Fabulous Friday Finds #1


So I know fall is just around the corner and even though I am not quite mentally prepared it’s coming no matter if I am ready or not. Here are some fall fabulous finds for this Friday afternoon in case you are hoping to shop until you drop over the weekend.

Since so much is going on in our home and at the barn I am going to add some limited fall decor items around the house. I’ve been doing a little window shopping on line as we need a front door welcome mat, fall wreath and a basket for the front door plant.

Where I’m Shopping for Fall:

This time of year is all about making your home look and feel as cozy and homey and I decided to share some fall decor items I came across during my online window shopping.

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Fabulous Friday Finds – My favorites

Blue Blanket | Floral Pillow | Beige Pillow | Topiary | Art | Clock | Table | Runner | Basket | Wreath | Lamp | Welcome Mat

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Fabulous Friday Finds – Natural Elements

Fabulous Friday Finds

Quilt | Wreath | Chandelier | Wood Tray | Leather Stool | Vases | Greenery | Art | Table | Jars | Towels | Basket

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Fabulous Friday Finds – For the Front Door

Fabulous Friday Finds

Welcome Mat | Wreath | Welcome Mat | Red Wreath | Basket | Wheat Wreath | Welcome Mat

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Target and Amazon never seem to disappoint when it comes to decor that’s reasonably priced. Here are a few ways I have styled items in our home.

Fabulous Friday Finds Fireplace

The candlesticks and large glass jar seem to move all over the house, but lately they were used on the fireplace. Since moving to Tennessee we have been busy on the exterior that we haven’t had a lot of time to focus on the inside and I’m getting eager to get going.

I miss our Virginia home because it was pretty much remodeled and I’m excited to move forward on our home here. After we painted the fireplace in the family room it opened up so many more possibilities for decor styling.

Fabulous Friday Finds Fireplace

While this isn’t the exact mirror; I love the arch this mirror brings to the fireplace. It’s a nice mixture of round and rectangle and the arch just seems to soften the finishing touches of the fireplace.

This oil painting I found at an antique store in North Carolina and it’s a great vintage piece; paid $18 for it and I love it during the fall season. Not everything needs to be new; mix in vintage or antique pieces to ensure your home feels lived in, but don’t over do it as you don’t over do it. Bringing in vintage or antique pieces warms up a space and makes it feel interesting.

If you don’t have a vintage piece something that feels vintage helps add in a curated look too. I love this faux canvas oil painting that has a vintage vibe.

Fabulous Friday Finds Kitchen

Since our kitchen has a lot of white and cool elements; adding in wood warms up the space. From the floors to the cutting boards, wood trays and fall branches the room feels warmer. If you have a space that is mostly light in color make sure to add some warming elements.

Are there any items you plan to purchase or have purchased? I currently have the little black Martini Table and I LOVE IT! Planning to purchase the basket, wheat wreath and new Welcome Mat for the front door. Oh, and that framed canvas art piece that looks so pretty.

Not planning on a lot of purchases for fall decor other than that as we have home remodel projects in the midst and will be purchasing some new light fixtures for the foyer and dining room. I will likely be shopping my attic fall bins this year.

Happy Shopping and getting ready for the fall season!!


Fabulous Friday Finds #1

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