement blooms, which come in later. In this arrangement I used some dried Hydrangeas and spray roses.

Shop Foundation Blooms

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Introduce Statement blooms

Statement blooms are the stars of your arrangement. They are the most eye-catching flowers that you’ll notice in your final product. Here I used some burgundy colored chrysanthemums.

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Finish with whimsy blooms

The final step is incorporating whimsy by adding some final color and movement to the arrangement, specifically around the edges.

Shop Whimsy Blooms

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That’s it! You can do this and create florals for yourself or others. Following these simple steps will have you on your road to creating floral magic in no time!

Create a Centerpiece with Grocery Store Flowers
DIY Floral Centerpiece with $10 Grocery Store Flowers

Enjoy your DIY Floral Centerpiece

Follow these steps and you can create some pretty amazing arrangements. Just have fun and remember you are not looking for perfection, in fact, the more organic and whimsy it is the better.

You can create a centerpiece for your own enjoyment or make and give to friends or a neighbor. This would make a great birthday present with a lovely card. If you enjoy toying around with flowers then this a great way to relieve stress and make a lovely finished product in the end!

DIY Floral Centerpiece with $10 Grocery Store Flowers
DIY Floral Centerpiece with $10 Grocery Store Flowers
DIY Floral Centerpiece with $10 Grocery Store Flowers

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